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Catholic vs. Catholic - 2017-09-30 - Stephen Heiner

Stephen is a Sedevacantist. He lives in Paris, where he writes and manages small businesses. He writes on culture, the permanent things, and all things French. He also served in the United States Marine Corps Reserve as a Nuclear Biological and Chemical Defense Specialist.

Duration: 01:02:02

Catholic vs. Other - 2017-09-21 - Tino

I met Tino more than a decade ago, through mutual friends. He lives in Belgium. Tino describes his religion as "tribal gatherings and psychedelic medicines." He believes that we can access ultimate reality through altered states of consciousness.

Duration: 00:56:18

Catholic vs. Muslim - 2017-10-06 - Post-Mortem

This interview was vetoed by my guest, a Muslim man who shall remain unnamed to protect his identity. In this, my first ever post-mortem episode, I dissect the interview in an attempt to understand why it was killed.

Duration: 00:27:53

Catholic vs. Catholic - 2017-09-13 - Thomas

Thomas replied to a spam I sent to all the websites listed on the Wiki page on Sedevacantism. Strictly speaking, he does not consider himself a true Sedevacantist. Rather he believes that the Church has been taken over by impostors since 1958. We had a pleasant chat.

Duration: 00:19:20

Catholic vs. Other - 2017-09-10 - Judah

I met Judah through friends at a BBQ in the park this summer. He was raised Jewish, but never believed in God. He studied philosophy and creative writing and is a devoted father of twins. I enjoyed getting to know him a little better.

Duration: 00:32:15

Catholic vs. Other - 2017-09-01 - Robbie Dillon

I met Robbie at a Meetup group called Misfit Island (Montreal). He was the original editor of Vice Magazine, a successful screenwriter, and a creator of content for several Cirque du Soleil shows. He is currently finishing a degree in Philosophy at Concordia University.

Duration: 00:47:59

Catholic Verses - Bible Meditation #0005 - Genesis 5 - Called To Be Ordinary

Impromptu Meditations on the Word of God

Duration: 00:33:59

Catholic vs. Buddhist - 2017-08-21 - SanathaVihari Losangeles

SanathaVihari Losangeles is a Theravada Buddhist monk from Sarathchandra Buddhist Center in Los Angeles California. He stumbled upon my podcast and reached out to put me in touch with some Canadian Buddhists. He's a bright young man with a sunny disposition.

Duration: 00:34:47

Catholic vs. Other - 2017-08-13 - Pykris Part 2

Pykris reached out to do part 2. We talked about music, fantasy, mental-illness, compassion and psychiatry, among other things.

Duration: 00:22:15

Catholic vs. Protestant - 2017-07-30 - Meagan

I met Meagan at a party through mutual friends. She is a professional singer by trade, and an Anglican by faith. During our friendly chat we drank tea from fine porcelain china and nibbled on home-made banana bread. I felt right at home.

Duration: 00:48:12

Catholic vs. Atheist - 2017-08-04 - Uzi Part 2

Uzi reached out to do Part 2 after listening to Part 1. He was uncomfortable with his strong language and other aspects of his first interview, and has grown from the experience. This is what it's all about. Thank you Uzi.

Duration: 00:13:28

Catholic vs. Other - 2017-07-28 - Diabolically Informative

Diabolically Informative put out a video on his YouTube channel defending some aspects of Morgue's Hyperianism, which has some Pythagorean roots. He is the first idealist I have interviewed, but not the last, I hope. I enjoyed hearing his perspective.

Duration: 00:47:28

Catholic vs. Other - 2017-08-03 - "Their Child" Part 2

The woman who wants to be known simply as "Their Child" emailed me asking to do Part 2, so I agreed. She says she had a private revelation from her Father about the symbolic meaning of the human umbilical cord. I let her talk without interruption.

Duration: 00:41:14

Catholic vs. Atheist - 2017-07-25 - Uzi

I met Uzi on Facebook. I could tell that he was a firecracker with a lot to say about religion and life in general. He did not disappoint. A warm, generous, loving man with a lot of energy and a tough practical ethics. It was a lot of fun meeting him.

Duration: 00:28:04

Catholic vs. Other - 2017-07-16 - Pykris

Pykris is the companion of Nicky, whom I interviewed recently. If I have understood correctly, this young man claims to be an avatar of one of Satan's favorite demon-spawn, Pykris. I renounce forever Satan and all his demons and I give myself entirely to Jesus Christ.

Duration: 00:27:10

Catholic vs. Other - 2017-04-19 - "Their Child"

Occasionally I find long and obscure religious comments on my YouTube Channel. This nice lady, who humbly asked to be left unnamed, reached out with a form of Monotheism that I have never encountered. She asked to be labelled simply as "Their Child".

Duration: 00:35:46

Catholic vs. Other - 2017-06-11 - Nicky

Nicky runs the Westminster Satanism Meetup in Colorado. As far as I know, she is the first Theistic Satanist I have ever encountered. I came to Catholicism via Atheistic Satanism but I now renounce Satan and all his pomps and works, so help me God.

Duration: 00:25:17

Catholic vs. Other - 2017-06-02 - Ursula

I've known Ursula for a few years now, but this is the first time we sat down to chat, just the two of us. It was interesting getting a little peek into her worldview, but I suspect that this interview is little more than a hasty snapshot of a moving target.

Duration: 00:24:33

Catholic vs. Other - 2017-05-21 - Irina

I met Irina through a mutual friend at a Laurie Anderson concert in 1995. She has always been a free spirit, and a very kind and gentle woman. She works as a doula, which means that she assists and supports mothers through childbirth.

Duration: 00:29:55

Catholic vs. Atheist - 2017-05-28 - Matt Dillahunty

I was a call-in guest on the Atheist Experience. I spoke with Matt Dillahunty about the Principle of Sufficient Reason. He ended the call abruptly. I'm 100% certain that there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for his behavior.

Duration: 00:33:38

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