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Talking University of Louisville basketball, football and more with the Courier-Journal's Jeff Greer.

Talking University of Louisville basketball, football and more with the Courier-Journal's Jeff Greer.
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Talking University of Louisville basketball, football and more with the Courier-Journal's Jeff Greer.




Coaching search and spring football

It's just about time for the Louisville basketball coaching search to kick into high gear, so hoops writer Jeff Greer sets the table. The conversations ranges, with discussion about Louisville's athletics director search; interim coach David Padgett's future; and potential candidates for the job. Jeff's thoughts on the search come from months of conversations with agents, coaches and others either close to Louisville's program; close to potential candidates; or interested in the subject....


Should Louisville sue the NCAA?

Louisville lost its appeal in the Andre McGee NCAA infractions case, forcing the school to vacate its 2012 Final Four appearance and 2013 national title. The decision also upheld the Committee on Infractions' ruling that Louisville must repay its shared NCAA Tournament revenue from the 2012-15 postseason appearances. Can Louisville sue? Sure. Should they sue? We talk to attorney Keith Poynter, a Louisville fan, about what he would advise the university to do.


NCAA Tournament talk heats up

The first round of 2018 NCAA Tournament starts one month from Thursday, and Selection Sunday is three weeks from Sunday. It's move-making time for every Big Dance hopeful in college basketball. Louisville (18-8, 8-5 ACC) is one of those hopefuls, and CJ writer Jeff Greer is here to break down the Cardinals' resume and detail what has to happen between now and Selection Sunday for David Padgett's team to ensure its name is called.


What's wrong with Louisville basketball?

It's a big question: What is up with Louisville? After three consecutive losses and four in the last five, Louisville is tumbling down the ACC standings and in search of some answers. This latest episode starts with the big picture: Where do Louisville's NCAA Tournament chances stand? From there, the discussion goes into the nitty gritty. Defense is the biggest culprit behind Louisville's skid. The Cards' inability to defend driving guards is hurting the entire defensive effort, forcing...


CardsHQ coordinators, investigators, Virginia, oh my

It's a jam-packed episode, with three different topics covered. First up, Louisville football writer Jake Lourim joins the show to discuss the Cards' new defensive coordinator, Brian VanGorder, and what his hiring says about the football program. Then, columnist Tim Sullivan joins the conversation to talk about the private investigator the university's outside law firm hired to look into former athletics director Tom Jurich. Lastly, there's a short breakdown of Louisville-Virginia on...


A talk with Miami writer Matt Porter

Jeff Greer's old pal Matt Porter joins the podcast to discuss Miami hoops, the FBI investigation, the time Jeff wore a cheerleader outfit on a street corner and Florida high school football. First, the duo breaks down Miami and its upcoming matchup against Louisville. Then the conversation switches to football. Jeff and Matt covered Lamar Jackson in his early prep days at Boynton Beach High. Where does Jackson rank among the great players they saw?


A chat with Mike Rutherford

Mike Rutherford from the Card Chronicle and WKRD-790 joins the podcast to discuss the state of Louisville basketball fans as the Cards start ACC play. The conversation goes in a lot of directions, from Louisville's current mood about its team to a potential coaching search in the coming months.


Lamar Jackson's NFL decision and Louisville hoops debriefing

The CardsHQ podcast is an action-packed episode this week, with a bunch of unpacking to do on Louisville basketball and plenty to discuss related to Lamar Jackson and Louisville football. Louisville football writer Jake Lourim joins the show for the conversation, which starts with Jackson and moves to Louisville hoops from there.


The TaxSlayer Bowl preview

It's bowl season, and Louisville football is preparing for a Saturday showdown in Jacksonville, Florida, against Mississippi State. And no, Todd Grantham is not coaching State's defense. So yes, the juice is, well, not quite there for this one, at least in that regard. But! Lamar Jackson still exists, and this could be a curtain call for the Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback who has wowed college football fans for the past couple years. So, we have our Louisville football writer, Jake...


