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Episode 44 - It Still Makes Me Wonder - Cast From The Sewer

MC Devlin speaks about the new MC/Stupid Stupid Henchmen song, "It Still Makes Me Wonder", but his brain is fried so he mostly rambles about body-boarding and how much Nazis suck, quite likely forgetting many important notes about the song. Enjoy! Tracks we heard: Mad Conductor & The Stupid Stupid Henchmen - It Still Makes Me Wonder https://madconductor.bandcamp.com/track/it-still-makes-me-wonder You can support this podcast by shopping in the Mad Conductor merch store and purchasing MC...

Duration: 01:28:06

Episode 43 - Daycare Swindlers 20th Anniversary Show Review - Cast From The Sewer

A review of Daycare Swindlers 20th anniversary celebration show in Vienna, VA, which was also the first Mad Conductor show in almost two years. Plus random riffing on mosh pit etiquette, nutrition, martial arts, and the what-have-you. Tracks we heard: Daycare Swindlers - Darkness You can support this podcast by shopping in the Mad Conductor merch store and purchasing MC music on BandCamp and I-Tunes! www.madconductor.bigcartel.com www.madconductor.bandcamp.com This episode is brought to...

Duration: 01:25:49

Episode 42 - Chester Knebel (The Stupid Stupid Henchmen) - Cast From The Sewer

Chester "Chet" Knebel, is a founding member and guitarist/vocalist of The Stupid Stupid Henchmen, a long running band from upstate New York, whose genre is difficult to pin down. He is also a professional animator/artist who currently resides in Brooklyn. The Henchmen's new full-length is available at https://thestupidstupidhenchmen.bandcamp.com/ and will be coming soon on vinyl. Tracks we heard (from "Chill Out...and Die Later!"): Internal Struggles of Rebellion Thanks, Friends! You can...

Duration: 01:26:48

Episode 41 - Cast From The Sewer

MC Devlin discusses an eventful weekend, recording session with The Stupid Stupid Henchmen, Football, etc concert and subsequent hang-out session, in addition to other items, forest and river exploration, Beach Boys and Spawn. Tracks we heard: Football, Etc - Foul MC Devlin & Spraya Benz - No Laughing Matter The Stupid Stupid Henchmen - Finally, Done You can support this podcast by shopping in the Mad Conductor merch store and purchasing MC music on BandCamp and I-Tunes!...

Duration: 01:15:27

Episode 40 - Erik Miles (No Cops For Miles) - Cast From The Sewer

On this episode I've got Erik Miles from No Cops For Miles on the line, we discuss music and various light topics for a little while, then the conversation takes a sharp turn into some unexpected territory regarding various conspiracies. It was a fun podcast, enjoy! No Cops For Miles music: https://officialnocopsformiles.bandcamp.com/ Tracks we heard: No Cops For Miles - A Little Older, A Little Wiser No Cops For Miles - Lurline Rudeboy Devlin - J.A.R. You can support this podcast by...

Duration: 01:52:35

Episode 39 - Andy Chisena (Askultura) - Cast From The Sewer

Andy Chisena is frontman and founder of the Miami based punk-rumba, reggae band Askultura. He is fresh off a six week US tour with plenty of stories to tell and wisdom to share. www.askultura.com www.youtube.com/user/ASKULTURA askultura.bandcamp.com/ You can support this podcast by shopping in the Mad Conductor merch store and purchasing MC music on BandCamp and I-Tunes! www.madconductor.bigcartel.com www.madconductor.bandcamp.com This episode is brought to you by Nazareth Shaolin-Do, a...

Duration: 02:16:08

Episode 38 - Escape From The ZOO - Cast From The Sewer

Escape from the ZOO is the electric and amplified punk band formed by Jesse Sendejas of folk punk sensation Days N Daze. Fresh off a U.S. tour, Jesse and bandmates Veronica, Koi and Paxton stopped by the Sewer Studio on their way from Philly to Brooklyn to kick it for a minute. Check out their new album "Killacopter", out now: https://escapefromthezoo.bandcamp.com/ Tracks we heard: Run Saturday Night Palsy ------------------------------------------------------ You can support this podcast...

Duration: 01:45:30

Episode 37 - Year 32 - Cast From The Sewer

This podcast is led off with a sneak-preview of a new Mad Conductor song, "No Laughing Matter" featuring Spraya Benz, a.k.a. Noah from Daycare Swindlers!!! On this episode MC Devlin goes solo to talk about his adventure filled birthday weekend, sailing around NYC with the Slackers, an ongoing feud with a confederate flag waving neighbor, bloodshed on a mountain excursion, and the highest level of athletic competition - the Backyard Olympics. Plus mixed in Mad Conductor news and perhaps...

Duration: 01:19:44

Chamber 36 - Brian Pretus (PEARS) - Cast From The Sewer

Brian Pretus is guitarist and a founding member of PEARS, a Fat Wreck-Chords band from New Orleans, LA. Over the past several years PEARS have toured all over the world and released two full-length albums, Go To Prison and Green Star and are currently working on their contribution to a split LP with a yet unnamed band. They will depart again to Europe for another tour later this summer, then will embark on a headlining U.S. tour this fall. Check them out in a city near you!...

Duration: 01:55:09

Episode 35 - Jesse Sendejas (Days N Daze / Escape From The Zoo) - Cast From The Sewer

Jesse Sendejas is a founding member, guitarist and singer of the folk punk band Days N Daze and crusty ska-punk band Escape From The Zoo, who will be embarking on a U.S. tour with We The Heathens beginning 6/14. Both of his bands have new albums out which can be purchased at www.escapefromthezoo.bandcamp.com and www.daysndaze.bandcamp.com. Tracks we heard (from Escape From The Zoo's new album KIllacopter): Smoke 'Em If Ya Got 'Em Escape From The Evil Dead!...

