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Fact is scarier than fiction.

Fact is scarier than fiction.
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Fact is scarier than fiction.






Case 72: Wilhelmina Kruger and Anna Dowlingkoa

Wilhelmina was especially anxious. In the preceding weeks, she had developed a funny feeling that someone was watching her. It was the reason why her partner Stanley was driving her to work... ____________ Researched and written by [**Milly Raso**]( This episode's sponsor: **[Audible]( **– Free 30-day trial & free audiobook [For all credits and sources please visit...

Duration: 00:58:38

2018 Announcement

Announcement from the Anonymous Host.

Duration: 00:01:04

Case 71: Elodie Morel

...meanwhile, almost 20 kilometres away, the telephone at the Aigues-Mortes police station rang. The answering officer listened as a panicked male caller warned, “A guy who just left my place is about to kidnap a girl. He’s armed, and I think he’s about to do something horrific.” ____ Researched and written by Milly Raso Special thanks to Nicolas Deliez for his assistance NARRATION: Episode narrated by the Anonymous Host MUSIC 1. ‘Flatline intro’ and ‘Come play with me’ intro...

Duration: 00:55:40

Case 60: Jonestown (Part 1)

[Part 1 of 3] You may think you know the story, but do you… _______ Researched and written by Milly Raso MUSIC 1. ‘Flatline intro’ and ‘Come play with me’ intro and outro 2.All other music and audio clean up performed by Mike Migas THIS EPISODE'S SPONSORS Audible – Free 30-day trial & free audiobook BodyGuard – Free month of BodyGuard protection TuneIn – Early Casefile release RESOURCES BOOKS: A Thousand Lives: The Untold Story of Jonestown – Julia...

Duration: 01:27:50

Case 59: Amy Lynn Bradley

In the autumn of 1998, 23-year-old Amy Lynn Bradley was told by her parents that they had been gifted a Caribbean cruise. Amy wasn’t excited by the news like they were, she had only just moved into her own apartment after graduating from her degree in Physical Education, and she was about to start a new job. She was busy. But more than that, the idea of a cruise across the sea gave her the creeps. She didn’t really want to go. She would be just as happy settling into her new place, which...

Duration: 01:12:22

Case 58: Shannon Matthews

It was a school morning, and for once Shannon Matthews had something to look forward to. Her fourth-year class had their first swimming lesson that day, and she had been looking forward to it for ages. Despite the freezing room, she crawled out and sleepily climbed down the ladder to get ready. It didn’t take Shannon long to remember the argument she’d had with her mother Karen Matthews and her step dad Craig Meehan, the night before. They’d got into it, and Shannon had sworn at...

Duration: 01:02:39

Case 57: Walsh Street

Victoria Police Constables Steven Tynan and Damian Eyre’s night shift started on October 11, 1988, at 11:00 pm. Call sign ‘Prahran 311', it had been a shift of routine policing for the pair; a domestic dispute, noisy parties, a drunk in Fitzroy Street, a pub assault on Chapel Street, a smashed shop window, and two activated security alarms. At 4:39 am on the morning of October 12, two and a half hours before the end of their shift, a new job was radioed to them from the police communication...

Duration: 01:47:03

Case 56: Anita Cobby

Blacktown is a suburb located in Western Sydney, 37 kilometres away from Sydney’s Central Business District. In the mid-1980’s, drugs, crime and high levels of unemployment were rife in the streets of Blacktown. But it was one particular night that changed everything. On Tuesday, February 4th, 1986, a dairy farmer in Prospect, a neighbouring suburb of Blacktown, noticed something strange. All morning his cows had been gathered in the same spot at a place he called “The Boiler Paddock.” He...

Duration: 01:34:58

Case 54: Daniel Morcombe

On December 7th, 2003, thirteen-year-old Daniel Morcombe told his brothers he was going to Sunshine Plaza to get a haircut and look for Christmas presents. Shortly after lunch he left his home on Woombye-Palmwoods Road and walked just over one kilometer to an unofficial bus stop located under the Kiel Mountain overpass. Daniel had caught the bus from here to the shopping plaza many times before. Standing underneath the overpass, he waited for the 1:35 pm scheduled afternoon bus service to...

Duration: 01:26:27

Case 53: Bonus 2 – Interview

EAR/ONS BONUS EPISODE #2 Interview with Paul Holes Contra Costa County DA Cold Case Investigator Paul Holes spoke with us for the series. You heard him discussing the “Homework Papers" found in Danville as well as his role in finding the DNA match between the East Area Rapist and the Original Night Stalker. We spoke to Paul about his theories and some key questions from our research.

