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2 Canadian construction workers just shooting the shit about their lives, their philosophies and whatever else happens to come up.

2 Canadian construction workers just shooting the shit about their lives, their philosophies and whatever else happens to come up.
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2 Canadian construction workers just shooting the shit about their lives, their philosophies and whatever else happens to come up.






Episode 11: Things got fucked and now I'm angry W/Patrick Fishman (sort of)

(Patrick comes in at the 1:19:40 mark for any moms/dads/friends that are just here for him) For everyone else: This one is mostly a solo rant episode as Ezra deals with his first set of serious technical issues, in his patented thinking out loud style. We take you further and further into the podcast trial and error process and give you yet another look at how Ezra processes his thoughts and feelings. Is this a podcast about 2 men who work construction? Is it about comedy? Is it about the...

Duration: 02:04:17

Episode 10: RuttegarThe Reckless Heckler W/ Ethan O'Reilly

Ethan O'Reilly comes over to get compared to a bird by renowned jerk-ass, Ezra. The guys also get into some podcast tech stuff off the top and talk some SHIT about the tech setup over at #SorryInAdvancePodcast as well as some others. They also take a smoke break about halfway through and come back DICK DEEP in a discussion about slavery and race. It's a frickin rollercoaster, check it out!

Duration: 02:36:52

Episode 9: Manpussy W/ Drew Tyce

Ezra gets his ramble on in the intro here again. Podcast starts at exactly 9 minutes but check the intro out if you want a little glimpse into Ezra and Justin's at friendship/podcast ambitions. They mention a few times that I'm probably gonna cut a lot of it but i frickin like that REAL SHIT so it's staying babyyy! This is the first episode with video, you'll see that version as soon as we figure out how to post it. K check it out, bye.

Duration: 02:16:28

Episode 8: The Breakfast Club W/ Our Boy Drew

Get a load of this noise! Ezra really fuckin goes for it in the intro for this one, and I (Kyle) decided to keep it all in there in case anyone wanted to deep dive inside of Ezra's fuckin weirdboi mind. If you don't want to, the intro wraps up at 9 minutes, pretty much on the nose. Then him and Drew talk cum, breakfast, smoking and more! Get into it, share the link if you can. Be a friend.

Duration: 02:17:38

Episode 7: There Will Be Bombs w/ Keith Andrews

Comedian Keith Andrews comes down and we shoot the shit. Major merch announcement in this ep btw. JUST CHECK IT OUT YOU PIECE OF SHIT!

Duration: 01:28:48

castronauts ep 6 fully produced

its a podcast duh

Duration: 01:51:47

Episode 5: Lil Ricky

dopest track ever. anyone who is into the underground world of scarborough peeps will love this. lil ricky is a genius and even doug stanhope said that he loves this podcast

Duration: 01:36:21

Episode 4: Get Into It

We get into some shit on this one, AS FUCKIN USUAL! We talk about some serious childhood trauma type shit, what we'd do if we had a shit ton of money and a whole bunch else. just check it out. Or don't, who cares?

Duration: 01:57:05

Episode 3: Motivational Castronauts

We get into some crypto shit and its gonna change your life. If you like wellness, culture and anything that affirms your biological necessity to stay alive and move forward towards infinite success, then you'l love this episode. I'm not kidding. I would never kid.

Duration: 02:00:11

Episode 2: Mommy Issues

This episode goes even deeper into our shit. We talk mommy issues, daddy issues, jerkin off, getting jerked off and a bunch of other stuff. hope you love it. bye... not bye.

Duration: 01:20:24

Episode 1: How Not To Start A Podcast

What a fucked up start to our podcast. This podcast is about our lives, the good and the bad and the badder. Things got a little badder near the end and I dropped a name that I shouldn't have dropped, for legal reasons. We replaced it with some sound fx for comedic relief, but that doesn't mean we think the story itself is funny. Just that I couldn't stop dropping names. Anyway I know he's a piece of shit i just don't want to get sued. It's a complicated thing, you'll see what I mean. I...

Duration: 01:18:15