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19: Pep Rallies and Victory Parades

The Transfiguration and Palm Sunday Have you ever had a celebrity encounter? Matthew 17:1-13 What happened here? Why did Jesus want Peter, James, and John to experience this? What message did God have for these three? How might this experience have been beneficial to Jesus? Why is it significant that Moses and Elijah are there? How does Peter recognize them? Why does Jesus ask them to not tell anybody about this? Matthew 21:1-11 What were the people doing with the branches? How many people...


18: In Retrospect, Name Tags Could Have Helped

When have you ever mistaken somebody for being somebody else? Matthew 16:13-20 Why do you suppose Jesus is interested in knowing who people think he is? Who are some of the people that Jesus is apparently being mistaken for? Let’s say somebody were to ask you, Who is Jesus? …what’s your answer going to be? What was Peter’s answer? Did Jesus seem to be surprised by Peter’s answer? How did Peter get his answer? What does it mean to call Jesus the Messiah? Peter gets a cool new nickname. What...


17: Jesus Doodles, Forgives, and Restores

John 8:1-11 Have you ever been caught "red-handed?" There is someone missing in this story. It is evident the Pharisees are corrupt and biased in their handling of justice. Why are the Pharisees trying to trap Jesus? How are they trying to trap him? How does Jesus respond? Why does he say this? Jesus says he doesn’t condemn the woman. Why does Jesus forgive her? What else does he tell her? Forgiveness is a very powerful thing. Why makes it so powerful? Is there somebody you need to...


16: The Rise and Fall and Rebound of David

As we pick up the story, Saul has been trying to kill David . David had the opportunity to kill Saul, but refused, and he had hoped that Saul would see he wasn’t a threat. It didn’t work. Saul was still trying to kill David. David took refuge in Philistine territory, hoping to be safe there. Meanwhile, all this probably took Saul's attention away from fighting the Philistines. 1 Samuel 31:1-6 Why does Saul ask his armor-bearer to kill him? How do you think David is going to feel about...


15: Spear Chucking and Spelunking

We pick up the story after David had been anointed and defeated Goliath. His victory boosted him to fame. It appears he is becoming more popular than Saul, which stokes Saul's outrageous jealousy. (Even Saul's son, Jonathan, seems to like David better than Saul.) 1 Samuel 18:1-11 What is David so successful? Why does Saul feel so threatened by David? Is it strange that Jonathan doesn't feel threatened? Instead, Jonathan admires David, and that frustrates Saul. 1 Samuel 20:30-24 This is...


14: David is Anointed and Starts Slaying Giants

1 Samuel 16 and 17 From the previous 2 episodes...Samuel had anointed Saul as king. Everything started out fine, but Saul soon developed a disdain for God's authority over him. God recognized that Saul's heart was not in the right place, so God removed him as king. Somebody new needed to be anointed, although Saul would not just abandon the thrown. 1 Samuel 16:1 Why was Samuel mourning? He had high hopes for Saul and for his leading God's nation...but he was let down. 1 Samuel 16:2-5 Why...


13: Saul's Problem with Authority

1 Samuel 13:1-15, 15:13-29 If you are supposed to meet somebody, how late can they be before you give up on them? We pick up the story of King Saul from where we left off in Episode 12\. Saul became king, even though he had no standing, experience, or training, but he did have God and Samuel to rely on...if only he had... 1 Samuel 13:1-15 What is Saul’s rationale for offering the sacrifice? Does this sound like good reasoning to you? The truth is, we can rationalize just about anything...


12: Samuel Saw Saul

1 Samuel 3, 8:4-22, 10:1-11 When did you ever wake somebody up? By request from Dani, we are going to be talking about King Saul and King David. But before we to Saul, we need to pick up the story of Samuel, one of God's prophets who plays an important role in the stories of Saul and David. What is the job of a prophet? At this time, Israel is a mess. The current prophet, Eli, is ineffective. He seems to lack the respect of the people and his sons are corrupt. Eli either can't or won't...


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