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Episode 81 - Personal Relationships - Do they help in Sales?

Personal Relationships - Do they help in Sales? Is this the first time Mike & Mike are going to have conflicting viewpoints on the podcast? This week on the podcast, Mike & Mike tackle the question of personal relationships in sales. You may be surprised to see who takes which perspective. We hope you enjoy the discussion, and look forward to your feedback on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Questions Addressed Key Takeaways Call to Action We are actively increasing our engagement on...


Episode 80 - OODA Loop & Leadership with Guest Dave Berke

Feedback Loops, including the OODA Loop & Leadership Lt Col. Retired, David “Chip” Berke is our guest this week. Dave served 23 years as a Marine, mostly flying airplanes as a fighter pilot. He is currently with Echelon Front as a Leadership Instructor. Dave shares his experience with the OODA loop as a pilot, forward air controller, and in the business environment. We also discuss the science and art of this process, and how this applies in sales, learning, and leadership. Questions...


Episode 79 - Training vs Coaching

Listener Question - What is the difference between Training & Coaching? Matt's company is implementing a new sales process, some folks believe they need training, others believe coaching is a better fit. He asks "what is the difference between Coaching & Training?" This week on the Catalyst Sale Podcast we discuss the difference between training and coaching, and the scenarios where training may be a better fit. We also discuss why coaching may work better, and why organizations do not...


Episode 78 - GDPR & Cyber Security - The Human Element

GDPR & Cyber Security - The Human Element - Guest Oz Alashe MBE - CEO, CybSafe We are excited to have Oz Alashe on the podcast this week. We talk about the forthcoming GDPR regulations, its global impact, as well as the impact of cyber security at both a personal and organizational level. Oz is a former Lieutenant Colonel in the British Army and UK Special Forces. He has a successful track record of developing strategy, driving innovation and leading implementation in both the public and...


Episode 77 - Initial Outreach to Prospects

Initial Outreach to Prospects This week on the Catalyst Sale Podcast we discuss an initial outreach approach mentioned during the episode with Pam Boiros, and one that Mike Simmons first learned from Jeff Hoffman when Mike and Pam were at SkillSoft. This initial contact approach is based on a foundation of Why You (the customer), Why You Now. Mike has had significant success over the years using this customer focused and personalized approach. This is a personalized approach that works...


Episode 76 - To Discount or Not To Discount - What's the Risk?

To Discount or Not to Discount - What's the Risk? Discounting is a four-letter word. If you reduce your price, are you going to decrease the value of what you deliver, or decrease the impact that you will have on the customer? Think of some of the organizations you purchase goods or services from, but will never pay full price. Think of any conversation you have had with a customer where price has become the focal point. Mike Conner is back this week, and we briefly discuss what he has...


Episode 75 - Anthony Iannarino - Author - The Lost Art of Closing

Guest - Anthony Iannarino - International Speaker, Author, Podcast Host & Consultant This week on the podcast Anthony joins us to discuss key concepts discussed in both of the books he has authored, we also touch briefly on his forthcoming book. We discuss a number of different items, including discipline, doing work, why "price is a shield" - not a sword, and many other topics. We hope you enjoy the discussion as much as we did. Questions Addressed Key Takeaways Show Links Only...


Episode 74 - Is it better to Curate or Create?

Curation vs Creation This week on the Catalyst Sale Podcast we discuss curation vs creation, the difference between the two, why it is important to your audience to do both, and some general best practices. We would love to hear from the audience regarding Curation vs Creation & how you Create vs Curate. We would also love to hear some of the additional topics you would like us to discuss on future episodes. Questions Addressed Key Takeaways We are actively increasing our engagement...


Episode 73 - Making Mistakes and How to Respond

Making Mistakes and How to Respond This week we have a listener question - Jason in NY, says we always talk about success, can you share some of your mistakes? Mistakes happen, but do they just happen? Are all mistakes accidents? A mistake can be an accident, a mistake can be intentional, a mistake can be a result of not knowing your situation. This week on the Catalyst Sale Podcast we talk some of the mistakes Mike has made, how he responded, and what the results were. Questions...


Episode 72 - Business and Technology Converge

Guest - Paul Michelman - Editor in Chief, MIT Sloan Management Review This week on the podcast Paul Michelman - Editor in Chief, MIT Sloan Management Review joins us for a great discussion that covers a number of topics, including the impact of technology on business and vice versa, and why the middle may not be the best place to be. Paul is the former Editor in Chief of Safari Books Online, he has worked with strategy+business, the Harvard Business Review, and other prestigious...