Duration: 01:53:45

Episode 34 - Mad Conductor News - Cast From The Sewer

MC Devlin goes solo to discuss upcoming Mad Conductor moves, including the new live band line-up and summer shows, another new single and also plenty of rambling about different random things, like "grilling and chilling". See new Mad Conductor merchandise offers at: www.madconductor.bigcartel.com And please buy new and classic MC music here: www.madconductor.bandcamp.com All support is greatly appreciated and goes a long way to keep these projects afloat! Thank you! This episode is also...

Duration: 00:59:50

Episode 33 - We The Heathens - Cast From The Sewer

Smelliot Lozier is the founding member of We The Heathens, a folk-punk band from Wisconsin. His band can be seen on tour now with Days N' Daze. To view the tour schedule visit: https://www.facebook.com/wetheheathens. Purchase their latest album, "The Blood Behind The Dam" here: www.wetheheathens.bandcamp.com. Smelliot a.k.a. Elliot is also a graphic artist, and can be contacted at: www.facebook.com/elozdesign Tracks We Heard (From "The Blood Behind The Dam": Neurotic Decay Rumors in Shadow...

Duration: 01:33:30

Episode 32 - Reiter (Daycare Swindlers) - Cast From The Sewer

Mark Reiter is the drummer and resident sound engineer of D.C. punk rock legends, The Daycare Swindlers, who are currently celebrating their 20th year as a band. Their latest album Reradiate is available at: http://www.say-10.com/store/dcsreradiate/ https://daycareswindlers.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/daycareswindlersofficial/ Tracks we heard (from Reradiate): Unwinding Deep River _________________________________________________________ You can support this podcast by shopping...

Duration: 01:51:43

Episode 31 - Vic Ruggiero - Cast From The Sewer

Vic Ruggiero is the founder and frontman of the legendary NYC ska band, The Slackers. Beginning his musical journey in the early 90s, his singing, songwriting and energetic live performances have taken him all over the world, both with his band and as a solo artist. He has been equally prolific in the studio, amassing an extensive discography over the years, including collaborations with a long list of notable musicians. The Slackers latest album, which is self-titled, was released in...

Duration: 02:16:25

Episode 30 - Ara Babajian - Cast From The Sewer

Ara Babajian is the drummer of the world famous, legendary ska band, The Slackers! He is also one of the founding members of the iconic punk band, Leftover Crack. With both bands he has enjoyed an illustrious, successful career which has taken him all over the world, but not without much hard work and perseverance! Hear his inspiring story! Tracks we heard: The Slackers - Mr. Tragedy (written by Ara Babajian) https://www.facebook.com/theslackers http://www.theslackers.com/...

Duration: 01:31:49

Episode 29 - Apathy Cycle - Cast From The Sewer

Gregg Armen is the frontman of the progressive Orange County, CA punk band Apathy Cycle, who have just finished recording a new album at Blast Furnace Studio in Fort Collins, CO. The album's first single is now available at: https://apathycycle.bandcamp.com/track/forgotten-genocide. Prior to this band Gregg played in the influential electronic-punk band Intro5pect. https://www.facebook.com/apathycycle https://apathycycle.bandcamp.com/ Tracks we heard: Apathy Cycle - Forgotten Genocide...

Duration: 03:01:55

Episode 28 - Legalize It 17 - Cast From The Sewer

MCD goes solo to talk about the new Mad Conductor song, "Legalize It '17", which was released on 4/20/17. All first week sales will be donated to Lehigh Valley NORML(National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws). Get it here: https://madconductor.bandcamp.com/track/legalize-it-17 Tracks we heard: Mad Conductor - Legalize It '17 _____________________________________________ You can support this podcast by shopping in the Mad Conductor merch store and purchasing MC music on...

Duration: 01:07:42

Episode 27 - Blue Hearts Revelry - Cast From The Sewer

Blue Heart's Revelry is a 5 piece bluegrass rock band from Easton, PA. Catch them live April 29th at College Hill Tavern in Easton, PA. 10pm, no cover charge, so go buy their new album, "Until You're Gone" at https://blueheartsrevelry.bandcamp.com/ Tracks we heard (From "Until You're Gone") Bad Decisions Lack of Heart _____________________________________________ You can support this podcast by shopping in the Mad Conductor merch store and purchasing MC music on BandCamp and I-Tunes!...

Duration: 03:15:29

Episode 26 - Tommy Smith - Cast From The Sewer

Tommy Smith is owner and operator of No Time Records, a DIY record label based in Orange County, CA. He is also a member of the folk-punk duo The Insomniac Collective and the lead vocalist hardcore punk band Corrupt Vision. https://insomniaccollective.bandcamp.com/ https://corruptvision.bandcamp.com/releases https://notimeforfun.bandcamp.com/ Tracks we heard: Corrupt Vision - Orange County Syndrome Apathy Cycle - GroupThink Different...

Duration: 01:49:28

Episode 25 - Will Harris - Cast From The Sewer

Will Harris is the bassist of NYC ska band The Pandemics and a sound engineer who works at Sabella Studios in Roslyn, NY. Tracks we heard: The Pandemics - Killin' Time The Pandemics - Stop & Get Frisky www.thepandemics.bandcamp.com www.thepandemics.nyc www.facebook.com/thepandemics ______________________ You can support this show by shopping in the Mad Conductor merch store and purchasing MC music on BandCamp and elsewhere! www.madconductor.bigcartel.com www.madconductor.bandcamp.com This...

Duration: 03:08:57

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