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Episode 103: Ike Ndolo | After Charlottesville is a lot like Before

We bring back Ike Ndolo to create a safe space so he can blow us all away. We start with him WHINING about wedding planning, wildly inappropriate sex stuff and Ike bringing "The Drama", and then unleash Ike on Charlottesville.

Duration: 01:50:45

Episode 102: Explosive! Anima! Technica! Vacua!

We've talked about the "anima technica vacua" a bunch of times in the past, but now we do a deep dive, especially how the empty soul of the modern West affects our patterns of thinking.

Duration: 01:23:30

Episode 101: A Beautiful Renaissance with Anthony D'Ambrosio

Anthony D'Ambrosio of Catholic Creatives hops on the shows from a trailer park filled with Evangelicals to discuss life, art, creativity, the New Catholic Renaissance in beauty, and how to deal with insecurity, self-doubt, and envy. Apparently, Anthony is a punk-rocker turned seminarian turned artist turned event planner!

Duration: 01:06:59

Episode 100: Brandon Vogt's Responds

After listening to our show on the Convocation of Catholic Leaders, Brandon Vogt reaches out to us to explain and to reach some common ground between what was presented on the "Nones" panel and Luke's take away. Gomer, for his part, doesn't do the nice small-talk thing, and just makes them argue, which is fun.

Duration: 01:07:46

Episode 99: You're a Bald, 18, Chubby, Freak!

Luke and Gomer talk... well... we talk about a lot of stuff. Why does it seem like there are a lot more chill nuns than priests, emotional manipulation in youth ministry, Sister Miriam is incredible, diet fails, and, of course, GAME OF THRONES. Come on, moralizers, do you really think that God approves of you watching literally anything on TV? Would Mother Teresa watch any of your crap? Oh, so it's just stuff you already don't like that you got to get all preachy about. Got it. Thaaanks....

Duration: 01:04:33

Episode 98: Are We Getting Superhero Fatigue?

Have you ever watched a movie and fallen in love with it, while the guy on the couch next to you thinks it's just OK? What separates us out like that? Why does Luke love Tarantino, while Gomer thinks him a coked up 17 year-old? Why does Wes Anderson do nothing for Luke, but the Cohen Brothers get his gears grooving? This conversation revolves around Spider-Man: Homecoming and the Marvel Cinematic Universe but broadens into a much more important discussion on the appeal of filmmaking as such.

Duration: 01:00:41

The Catholic Convocation, Barron, and the Catching Foxes Hello

Luke, representing 500,000 Catholics, attended the convocation and he represented Catching Foxes well. We explore the suckiness of treating the crisis in the Church as a sociology/statistics problem, the lack of God, when God showed up in the preaching of Sister Miriam, SOLT, and Gomer shares a prison ministry heartbreak. Also: IS SINGLENESS A VOCATION?

Duration: 01:12:29

Episode 96: Danielle Noonan and P Diddy?!

We invited our friend, Danielle Noonan, to talk about her love of music, what it means to be adopted, to be a childhood victim of abuse, and how cheap consolation really, really pisses her off. Danielle has been producing music, first in ministry with my old parish in Sugar Land, Texas, and now as a recording artist who travels to Nashville regularly and has "people".

Duration: 01:27:54

Episode 95: Spent to Extinction

It started with a description of the great book, "The World Beyond Your Head" and took us quickly around the anima technia vacua, from gambling to porn to social media, we look at how the psychology of being spent is destroying us. STOP BUYING THE CHEEP CHICKEN EGGS!!!!

Duration: 00:44:35

Episode 94: Gomer Starts Greasing!

There are few things more annoying to than people who seem to peddle inspiration. You find them on Facebook encouraging you to follow your dreams, chase the rainbow, and change your life. The reason, I've found, why these people are so damned bent on inspiration is because they have discovered this wonderful thing called "energy" that I lacked because I'm a damned couch potato. Well, for the last two weeks, I've greased the groove to break myself of this addiction to crappy foods and...

Duration: 00:29:29

Episode 93: You Have to Class Up

We talk about work-as-email and Gomer's conflict with research reading. Youth Ministry, and the parish's constant tendency to segregate family, especially by age. We talk about the Art of Life and morality as taught by the Church. This leads us back to the community problem, but focusing on the demise of "The Lodge" and the American Legion type places. Then we talk about The Great Casualization (see show notes), Wonder Woman, The Marvel Cinematic Universe, and how Gomer is still scared to...

