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Calling Out with Susan Pinsky

Susan Pinsky introduces you to the world of psychics, clairvoyants, past lives, and paranormal activity. Episodes feature live readings from in-studio guests, stories of unexplainable coincidences, and analysis of mysterious audio and photographs.

Susan Pinsky introduces you to the world of psychics, clairvoyants, past lives, and paranormal activity. Episodes feature live readings from in-studio guests, stories of unexplainable coincidences, and analysis of mysterious audio and photographs.
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Susan Pinsky introduces you to the world of psychics, clairvoyants, past lives, and paranormal activity. Episodes feature live readings from in-studio guests, stories of unexplainable coincidences, and analysis of mysterious audio and photographs.




CO 133 Bird Madam Heidi Fleiss

Heidi Fleiss loves her birds and has a remote reading from her bird sanctuary in Parump, Nevada. Mediums Rebecca Fearing and Sloan Bella get a tour of her home. This episode is sponsored by Bergafemme. Click on the banner on to get your discounts today!


CO 132 Tan Mom

Tan Mom, Patricia Krentcil joins mediums Rebecca Fearing and Sloan Bella. KA calls in for a reading too! #YOULIVE #CALLINGOUT This episode is sponsored by


Calling Out Laci Peterson

Calling Out Laci Peterson with audio from The Afterlife. Defense attorney @markgeragos joins Rebecca Fearing with an intuitive look at the Scott Peterson Case. Then Mark is given a one on one with Sloan Bella the Sexxi Psychic. We also took a look at two recent missing persons in this episode. We further looked for Kelly Steineger and a 16 year old, Jholie Moussa. Sponsored by Hydralyte. Get 30 off click through the banner on


2018 Psychic Predictions

Producer Jennifer Musil brings mediums Jennifer Shaffer, Calise Simone, Apryl Nicole Everett, and Sloan Bella, Psychic Astrologist for this "Epic 2018 Prediction Show!" Plus, a mediumship cameo from AJ Barrrrera! Calise Simone gives her psychic take on Sports, Jen and Sloan zone in on World Events, and Apryl Nicole talks to Geogina plus has something to say about the Homeless. Dr. Drew joins the mix. We have released the previous prediction shows for you to get for free today! Has anything...


Hacking The Afterlife

Author/ Film Producer Rich Martini joins forensic psychic Jennifer M Shaffer to Hack Into The Afterlife with out premiere psychic medium Rebecca Fearing. Dr. Drew joins in. Subscribe on iTunes!


Manson Meets Heaven's Gate

Psychic-Medium AJ Barrera and Forensic Psychic Jennifer Shaffer meet with Producer Jennifer Musil, Author FJ Lennon an expert on research of cult psychology in regards to the Applewhite Heavens Gate Suicide squad and Dr. Drew. We then feature a special reading with medium Rebecca Fearing and Debra Tate who speaks to sister Sharon Tate and her father. Debra is an advocate on a life journey of keeping the Manson Clan behind bars. Callers taken. Sponsored by


Teen Mom 2 Kailyn Lowry

Colby Rebel and Dr. Drew meet a new intuitive astrologist Rachel Lang for a blind read of Teen Mom Kail Lowery. Baby in the future? For more information on how to get your reading, go to and Download the APP and get it all for only $1.99 a month. Here's the link for all who need to binge listen to more than 100 Calling Out episodes! Go to for details. Outro Music: "Volume" by Rayvon Owen Buy It On iTunes!


Psychic Virgins Meet Emily Morse

Frequent flyer 'Sex With Emily" host Emily Morse joins Susan to hang with first time callers to the world of psychic-medium readings. Psychic producer du-jour Calise Simone, joined by colleague Colby Rebel are here to create a safe haven for callers to get closure and answers. Please subscribe and share. Outro is an excerpt of "Volume" Rayvon Owen, tune in to the next episode to hear the full track. #youlive


CO 07: Sexy Spirits, w Emily Morse, Simone Bienne, Sam Schacher

Medium Cindy Kaza returns for a convo about sex and the afterlife. Susan & Gina, joined by Sex with Emily's Emily Morse and sex therapist Simone Bienne. Samantha Schacher get's follow up on her reading from last week. Cindy helps Gina with her relationship issues, and the girls have fun messing with a big box of sex toys! @mediumcindykaza @SexwithEmily @simonebienne @samshacher


CO39: Phone Sex With Emily Morse

Susan calls out phone sex when she gets a sexually harassing phone call from a foreigner impersonating the IRS. Psychic Rebel Colby and Jack Rourke investigate the mind of SEX WITH EMILY host Emily Morse. Jack takes the lead and sees a man with a gold tooth and Colby makes her life more manageable, and calls out her personal life.


CO23: Sex With Emily And Orb Shooters

Released 2014: NJ Medium Barbara Mackey reads psychic virgin Sex With Emily's very own Emily Morse and predicts her future. Then, Rebecca Fearing helps 3 listeners who've had repeated paranormal experiences. Co-host Gina Grad. Join us for a NEW SHOW on FacebookLive/susansailerpinsky on December 3, 2017 1 p.m. PST. Taking calls from the virgins to the Psychic world and joined by new psychics and Emily Morse. Sponsored by


CO 125: Eden Sassoon

Ooh La La Calling Out to all fans of Eden Sassoon from last season's Housewives of BH! We are opening the floodgate of tears here today as Eden opens her soul to a psychic posse to include Calise Simone, Rebecca Fearing, and Jennifer M Shaffer. We have a special celebrity spirit in the hizzy! Go to and also see the live video podcast available on Facebook/susansailerpinsky!


CO 124: Where Is Jo Ringer? (RECAP)

Warning: this may be graffic and unsuitable for children. Clairvoyants Calise Simone and Jennifer M Shaffer are joined by Kendra Jade Rossi in the Playroom Pods Studio to recap their live show findings and further investigate the case of her missing sister, Jo Ringer. If you have any informations to help find the remains of Jo Ringer, please email us at No questions asked.


CO 123: Where Is Jo Ringer? (Part One)

Four prominent Calling Out Clairvoyants investigate this unsolved missing person case. Mediums Melissa Cubillas, Rebecca Fearing, Jennifer M Shaffer and Calise Simone interview Jo's sister, Kendra Jade Rossi and a private investigator on the case, Dr. Sarah Stein. If you have any details or information as to the whereabouts of Jo Ringer, please contact us at Also available on Facebook/susansailerpinsky in video format.


CO 122: A Psychic Soirée

Psychic-Rebel Colby co-hosts a "Psychic Soriée" with Calise Simone, Cindy Kaza and Joshua-John Delorenzo. Susan promotes her upcoming appearance with husband Dr. Drew on the season finale of E's 'Hollywood Medium" on August 27, 2017. Joining the psychic troop today, actress Tawny Kitane and reality star, Nico Scholly of BELOW DECK. Plus, Susan's bookeeper Erin who desperately needs a connection to her son. Find a live video broadcast on YouTube/drdrew and Facebook/SusanSailerPinsky....


CO 119 -2017: What's Next?

Caleb Bacon joins Jennifer Shaffer, Psychic Rebel Colby and Medium Cindy Kaza for a somber Spring prediction podcast. We discuss the fate of millennials, President Trump, world events, the fear of terrorism and sports. Dr. Drew gets his own anxiety reduction with a short reading, and engineer Nate welcomes a visit from his grandfather. Taped on Sunday, April 2, 2017. This episode is sponsored by