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Goals Of Care

Today I want to chat about goals of care—the guide posts in the journey of caregiving that inform important decisions. Our goals of care serve as a much needed compass when navigating the challenges posed by advanced age or a serious illness. So pull up a chair. Grab a drink…..Let’s chat for a bit!

Duration: 00:12:33

Aging In Place

Have you ever considered where you will age? Or, perhaps a more appropriate question is—Where ARE you aging? And, is your current home conducive to the aging process? Well, depending on your age and lived experience, you may or may not have considered these questions before. Regardless, these are important questions which have a direct bearing on not only where you will age….but how well you will age.

Duration: 00:10:50

Critter Care

Who is your family? Who can you count on at 3:00 a.m. to respond to your beck and call? And, who will you companion - without question - through the trials and tribulations of life? Your answers obviously depend on your age, your lifestyle (married, single, divorced, widowed, partnered, etc.), AND your relationship with critters - animals of all shapes and sizes! In our home, four-legged, furry critters are essential family members. So, critter care is an important aspect of our every day...

Duration: 00:10:11

Long-Distance Caregiving

Long-distance caregiving is a concern for millions of families throughout the nation. Due to the mobile nature of our society today, most families are geographically dispersed—scattered to the four winds! Hence, long-distance caregiving has been, is, or will be a concern for an increasing number of families in the United States. So, we need to plan accordingly by taking into account the additional complexities of caring from afar.

Duration: 00:12:32

Legacies of Care

Today, let’s chat about how we learn to care—for others and for ourselves. Who serves as your role model for caregiving? Care receiving? What is your family legacy of care? What family or cultural patterns of caregiving are you repeating or rejecting? What legacy of care are you conveying to your family and friends?

Duration: 00:12:00


As human beings, we will experience the highs and lows of life - and the transitions between the peaks and valleys are rough. It is during the stressful, difficult times that we realize the importance of resilience - the ability to “BOUNCE back” from adversity. Resilience is not a trait. Rather, it is a process of adaptation. When life unfolds in unexpected or unwanted ways, we are better served to BEND adapt) as opposed to being broken by life (resist). Resilience—a process that benefits...

Duration: 00:13:23

Change and Transition

Over the past twelve years, I have presented thousands of programs on various aspects of caregiving. I can’t discuss caregiving without addressing the issue of CHANGE. I always ask those in attendance if they welcome and enjoy CHANGE. CHANGE. The word alone triggers anxiety, fear, and discomfort. People squirm in their seats. Look at me in disbelief. Groan loudly! Or laugh nervously. Obviously, CHANGE is not a pleasant experience for most us. However, CHANGE is an inherent part of...

Duration: 00:11:30

Caregiving - We’re All in This Together

Welcome to Care-FULL Conversations sponsored by AARP Colorado. Today, Jane W. Barton, the caregiving ambassador for AARP Colorado, recognizes that the challenges posed by aging and illness ripple throughout the family system—however you choose to define family. Basically, we’re all in this together! So, it’s important to identify our traveling companions in life and prepare to care for each other. Nurturing caring relationships today increases our odds of sharing the journey with caring...

Duration: 00:10:40

Care-FULL Conversations: Caregiving From Inside Out

AARP Colorado is excited to announce a new caregiving educational resource, Care-FULL Conversations. Jane W. Barton, the Caregiving Ambassador for the state of Colorado, is hosting a series of podcasts designed to explore the journey of caregiving from the inside out—what it FEELS like to be a caregiver or care receiver. If you have questions about family dynamics, grief and loss, caregiver stress, advance care planning, hospice and palliative care, or end of life issues, please join us...

Duration: 00:08:20