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Rogue One with Holly Powis - Fabulous Fleapit Podcast

Holly drags Carl out of hibernation to watch Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. SPOILERS abound. We get the numbers of what film we’re talking about wrong all the time, just be thankful we aren’t talking about the Fast & Furious films. Send us a Blue Peter Badge. Interlude ‘Creepy’ by BENSOUND Art by Laura Stitzel More Holly: Follow the Fleapit: Facebook, Twitter, iTunes, Stitcher

Duration: 01:42:01

Vile Pervert: The Musical with Lee Ashcroft - Fabulous Fleapit Podcast

This time we’re joined by ‘cultivator of the odd and unknown’ Lee Ashcroft. Lee runs The Wrong Film Club and is showing Fateful Findings 20.11.16 at the Brewhouse, Colchester. At the Fleapit we watch Jonathan King’s 2008 ‘ComDoc’ Vile Pervert: The Musical. We’re really sorry about that. We also sell-out to the man in a bid to get free stuff #Tesco #Apple #Cornetto #Toptiles #Nestle #BritishHeartFoundation #Costa #Starbucks Interlude ‘Outdoor dentist’ by The Nearly...

Duration: 01:02:18

The Lazarus War Series with Jamie Sawyer - Fabulous Fleapit Podcast

Author of The Lazarus War Series Jamie Sawyer joins the fleapit in a space port this episode. We talk about his upcoming book THE LAZARUS WAR: ORIGINS (the final part in the trilogy but not the universe), writing and getting your work published, Science-Fiction, 80s films, Stranger Things, Nine Worlds and I fanboy a little over Mary Shelly’s wacky comedy Frankenstein. More Sawyer: @JSawyerAuthor

Duration: 00:57:21

Demons with Rob Saunders - Fabulous Fleapit Podcast

We’re back! I’m joined this time by Comedian/Podcaster/Musician/Italian Horror Expert Rob Saunders. The tangent train went off the rails this week as we cover 1985 action-horror Demons, Italian Horror, running and performing comedy, bands, doing things yourself, The Biblical Cinematic Universe and the zoo. Interlude ‘Instrument of Evil’ by Chestburster (Facebook) More Rob: Comedy

Duration: 01:12:08

S3E1 Basket Case with Josh Newton - Fabulous Fleapit Podcast

Musician Josh Newton joins comedian Carl Denham to watch Frank Henenlotter’s Basket Case, talk clowns, Moby Dick and to look through the keyhole and s**t. You can win my much revered DVD and a Wardance sticker by getting in touch and asking nicely Interlude ‘Free Radicals‘ by Wardance More Wardance: Facebook Twitter Soundcloud Follow the Fleapit:

Duration: 01:02:11

S2E2 Grease 2 with Esther Berntzen - Fabulous Fleapit Podcast

This episode I’m joined again by comedian Esther Berntzen, we watch Grease 2. We’re so sorry. Interlude ‘In Auteur of Appearance’ by Carl Denham

Duration: 01:03:03

S2E1 Grease with Esther Berntzen - Fabulous Fleapit Podcast

This episode is flippin’ for all you peachy keen jelly beans! This series I’m joined by comedian Esther Berntzen to watch 1978 musical Grease; starring John Travolta not being made to laugh, Olivia Newton-John clomping around and Rizzo not the rat. Interlude ‘Outside Ditty’ by Carl Denham Follow the Fleapit: Facebook Twitter itunes Stitcher

Duration: 00:51:32

S1E3 Troll Offcuts with Holly Powis - Fabulous Fleapit Podcast

We wrap up series 1 with some leftovers from our time with the Troll movies and comedian/writer Holly Powis. The Fleapit will return soon with a new guest and new franchise… More Holly Powis Logo design by Laura Stitzel Interlude “Flight of the Raspberry” by Carl Denham Follow the Fleapit: twitter Facebook

Duration: 00:44:19

S1E2 Troll 2 with Holly Powis - Fabulous Fleapit Podcast

The Fleapit returns with Troll 2. Famous for being one of the worst films ever made Carl Denham subjects friend and comedian/writer Holly Powis to a world of goblins, popcorn, unlicensed product placement and Grandpa Seth. This episode is slightly longer than usual because Carl found Holly’s knowledge of Samiads fascinating. Shout out to fans of the show; Macaulay Culkin, Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise! The Monster Comedy Show: More Holly Powis:...

Duration: 01:09:08

S1E1 Troll with Holly Powis - Fabulous Fleapit Podcast

Welcome to Carl Denham’s Fabulous Fleapit of Franchises and Friends! This series we’re joined by comedian/writer Holly Powis We begin with 1986 American cult dark fantasy film ‘Troll’. Interlude “What’s Ma Name” by Holly Powis Logo design by Laura Stitzel Follow the Fleapit

Duration: 00:58:54