The Cards-Cats rivalry episode

It's rivalry week! The annual Louisville-Kentucky hoops matchup is here, and there's plenty to discuss. For this episode, the CJ's UK basketball writer, Fletcher Page, joins me to break down Friday's game. We talk at length about both teams' flaws - there are plenty - and strengths while trying to peg them. It's hard to figure them out at this point, which makes Friday's game so interesting.


A chat with Marques Maybin, plus Lamar and the Heisman, again

Former Louisville basketball player Marques Maybin joins the podcast to chop it up about the current Cards and what might be troubling them. The discussion ranges from David Padgett and the two close losses over the past week to the worst thing an opposing player ever said to Maybin. Plus, Maybin's No. 1 pick in the Louisville media basketball draft might surprise you. Then, the CJ's Louisville football writer, Jake Lourim, joins the podcast to discuss Lamar Jackson becoming a Heisman...


A talk with David Padgett

Interim Louisville basketball coach David Padgett is finally getting used to his job and his new office. The 32-year-old Nevadan sits down with CardsHQ host and Louisville hoops writer Jeff Greer for a 30-minute conversation. The two discuss a wide range of topics, from recruiting, coaching style and his first win to interim athletics director Vince Tyra, keeping coaches in line and the AAU scene.


Can Louisville football finish 3-0?

There's a lot to talk about this week as Louisville football winds down and Louisville basketball heats up. We start the conversation with the CJ's Louisville football writer, Jake Lourim. Should Lamar Jackson play in a potential bowl game? What percentage odds do we give Louisville to win its final three games? Which bowls are possibilities for the Cards? Then we shift in the final 10 minutes to basketball. The bottom line: Don't freak out after one laborious exhibition game. Louisville's...


A Louisville Sports State of the Union

As November begins, a Louisville sports update on football and men's basketball. Where do those two programs stand? First, we start with our U of L football writer Jake Lourim, who we ask about Lamar Jackson, about coaching, about team mentality and about much more. Then, after about 20 minutes, I answer the question I always get: What do I look for in hoops scrimmages and preseason exhibitions? What kind of observations can we make? Well, I have a lot of them.


CardsHQ Podcast: A conversation with Jay Bilas

ESPN hoops analyst Jay Bilas joins the CardsHQ podcast for a wide-ranging conversation about the FBI investigation into alleged corruption in college basketball. Bilas, one of the more vocal critics of the NCAA, offers his thoughts on what's next for college basketball (and college sports in general). He also gives some insight into his interview with Rick Pitino that aired on SportsCenter last week, plus some thoughts on Louisville's team this season.


CardsHQ Podcast: October woes

It's just lonely ol' Jeff Greer this week, but he has a lot on his mind. He starts with a discussion about accountability with Louisville football and why the buck is being unfairly passed. Then the conversation turns to next week, when the fates of Rick Pitino and Tom Jurich will be decided (we think) by the University of Louisville. Well, the employment fate, anyway. That's a big, big week, with a lot to unpack there. The episode finishes with a lengthy breakdown of assistant coaching...


Assessing the FBI scandal fallout

The FBI fallout episode is as jam-packed as you'd expect to be, with three national hoops writers and a former FBI agent joining me to break down every angle of this wide-ranging, stunning scandal that has rocked college basketball and the sports world. Mike DeCourcy (4:40) from The Sporting News is up first, detailing his concerns about where college hoops (and grassroots basketball) go from here. Mike's not sure what the solution to the problem exposed by the FBI investigation is, and I...


Piecing together the Clemson rout

What just happened on Saturday night? That's the question of the week in Louisville after Clemson's 47-21 rout of U of L. Cards beat writers Jeff Greer and Jake Lourim trying to piece some answers together and look ahead.


The Clemson preview

The C-J's new football writer Jake Lourim joins the podcast to discuss Louisville's monster football matchup against Clemson and all the hoopla surrounding it.


CardsHQ: A chat with Matt Fortuna

The Athletic's Matt Fortuna joins the CardsHQ podcast to discuss his in-depth feature on Lamar Jackson leading up to Saturday's game in Indianapolis. We talk about Fortuna's impressions of Jackson (and of Louisville as a whole). Plus, we'll get into handicapping Jackson's place in the Heisman Trophy race, which got off to a rousing start in Week 1.


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