Duration: 00:13:32

Case 53: Bonus 1 – Interviews

EAR/ONS BONUS EPISODE #1 Interviews with Jane Carson-Sandler & Carol Daly Jane Carson-Sandler survived the brutal attack and rape of the East Area Rapist in the October of 1976. She is the fifth known survivor. She was in bed with her three-year-old son when they were attacked. Her attack had come off the back of around a month of hang up calls. These calls had escalated, and one time, Jane told the caller to stop, the voice then told her he was going to kill her husband. Police who...

Duration: 00:32:18

Case 53: The East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker (Part 5)

[Part 5 of 5] When Part 4 began, it was August 1978. Sergeant Jim Bevins and Lieutenant Ray Root from the Sacramento Task Force held a special meeting with law enforcement agencies in Contra Costa County. They believed The East Area Rapist was heading south, possibly to Southern California, and they felt he would strike in Contra Costa County on the way. They advised Contra Costa law enforcement agencies to form a task force and work together, but there was pushback – the general feeling...

Duration: 01:30:48

Case 53: The East Area Rapist 1978–1979 (Part 4)

[Part 4 of 5] Part 3 began with an emergency press conference in mid-1977. A composite sketch, as well as a physical and psychological profile of the East Area Rapist, was released. The public were warned to be vigilant. Police received thousands of tips, and there were countless sightings of the rapist, unfortunately, these sightings weren’t always reported at the time. Many persons of interest made the suspect list, some even looked like prime suspects due to many similarities, but these...

Duration: 01:26:42

Case 53: The East Area Rapist 1977–1978 (Part 3)

[Part 3 of 5] 1977 started off with a task force being created by the Sacramento Sherriff’s department to catch the East Area Rapist. The crime lab was able to determine that the rapist’s blood was Type A. The rapist continued following his earlier MO until the local papers made special mention of the fact he had never attacked a woman with a man present in the house. He adjusted, and from that time on he targeted couples. As the year went on, and attacks grew more and more frequent, so...

Duration: 01:38:20

Case 53: The East Area Rapist 1977 (Part 2)

[Part 2 of 5] On June 18th, 1976, the Sacramento Sherriff’s Department responded to a break in, and rape of a young woman. By the end of the year, there were ten attacks in total, all attributed to the one serial offender, who the media dubbed, “The East Area Rapist”. Detectives with the Sherriff’s Department noticed the MO of the East Area Rapist fairly early on but kept the information under wraps. They didn’t want a state of panic, they didn’t want a copycat, and they didn’t want to...

Duration: 01:39:28

Case 53: The East Area Rapist 1976 (Part 1)

[Part 1 of 5] In 1976, Rancho Cordova was a fairly new, postwar suburb in East Sacramento. Beginning as a housing development in the 50’s by the 70’s it was predominantly a middle-class single story neighbourhood, surrounded by other similar suburbs. Rancho Cordova was the place where a wave of violence and terror came crashing down on the state of California. This growing community was completely unprepared for what was coming. _____ Open and download map of the attacks...

Duration: 01:52:45

Case 52: Mary & Beth Stauffer, Jason Wilkman

Two witnesses saw the male acting suspicious in the car park, hiding in the ditch. He didn’t seem right. What was he doing? But Mary didn’t see the male. Not until it was too late… ____ Researched and written by Victoria Dieffenbacher MUSIC – 'Flatline intro' and 'Come play with me' intro and outro – All other music scoring and production performed by Mike Migas and Andrew Joslyn Subscribe on iTunes SOCIAL MEDIA – Twitter – Facebook – Instagram –...

Duration: 01:55:22

Case 51: Tina Watson

In the Coral Sea, off the coast of Northern Queensland, lies the Great Barrier Reef. Seen clearly from space, It is the largest living structure on earth. It is a World Heritage Site and known as one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Tourists are drawn to the warm, crystal clear waters and bright tropical marine life. A scuba diver’s paradise. For Gabe and Tina Watson it was the dream honeymoon. But when tragedy struck, was it an accident? Was it due to inexperience and poor...

Duration: 02:28:33

Case 50: Jennifer Pan

On November 8th, 2010, just after 9.30pm; 25-year-old Jennifer Pan was in her bedroom. She had her TV on and was chatting on the phone while getting ready for bed. She could hear movement downstairs and voices she didn’t recognise. There were people in the house. She heard footsteps thudding so loudly up the stairs; she knew they could not be her parents. They could not be her younger brother Felix either; he was living half an hour away at University. Jennifer hung up the phone and sat...

Duration: 02:38:53

Case 49: The Moors Murders (Part 3)

[Part 3 of 3] (A recap of part two) Brady and Hindley continued their killing spree, murdering Keith Bennett on the 16th of June 1964, seven months after the murder of John Kilbride. Two months later Hindley’s sister Maureen married David Smith. Brady and Hindley had virtually nothing to do with David and Maureen before their marriage, and Hindley, in particular, didn’t approve. But after the marriage, they became close. Brady and Hindley murdered Lesley Ann Downey on the 26th of...

Duration: 01:55:02

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