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Podcast #132 – Jason Groupp and WPPI

Jason Groupp has been a photographer in New York for over 20 years and I am a big fan of his work, his style, and his teaching techniques. We have had Jason on the podcast ...

Duration: 02:13:03

Podcast #124 – Conversation with David duChemin

This week we have special guest David duChemin.David is an international assignment photographer based out of Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada) though is prone to living nomadically when at all possible. During the show, David talks ...

Duration: 02:37:07

Podcast #123 – Ed Krisiak Visits Photo Plus Expo 2012

Our roving reporter Ed Krisiak heads out to New York for this year’s Photo Plus Expo 2012. During this show we discuss some of the latest products from Canon, Nikon, Sony, and many more. If ...

Duration: 01:26:37

Podcast #119 – Conversation with Vincent Versace

In what is the longest Camera Dojo Podcast ever, we spend the evening with Vincent Versace. During this podcast we discuss how we should be payingattentionto the blur in our images more than what is ...

Duration: 03:19:15

Podcast #118 – Conversation with Syl Arena

It’s been far too long since we have had our good friend Syl Arena on the show and with his crazy schedule (and hair) it’s no wonder. We finally managed to schedule a time to ...

Duration: 02:38:39

Podcast #117 – Conversation with Jerry Ghionis

Kerry and Chris start off with talking about how to take care of yourself and your gear when shooting in the heat of summer. Make sure you have plenty of water and don’t let your ...

Duration: 03:20:47

Podcast #116 – Andrew Funderburg – Fundy Software

Recently our Co-Host Chris Diset attended a webinar with about Fundy Software to see if it would help his album design for his wedding clients. Chris was so impressed with the software he bought it ...

Duration: 02:06:44

Podcast #114 – Conversation with Gary Fong

Kerry and Chris start off the show talking about the benefits of cleaning out your computer once in a while with compressed air. In Kerry’s case, his computer’s temperature dropped by over 20 degrees. Kerry ...

Duration: 02:36:43

Podcast #113 – Jenika McDavitt – Psychology for Photographers

This week the guys start off discussing Chris’ latest purchase, theFuji X-Pro 1 mirrorless camera which has a cool retro look and takes amazing images. The special guest this week isJenika McDavitt whose site,http://psychologyforphotographers.com/takes Jenika’s ...

Duration: 02:08:42

Podcast #112 – Doug Mcnamee – iPhoneography

Our guest today isDoug Mcnamee who has been aprofessional photographer for over 25 years, Doug has had photo studios in Seattle, Tokyo, Taipei and is now in Santa Monica. In addition to shooting, Doug recently ...

Podcast #111 – Matt Thompson from SongFreedom.com

Using copyrighted material in your slide shows, website, and videos is a serious legal issue and needs to be taken very seriously. The problem has always been that sites like opsound.org and triplescoopmusic.com don’t offer ...

Duration: 02:35:33

Podcast #110 – Conversation with Aaron Dieppa – Video and Destination Weddi

Kerry and Chris start off talking about the new Canon EOS M Mirrorless camera and the new Sony FS700 video camera. Our special guest this week, after exactly three years, is Aaron Dieppa. Aaron made ...

Podcast #108 Conversation with Lara White from Photomint.com

This week Kerry and Chris sit down for a conversation with Lara White from PhotoMint.com. Lara’s website is all about the business of photography with fantastic tips on sales, marketing, promotions, and other business related ...

Duration: 01:53:59

Podcast #107 – Conversation with Alan Hess – Concert Photography

This episode starts off with answering some listeners questions about the difference between the Sony NEX F3 and the Sony NEX 5n. This week our special guest is Alan Hess who specializes in shooting concerts. AlanHessis ...

Duration: 00:29:53

Podcast #106 – Conversation with David Selby – LightingRumours.com

This week Kerry Garrison and Chris Diset start off with some lens talk with the Sony 16mm lens for the NEX 5n and then talk about the new Canon 40mm f/2.8 pancake lens. This week we ...

Duration: 00:25:32

Podcast #105 – How do new phones and tablets affect the photography busines

In this episode Kerry Garrison and Chris Diset talk about using new gadgets such as smart phones and tablets in your photography business. From portfolios, to sunrise/sunset guides, to depth of field calculators and much ...

Duration: 00:26:31

Podcast #104 – Camera Talk

Chris shares a recent experience of failed equipment which leads to a discussion about being a professional. Kerry and Chris talk about the important of having backup gear. The hosts talk about the new Canon ...

Duration: 00:28:16

Podcast #103 – Discussion about your photography education

In this episode hosts Kerry Garrison and Chris Diset talk about ongoing photography education and look back on their own education. The hosts also turn on the wayback machine and talk about things they would ...

Duration: 00:56:06

Podcast #102 – Ideas for Father’s Day

In this episode Kerry Garrison and Chris Diset pick out some gifts for your favorite Dad for Father’s Day. Kerry’s high-dollar gift ideas are offset by Chris’ low budget ideas. We start off with a ...

Duration: 00:48:22

Podcast #101 – Getting Started With Your Photography Business

Trying to get started with making a business out of your photography is not an easy task and there are lots of people out there who are willing to take your money to tell you ...

Duration: 01:27:48

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