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Fooly Talks "3 Pack" DutchMasters, SXSW and Favorite Weed Moments

For an artist to stand-out right now in the oversatured music game, you have to be creative. Taking risks will go a long way towards capturing the attention of others. South Carolina native Fooly got creative when making his last EP. That creatvity led to a new found friendship with Dutchmaster Cigars and a spot to perform in Austin during SXSW. Fooly came by the studio to speak about his 3 Pack EP Dutchmasters cigars share his worst #sxsw and favorite weed moments.


Mitchy Slick Talks Issues With MLK in California, Advice from E-40 & His New L.P. "PTSD"

While in Austin for SXSW, we caught up with West Coast legend Mitchy Slick. He spoke with us about his problems with mmj in California, West Coast rap, advice from E-40 and his new cannabis inspired album PTSD.


Yukmouth Talks "I Got 5 On It" Tupac, Oakland Pride & His Own Ganjapreneur Aspirations.

This past week, thousands of music fans poured into Austin Texas for the annual SXSW festival! Broken up into parts, the festival caters to fans of film, gaming, technology and more. This week was all about the music. Free performances with some of your favorite acts littered 6th street and surrounding areas. partnered with UGQ for the 3rd annual #Legendshouse stage. Honoring the lives of rappers Pimp C and Proof, the show featured acts like Nappy Roots, Yukmouth, Money...


The Amazon of Cannabis? Sean Dollinger Explains How Namaste Came to Be, Plans For Growth & More

Website Namaste is being hailed as the Amazon of the cannabis space for good reasons. Like Amazon, Namaste's primary job is to make it easier for their users to find and receive products they need. In this case, it's cannabis products. Sean Dollinger and his business partner launched Namaste 3-years ago as a platform to sell vaparoziers. Since then, noticing the importance of medical cannabis, they developed NamasteMD which takes turns their customers into medical patients. As of now,...


Jamie Crumley Explains How A Conversation With a Friend Led To Hemp Excellence

The power of the dollar is real and right now and Women of color have the key to unlocking that power. Despite making up just 14% of the female population in the U.S., the 24 million black women in the country have become brand builder over the last few years. From politics to pop culture, Black Girl Magic has left their presence everywhere. That presence is hella evident in the cannabis industry. Black women and women of color overall have become some of the more prominent names in the...


Bob Lennon Lights Up And Talks Waka Flocka, Learning To Play Golf, New Music & More

BSM artist Bob Lennon came the set to burn one and discuss how he found music, going to college on a golf scholarship, catching the eye of Waka Flocka, his new project "Ash Trays" SXSW and more.


Dylan Pfohl and Mikey Peterson Talk The Nug Nation, Bong Burgundy, Rappers & Going Mainstream

I'm always amazed by some of the creativity I come across online, especially in the cannabis space. Everyday I'm introduced to a new brand that has figured out a way to capitalize on cannabis without being burdened down by what's legally permitted. They guys I got on the call today have created a lane for their self that could see them possibly crossing over to the mainstream, brining cannabis with it. Dylan Pfohl and Mikey Peterson are the co-creators of the stop-motion series The Nug...


Slick Deville & Fishscales Discuss Leaving Atlantic Records, Indie Life, Atlantucky & Good Weed

Skinny Deville and Nappy Scales a.k.a Nappy Roots came by the studio to talk about speak about why the group left Atlantic Records while at the peak of popularity, why going independent was the best thing to happen to their career, venturing into the craft beer arena with Atlantucky, using their podcast, Nappy Hour podcast to celebrate the entrepreneur, their take on today's music industry, good weed, rose petal blunts and more.


Alex Harris Explains How He Found Music, Became Friends With Keith Sweat, 1st Time Smoking and More

The best interviews can come to you in the most unusual ways. I got a text message from my friend Willie Joe saying "I got this artist who might be good for your show." I had a guest already booked, so I didn't have the need for anyone at the time. I made a note about the kid he mentioned, Alex Harris. Hours before our live taping, our guest for the night had a last-minute flight cancellation. Without a guest, I went back to that text. Later that night I met, Alex Harris. A writer, rapper...


Keisha Plum Lights One Up & Talks Why She Picked Poetry over Rap, Working With Westside Gunn & More

There is a thin line between rap and poetry. A good emcee is basically a poet and vice versa. Only thing that really separates the two are a beat. Our guest Keisha Plum is a product of both worlds. Buffalo native Keisha Plum does a fine job blurring that line even more. Inspired by Hip-hop, Keisha decided to skip the best and just give the world her lyrics. That doesn't mean that she shies away from the music that first captured her heart. Keisha came by the set for a special episode to...