Episode 71 - Quick Fixes and Silver Bullets

The Quick Fix? - Do the Work Every year, most of us start the new year with resolutions. We resolve to lose weight, attain 125% of our quota, save for a down payment on a house, achieve better work-life balance, be more mindful. Some of us execute on these resolutions. Many of us fail within a couple of months or even weeks. This week on the Catalyst Sale Podcast we talk about the risks associated with looking for a quick fix/shortcut, and the importance of creating a plan and working...


Episode 70 - History, Innovation, and Pattern Recognition in Technology & Sales

Guest - Andrew Savikas - Founder, YieldTalk This week on the podcast another friend of Catalyst Sale joins us. Andrew Savikas is the founder of YieldTalk. He is the former CEO of Safari Books Online, and he is a startup advisor who helps CEOs and Founders with strategy. This week we discuss the importance of understanding history, similarities between those in sales roles and those in technical roles, and how b2c and b2b strategies can thrive in the same environment. Questions...


Episode 69 - What Works in Marketing and Sales

Guest - Pam Boiros - Principal Bridge Marketing Advisors This week on the Catalyst Sale Podcast a great friend joins the discussion. Pam and Mike Simmons worked with each other at SkillSoft in the early 2000's. Pam is the principal and founder of Bridge Marketing Advisors. She has a long history in Ed Tech, and is a marketing expert with both sales and marketing skills. Pam currently works with companies to help with go to market communication strategies. Questions addressed What have...


Episode 68 - Host of the Sales Success Stories

Guest - Scott Ingram - Host of the Sales Success Stories Podcast Scott Ingram joins us this week to share the insight and knowledge he has gained since launching the Sales Success Stories podcast. He shares some thoughts on pattern recognition across his guests, practical examples of how they go about doing their work, and why they have been successful. Scott also announces a conference he is launching in 2018. Thank you for listening, sharing, and reviewing the podcast. Please keep the...


Episode 67 - On Location with Ambition

Guest - Brian Trautschold - Co-Founder, Ambition This week we are on location in Chattanooga with Brian Trautschold the cofounder of Ambition. Brian and I revisit a common subject - there are no silver bullets. We also discuss how data can be used to self-assess and identify ways to improve personal performance, what's changing in sales technology, and why technology is not the solution for bad culture. Questions addressed Key Takeaways There are no silver bulletsMost of the tech that...


Episode 66 - Stop Selling After Yes

Do you introduce additional risk by selling after "Yes"? We've discussed many topics on the Catalyst Sale podcast since the launch in October 2016. This week we discuss selling after yes. Many have heard this phrase, yet continue to do it. This is something that likely happens when the sales process is rushed, either by our side or the client's side. If you skip steps or rush the process, you tend to make assumptions. When these assumptions are revisited, they can lead to confusion, a...


Episode 65 - Building a Story Brand - Donald Miller

Guest - Donald Miller - CEO, StoryBrand Don helps companies "clarify their message so customers engage", he is the CEO of StoryBrand and a New York Times best-selling author. Don joins us this week on the Catalyst Sale podcast to discuss the StoryBrand Framework and how it applies to Sales professionals, marketers, and anyone looking to improve their success. Questions addressed Key Takeaways Show Links Building a Story...


Episode 64 - How does the Agile Organization Impact Sales?

What impact does an Agile development process have on Sales? We've discussed sales as an Agile process during previous episodes. This week on the Catalyst Sale podcast we discuss the impact of Agile Development Cycles on Sales. What happens when you develop product functionality in the context of sprints vs a waterfall approach? This week Mike Conner is back. He and Mike Simmons discuss the things we should be mindful of when selling a solution in an environment of constant...


Episode 63 - Doing Important Work

Maintaining Focus and Doing the Things that are Important Time management is an area where most sales professionals struggle. Everyone has the same number of hours in a day - 24. What we do with these hours is up to us. One way to make the most out of every day is to prioritize and execute. This week on the Catalyst Sale Podcast we revisit the importance of doing the important things, and not falling into the trap of urgency driven by others. Questions Addressed Key Takeaways Show...


Episode 62 - If You Know Your Whys...

Guests Christie Walters & Jeff Bajorek - Hosts - The Why and The Buy Podcast This week is a pretty special episode of the Catalyst Sale Podcast. We have a roundtable of experience on the show, and we go a little longer than usual. Christie Walters and Jeff Bajorek from The Why and The Buy Podcast join us on part one of a two-part podcast. We discuss how Christie & Jeff met, why they launched a podcast, and what they have learned throughout the process. We also dive pretty deep into what...


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