Duration: 01:12:56

Episode 92: Manhood and Music with Ben Walther

Ben Walther is a legend in our Household, AMDG. Ben is a man's man who is insanely positive and deeply prayerful. We had a great conversation about what it means to be a man, initiation rites and our lack thereof, dadlessness and the Father, and then we take a hard right turn into music. Luke brings up his new fave that he found out is both Christian and Queer and what that means. We end with me yelling at Ben to build something great online.

Duration: 01:27:59

Episode 87: Arleen and the $30,000 Breakup

"If you're going to break up, Ash Wednesday is a great time to do it!" Luke and Arleen (no Gomer this week) talk about their cooky lives, the fun of dating, and the strange intimacy that comes with breaking up. Luke and Arleen trade breakup stories, but this is NOT a pity party. This is more about lessons learned and experiences reflected upon. Luke throws in some comments about maturity and Arleen talks about a profound healing experience after her first devastating breakup as an...

Duration: 01:12:13

76 Interview with a Crooked Soul Named Ike Ndolo

For the first hour, we talk about the life and trials of a man who is a Catholic musician that travels the world bringing his own powerful presence to the stage. The second hour we talk about being a black son of African immigrants in America. This leads us into conversations about culture, being rootless, identity and the walls we Earthers tend to put up around us. Ike Ndolo Music on Facebook Ike Ndolo on the Interwebs

Duration: 02:10:08

Episode 75: 75 Arguing While Agreeing

We argue while agreeing the whole time. I think I said, "I 100 percent agree" like 18 times.

Duration: 01:18:58

Episode 71: The Highlight Reel

Explicit at parts, this is the official highlight reel of our show so far. I thought the end of 2016 would be a good time for a retrospective. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll learn. Enjoy my sound effects from one clip to another. We cover about 30 shows in here, so obviously we couldn't get everything and everyone we interview, but here are some gems. Remember: Catching Foxes (only Luke though) and That Catholic Couple will be doing a Meet Up at the SEEK 2017 Conference in Bar Rojo at...

Duration: 01:15:15

Episode 70: 70 The Fat Show

This is Gomer's embarrassing moment. First we talk about accompanying someone who is trying to overcome a drug addiction, which leads us to the topic of interventions, which Gomer twists into a topic on his weight management problems. Also, WTF is wrong with gym/wrestling coaches from Oklahoma in the 90s?! Reminder: That Catholic Couple and Catching Foxes* will be at the SEEK 2017 conference for a Meet Up on January 7th. Location To Be Determined by Luke responding to Daniel's text...

Duration: 01:10:57

69 Spoiler Alert We Got Divorced

The episode you've all been waiting for! (Mostly because we haven't released a new episode in two or three weeks. I blame the Russians!) In this episode we deal with divorce. What happens when one person in a marriage simply and totally does not want to stay married? How can one person fix the problems the other has no intention of working on? And, for all of us, how do we treat the divorced and/or single parent families in our lives? Yeah, it's a big episode, but it's a good...

Duration: 01:57:38

Episode 68: 68 What Do We Do Now

We talk about needing one another and what that looks like, and why so many things are against it. One of our refined episodes, because we get into a lot of interesting stuff. Also, I think there's one F-Bomb in this episode from your old pal Gomer. Thank you, Cherubalm.com for sponsoring our show. Head over to CHERUBALM.COM/FOXES before the end of November for a 20% off discount! Thank you, Cherubalm for supporting this show. What ever happened to community The Homeless...

Duration: 01:15:03

67 Fr. Mike Schmitz's Face is the New Evangelization

This is our first time back in three weeks, having recorded the last two episodes originally as one long episode. Then Luke’s internet completely died in their classy, old apartment building, so we recorded late on Saturday night. But you’ve patiently waited on us, so we will gift you with a special 2 hour episode! We start off with a return of 10 minute topics as our Hero Luke launches a GoFundMe Campaign for That Catholic Couple which met its goal in just 32 hours. Immediately following...

Duration: 02:09:27

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