Will Carr Discusses How WillPower Products Came To Be, Stumbling Upon CBD Oil, Crowdfunding & More

Can A CBD-based dietary supplement grow into a brand that could rival all the major name brands inside GNC? Will Carr is hopes so. The founder of Willpower Products, Will has established a CBD-based product that athletes and fitness aficionados alike can use. Recently, the brand announced that they will be turning to the customers to help get Willpower off the ground. Tonight we speak with Will about the launch of brand, why this is a great time for athletes to try out alternative...


Kimee Brown Talks Pinkstonedc, "Bad & Boujee" brunch and Adjusting to Atlanta

They say the face of cannabis will be women of color. If so, get ready to see this face a whole lot more. Part of Pinkstonedc, Kimee Brown is an aspiring ganjapreneur with big dreams who smokes big buds. New to Atlanta, she figured the best way to make her new city feel like home was to bring the PinkstoneDC experience to the "A". After blessing the city with their "Bad & Boujee" brunch, Kimee came by the studio to discuss how she came to work with Pinkstonedc, D.C. cannabis community and...


Budding Solutions C.E.O. Shanita Penny Breaks Down Her New Role With Sensi Magazine & More

It's a blessing to find a career doing something you actually like doing. Shanita Penny is living that blessing. CEO of Budding Solutions, Shanita turned her love of cannabis into a career that like the plant, is constantly growing. Shanita spoke to us about how she found cannabis, how Budding Solutions helps cannabis entrepreneurs, her new position with the MCBA, and her plans Sensi Magazine.


Attorney Gerald Griggs Talks #Cartersville70, Bringing new life to the NAACP & Decriminalization

What happens when 70 people get arrested over an ounce of bud? When it happened in Barstow County during a New Years Eve party, it turned into a conversation about race and decriminalization. On New Years Eve, a house party to celebrate someone's 21st birthday turned into headlines. Cartersville police said officers responded to a call of apparent gunshots fired early Sunday morning. Somehow the search for gun shots turned into a raid on a party. That party had about 100 attendees at the...


Retro Speaks About His Love of the 90's, Nine1 and How He Found Bud

Get to know Detroit via Atlanta emcee Retro. His album, Nine1 is definitely #musictosmoketo The 14-track LP is an ode to a decade. Retro reached back to grab some amazing samples, superb production and added a lyrical topping that made me feel like I had this album in my backpack back in the day. We spoke with Retro about the album, his favorite and worst 90s memories, what made him make a retro album, and we gonna break down some tracks. I got questions


Tracey Henry Explains How She Found Public Relations, Working With Cannabis Brands & Women Grow

Numbers talk and the numbers coming from the cannabis industry are speaking loud and clear. Projected amounts that are to be made in states like California have many ready to launch brands and see what they can pull out of this new gold rush. To start a business in industry needs certain things to be successful. A way to separate yourself from the pack is one thing you will need. How does your brand stand out from another? What makes you more a qualified speaker than the next person. Some...


Attorney Shequel P. Ross Breaks Down How You Can Beat A Weed Charge

"One call, that's all" A lot of attorneys will tell their clients that they will be there for them, ready to help whenever they need. Often, those attorney's fall short of their promises. Shequel Ross is not that lawyer. When you call 855-5-SHE-LAW you will get a servant for the people who takes pride in her job. The Phoenix transplant opened up her office in Atlanta and has quickly become the go-to person when you need a contract written up, or worse, needs someone to help get them out of...


Smoke More Tour Co-founder Him Again Discusses How The Event Sparks Convos About Cannabis

Music and Cannabis go hand in hand. I'm sure you know some of your favorite artists smoke a joint or 3 before shows and have no problem with their fans going along with the flow. Bars & A Story Productions found a way to blend both cannabis and music together in a way that shines light on new acts as well as help start a conversation about cannabis legalization. Based out of NYC, the Smoke More Tour kicked off this year. Hitting borough after borough without incident, co-founder of the event...


Treehab Co-Founder Brandon Terrell Breaks Down The Importance Of The Subscription Service & More

Brandon Terrell co-founder of subscription service, Treehab. Terrell came by to discuss the service and why it’s a gift for patients and doctors. Treehab is “a technology company for the cannabis industry connecting users to physicians, dispensaries, brands, and products via web and mobile applications. We support medicinal cannabis patients with content on the most up-to-date legislative rulings, qualifying conditions for ID cards and products available in their state. Through an exclusive...


CashColorCannabis 1yr Anniversary: Kris J Reminisces On Being the 1st Guest Ever

If the question ever gets asked, "Who was the first guest on CashColorCannabis Podcast?" The answer would be Kris J. When we liked off the show, I thought Kris would be a great first guest. At the time, he had his How Much For The Quarter and was the valedictorian of the Class of Stoners. In a year, Kris has become one of the hottest names in the city. His latest project is testament to patience, faith and hard work. Kris spoke about being the first guest on the show and how that first...


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