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Information and latest news about the Camino de Santiago, Via Francigena, St Francis Ways, and other walking holidays and pilgrimages in Europe with Camino Ways. CaminoWays.com is a walking and cycling holiday specialist with in depth knowledge on the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, the Via Francigena to Rome, and European adventures. However or real speciality is building your holiday around you, your needs your specifications! Everyone here at Camino Ways has extensive travelling experience around the world. We offer alternative holidays that break away from the usual beach or resort trips — offering you the customer a real opportunity to experience nature, along with friends and family, up-close and personally. It is said that travelling broadens the mind, we believe these adventures encompasses this. It is an opportunity to embed yourself into local culture and enjoy the aromas and food and traditions they have to offer.






Battle of the Flowers on the Northern Way

Nestled between the lively cities of Santander and Bilboa on the Camino del Norte is the small, seaside town of Laredo. This quaint Spanish town is known for its sandy beaches and you will find yourself wondering some of the narrow streets, admiring the medieval walls. If you are traveling along the Northern Way in late August make it your duty to be in Laredo on the last Friday of the month to experience the Battle of the Flowers – a spectacular festival where a parade of colourful floats...

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How many days does it take to walk the Camino de Santiago?

When talking about 'the Camino de Santiago' most people have in mind the Camino Frances or French Way which is the most popular and well known of the Camino routes across Europe. However there are many other Camino de Santiago routes, increasing in popularity each year. The Camino Frances starts in St Jean Pied de Port in France and is nearly 800kms long, or 500 miles. It would take just over a month, 35 days to walk the Camino Frances from St Jean Pied de Port to Santiago de Compostela,...

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10 Reasons You Need To Visit Bilbao

Whenever we get a chance to walk the Northern Way, we can't wait to visit Bilbao. This picturesque modern city has become a hub off Spanish insurance companies, banking and industry. Don’t let this put you off visiting as part of a holiday, Bilbao is not all suits and briefcases! The city retains it’s amazing culture and the prosperity of the area has led to an influx of trendy new eateries, attractions, bars and cafes. Bilbao is full to the brim of things to do. Here’s our top 10 reasons...

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10 Most Delicious Galician Dishes

Heading to the Camino de Santiago and Galicia soon? One question we get asked quite often is about the food. We have picked what we think are the 10 most delicious Galician dishes you must try on your Camino trip. Nothing tastes better after a long day walking than a good plate of... 1-Octopus The ultimate Galician traditional dish. You will find it referred to as 'pulpo á feira' (in Galician), 'pulpo a la gallega' (in Spanish) or simply 'pulpo'. Boiled to a perfect point and served with...

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24 hours in Vigo

If you are planning to walk the Portuguese Coastal Way from Baiona you will be walking into the town of Vigo on the second day. Spending a little time in this city is a real treat. Wake up early on your first day of walking to arrive in Vigo town early or spend an extra day in this coastal city. To make the most of your stay you can follow this 24 hour guide carefully put together by our Vigo native Juanma. Morning 9am Enjoy the morning in Vigo with a trip to some of the vibrant fish...

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7 Things to Expect on the Rota Vicentina

The Rota Vicentina Fishermen’s Trail is a magnificent coastal trail in Portugal, taking walkers along the shores of some of the most beautiful and best-preserved coastlines of Southern Europe. Bordered on the west by the Atlantic Ocean, the route spans the tranquil Portuguese region of Alentejo and along some of the few remaining wile and undeveloped shores of the Algarve. Officially inaugurated back in 2012, the route has been certified as one of the best quality trails in Europe by the...

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Where do I start to get the Compostela certificate?

In order to receive a Compostela certificate or the Certificate of Distance issued by the Pilgrims Office in Santiago, pilgrims must walk at least the last 100kms of any Camino route or cycle at least the last 200kms. These are the towns where you should be starting your Camino journey, if you'd like to apply for the certificates: FRENCH WAY - CAMINO FRANCÉS Walking: Sarria. The town is 111kms away from Santiago so technically you only need to start your walk from the hamlet of Ferreiros...

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Recipe: Slowly Roasted Pork belly from Portuguese Table

Are you planning your next trip on the Portuguese Way or the Portuguese Coastal Way our friend Paulo Castro wants to provide you with an authentic portuguese food experience with Portuguese Table. Each host has a pre-set menu with a defined date and hosts a dinner at a local house. The hosts are amateur or professionals chefs, carefully selected, with a love for food and a yearning to inspire with authentic Portuguese cuisine. Like any person that enjoys good food, Paulo and his team...

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Feel the Magic of the Finisterre Camino

For centuries, pilgrims have continued their journey beyond Santiago de Compostela along the Finisterre Camino. Heading West to the Atlantic Coast, the goal was to reach what the Romans knew as Finisterrae, the end of the known world. The Finisterre Camino is the only route starting in Santiago and takes pilgrims to a fascinating region rich in legends, myths and magnificent coastal scenery. After reaching Cape Fisterra the journey continues along the coast to the charming fishing village...

