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Fact is scarier than fiction.

Fact is scarier than fiction.
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Fact is scarier than fiction.






Case 76: Silk Road (Part 2)

[Part 2 of 3] Nob and the Dread Pirate Roberts started to communicate regularly. The Dread Pirate Roberts had no idea he was really speaking to a DEA agent. And the DEA agent had no idea about the true identity of the Dread Pirate Roberts... Researched and written by Victoria Dieffenbacher This episode's sponsors: [Harry's]( – Get started shaving with Harry’s today by claiming your Trial Set for £3.95 [Zola]( – Sign up with Zola...


Case 76: Silk Road (Part 1)

[Part 1 of 3] The Silk Road was an ancient network of trade routes that started in China in the 2nd century B.C. Via a combination of roads, and sea routes, goods like silk, paper and spices were transported from the producers in Asia to markets in Europe. Eventually, it wasn’t just goods that were traded – there were also ideas, customs, religions and even diseases… Researched and written by Victoria Dieffenbacher This episode's sponsors: [Audible]( – Offer code...


Case 75: Graeme Thorne

Bazil Thorne picked up the phone and listened as the reporter told him he had just won the lottery. At first, Bazil didn’t believe it – but when the man on the other end read out the number of the winning ticket and the name of the syndicate, Bazil went cold all over… Researched and written by [Anna Priestland]( Additional research by Bonnie Lavelle Robinson This episode's sponsors: [MVMT Watches]( – Join the movement...


Case 74: Eric Coy

In 1987, nine-year-old Eric Coy was living with his parents and older brother in a central neighbourhood of Martinez, Northern California. Most Saturdays Eric played with his cousin Eddrick, who was also his best friend. Eddrick only lived a five-minute bike ride away from Eric. They often hung out after school and on the weekends, tossing baseballs and footballs and climbing trees… Researched and written by [Anna Priestland]( OFFICIAL SKETCHES [Suspect's...


Case 73: The Lady in the Barrel

September 15th, 1878 was a cooler than average day for Staten Island, New York. A cold north-westerly breeze blew as three young teenage boys tended cattle in the woods near Silver Lake... Researched and written by [Anna Priestland]( This episode's sponsor: [The Alienist]( – New TV mystery drama based on a novel by Caleb Carr For all credits and sources please visit...


Case 72: Wilhelmina Kruger and Anna Dowlingkoa

Wilhelmina was especially anxious. In the preceding weeks, she had developed a funny feeling that someone was watching her. It was the reason why her partner Stanley was driving her to work… * * * Researched and written by [Milly Raso]( This episode's sponsor: [Audible]( – Free 30-day trial & free audiobook For all credits and sources please visit...


2018 Announcement

Announcement from the Anonymous Host.


Case 71: Elodie Morel

…meanwhile, almost 20 kilometres away, the telephone at the Aigues-Mortes police station rang. The answering officer listened as a panicked male caller warned, “A guy who just left my place is about to kidnap a girl. He’s armed, and I think he’s about to do something horrific.” * * * Researched and written by Milly Raso Special thanks to Nicolas Deliez for his assistance For all credits and sources please visit...


Case 70: The Kimberley Killer

The Kimberley is one of the most remote areas in Australia. Tourists are advised not to leave the main roads and to avoid driving at dawn or during the night – mainly because of the dangers of wildlife and the road trains which dominate the night hours. You must ensure you are adequately prepared with several days of water, food and fuel… * * * Researched and written by Gemma Harris For all credits and sources please visit...


Case 69: Gary Patterson

On the morning of Saturday, May 3rd, 1997; 33-year-old, single father Gary Patterson woke up before dawn in his home in Waco, Texas. He got dressed in black jeans and a white shirt and boots. He didn’t need to wear a suit to his final job interview, he had already met with one of the business partners, and they had got to know each other pretty well over the previous three weeks. * * * Researched and written by Anna Priestland For all credits and sources please visit...


Case 68: Escape from Alcatraz

Although Alcatraz Prison had since been repaired to a workable condition, the battle scars of Bernie Coy’s 1946 violent failed escape remained visible throughout the cell house. Areas of the floor were chipped, cracked, and faded black from where grenades had detonated. * * * Researched and written by Milly Raso For all credits and sources please visit [****](


Case 67: The Battle of Alcatraz

Alcatraz Prison was the solution to America’s overwhelming crime problem. It didn’t aim to rehabilitate like other prisons. It aimed to punish. The worst-of-the-worst inmates of all the other prisons across America were shipped to Alcatraz, inmates who were deemed unmanageable for traditional penitentiaries. * * * Researched and written by Milly Raso For all credits and sources please visit [****](


Case 66: The Black Widow

“Even the judge will tell you that good character, a good name that’s built by good character traits, is to be considered by you because the law allows that a person with good traits and a good name is less likely to engage in criminal conduct…" * * * Researched and written by Anna Priestland For all credits and sources please visit [****](


Case 65: Allison Baden-Clay

Gerard woke up around 6 am. Allison wasn’t in bed. Their three daughters, then aged ten, eight and five weren’t awake yet. Gerard got out of bed and walked through the house to see if Allison was already up, or if she had fallen asleep on the sofa the night before. She had done that in the past. But she wasn’t there… * * * Researched and written by Anna Priestland For all credits and sources please visit...


Case 64: Peter Weinberger

“Attention. I’m sorry this had to happen but I am in bad need of money and couldn’t get it any other way. Don’t tell anyone or go to the police about this because I am watching you closely. I am scared stiff and will kill the baby at your first wrong move. Just put $2000 in small bills in a brown envelope and place it next to the signpost at the corner of Albemarle Road and Park Avenue at exactly 10 o’clock tomorrow morning. If everything goes smooth I will bring the baby back and leave him...


Case 46: The Frankston and Tynong North Serial Killer | Update

An important update on the case from Victoria police on October 21st, 2017. **MAPS:** * **[Frankston North Killings map](** * **[Frankston and Tynong North points of interests map](** For all credits and sources please visit...


Case 63: Catherine Holmes and Georgina Watmore

Cowra is a town in the central west region of New South Wales, located about 300 kilometres west of Sydney and 189 kilometres north of Australia’s capital, Canberra. With less than ten thousand residents, it was a town where everyone knew everyone and things that happened took no time to be whispered across the bar at the pub or in the yard after church… For all credits and sources please visit...


Case 62: The Honolulu Strangler

Since the tourism boom of the 1950's, the Hawaiian islands have been enticing tourists into their relaxed, laid-back lifestyle. From the early days, honeymooners and holidaymakers could arrive in droves, welcomed by smiling hula dancers with floral leis. Hawaii is made up of 132 islands with a total area of six and a half thousand square miles. The Island of Oahu is home to the state’s Capital, Honolulu, and the famous Waikiki Beach. It has a large port, Army and Naval Bases and is home to...


Case 61: The Lin Family

The newsagency was always open on time, especially on Saturdays, the busiest morning on the shopping strip. People were standing out the front of the newsagency, staring at a huge pile of papers still bundled on the footpath, and when they tried the door, it was locked. Immediately fearing something was wrong, Kathy and Robert went straight over to Min and Lily’s house to find out why they hadn’t opened their newsagency. They assumed they were either sick or maybe one of the boys had hurt...


Case 60: Jonestown (Part 3)

[Part 3 of 3] You may think you know the story, but do you… This is the chilling conclusion to Jonestown. * * * Researched and written by Milly Raso For all credits and sources please visit [****](


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