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Competition: Who would you walk the Camino with?

I'll Push You tells the story of Justin and Patrick's journey on the Camino de Santiago. These two lifelong friends walk the Camino together, completing the full French Way, walking and pushing 500 miles. Along the way they encounter many challenges but never fail to keep going. It is their shear determination and perseverance in the face of great hardship that makes this Camino experience extra special. After a horrible car accident when he was 16 that left Justin with a rare autoimmune...

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On St John, witches will flee!

On the night of 23rd June and in the early hours of 24th June, many cities and towns along the Camino de Santiago, including Santiago de Compostela, celebrate the official arrival of Summer (have a look at our page on Festivals on the Camino). Across Spain and Portugal, St John celebrations are linked to the Summer solstice and this is a night considered magical - with many interesting traditions and legends associated with it. In Galicia, it is said that 'En San Xoán meigas e bruxas...

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Walking poles: to use or not to use

WHY USE WALKING POLES? Often considered an essential accessory for long distance trekking or walking, poles can be a valuable item to add to your luggage. If you are planning a long distance walk of any kind walking poles will help your arms to keep moving forward. They can assist you in many ways but there are a few main advantages; Leaning on the poles can help to increase the speed of your walk, reduce the impact on your legs and support your knees. In addition to the physical benefits...

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Special Screening for St.James Day: I’ll Push You

Join the St James Day celebrations 2017 at CaminoWays.com. This year we are very excited to invite you to a special screening of the recently released Camino documentary, I'll Push You at our Dublin headquarters. St James is the patron saint of Santiago de Compostela but also Galicia; which means St James Day is a time for some special celebrations throughout Galicia. Every year pilgrims gather in Santiago de Compostela on 25th July, St James Day. In 2014 Justin Skeesuck and Patrick Gray...

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Walk the Camino with friends 2017

How many times have you attempted to plan a getaway with your group of friends? Maybe you are organised and head off on a friends trip once a year or you have been thinking about it for years but haven't had the chance. Travelling with friends is a great way to experience the Camino de Santiago. Enjoy walking together each day, recalling stories, having a laugh or two and sipping the local Albarino wines in the region. What better way to catch up with friends then spend a week walking side...

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7 reasons why people walk the Camino de Santiago

We recently conducted a survey at CaminoWays.com that threw up some interesting results regarding the reasons why people walk the Camino. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our service to our customers (that's you!) and the survey is also going to help us with that! The popularity of the Camino has exploded in recent years, with 277,913 certificates of completion handed out in 2016 alone. Historically pilgrims would have made the long walk to Santiago de Compostella for...

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10 Things to see and do along the French Way

The French Way is the most popular route along the Camino. It's full of unmissable sites and unique experiences. Make sure you don't miss out on these 10 things on this extraordinary journey; Belorado Caves Belorado is a beautiful little village located along the French Way. You will find one of the Camino's hidden gems on the outskirts of the town. The Cave of Fuentemolinos is an awe inspiring natural phenomenon featuring flowing forms, stalagmites and stalactites. The trickling sound of...

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Camino tips: Footcare when you are walking the Camino

We all want to make the Camino de Santiago journey as comfortable as possible and a few basic do's and don'ts are not really enough to make it easier on your body and especially your feet. They take a pounding on most ordinary days but what you're about to put them through means they need to be prepared and you can't ignore them when they grumble! Preparation starts with your footwear, they need to be breathable so moisture isn't trapped, sturdy to protect the feet from injury and a good...

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Walk with Camino experts on our guided tours

We are very excited about this years guided tours here at Camino Ways. Some 2017 tours have been and gone and others have been filled with happy walkers, but we have limited availability on all routes now ! These tours offer a truly unique experience as you join a group of enthusiastic walkers, guided by a local Camino expert. Take advantage of insider hints and tips aswell as learning about the history and culture of the Camino as you walk the ancient pilgrimage route. Our two most...

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Inspiring Camino film ‘Ill Push You’ premieres

‘I’ll Push You’ is the story of two friends with an unbreakable bond. In 2014 Justin Skeesuck and Patrick Gray set out on an adventure like no other. CaminoWays.com agreed to support the pair after learning of their unique circumstance. Following a terrible car accident when he was 16, Justin was left fighting an auto immune disease. Today, since losing the use of his arms, legs and hands, Justin is confined to a wheelchair. He’s determined to stay positive, and now dedicates his life to...

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Popular Camino de Santiago routes in France

Are you looking for your next Camino challenge? Maybe one of the Camino de Santiago routes in France will get you excited. The routes in France vary in length, scenery and the degrees of difficulty but they are all historical routes taken by pilgrims who were making their way of the Santiago de Compostela. These stunning trails have less pilgrims walking then you can expect on the main Camino trail but they offer time for reflection, peaceful walking and a unique Camino experience. Le Puy...

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