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Cattitude - Episode 35 5 Easy Ways to Celebrate Cats on National Cat Day, and Every Day

National Cat Day was founded in 2005 to help galvanize the public to recognize the number of cats that need to be rescued each year and also to encourage cat lovers to celebrate the cats in their lives. This week host Michelle Fern chats with Anna from World’s Best Cat Litter about 5 easy ways to celebrate National Cat Day, October 29th, and every day with your cat! More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - 5 Easy Ways to Celebrate Cats on National Cat Day, and Every Day with Michelle...

Duration: 00:22:02

Cattitude - Episode 34 KitNipBox – A Monthly Box of Cat Goodies!

This week Michelle Fern welcomes Jordan Salvit, KitNipBox's Co-Founder / Co-CEO. is a monthly subscription service for your cat! They deliver a box of goodies, toys, treats and products to keep your cat happy and healthy every month! KitNipBox includes unique items designed to keep your cat happy, healthy, and fit. Examples include fun cat toys, delicious treats, must-have accessories, health and hygiene products, innovative new gadgets, and awesome surprises! More details...

Duration: 00:20:49

Cattitude - Episode 33 Is Your Cat a Kitty Cocktail?

Did you ever want to discover where your cat came from? Is your fur babe susceptible to certain hereditary diseases? This week Michelle Fern chats with Anna Skaya, founder and CEO of Basepaws. Basepaws, developed the first comprehensive consumer genetic test for cats. They provide their customers with reports on ancestry, health and traits - to help owners understand their cats’ pasts and futures. Basepaws works closely with cats with hereditary diseases, and recently started providing...

Duration: 00:24:16

Cattitude - Episode 32 Back to School With World’s Best Cat Litter

Back-to- school time is here, and households across the country are getting ready for another busy year of classes, team practices and after-school activities. On top of an already full schedule, many parents are also pet parents who are busy taking care of their furry family members. For those of us with cats, that includes dealing with one of the more unpleasant parts of being a pet parent: cleaning the litter box. But what if we told you there was a product out there that could help you...

Duration: 00:18:36

Cattitude - Episode 31 Strays

Host Michelle Fern chats about cats with Britt Collins, journalist and author of the book, Strays, about a lost cat and a homeless man and their journey across the American West. For fans of A Street Cat Named Bob and Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World, Strays is a compelling true story of a man who rescues a stray, injured cat and how they save each other. Strays is the true story of a charismatic, adventurous cat and the healing power of the bonds between humans and...

Duration: 00:28:34

Cattitude - Episode 30 Win a Fiat 124 Spider Abarth! It’s a Litter Bit Amazing!

This week on Cattitude Michelle Fern chats with Jessie from World’s Best Cat Litter about their Litter Bit Amazing Sweepstakes, running to September 17, 2017. The Litter Bit Amazing Game is a sweepstakes that offers participants the chance to win a Fiat 124 Spider Abarth convertible and more than $6,500 in additional prizes, such as travel vouchers, gift cards and free bags of litter! Questions or Comments? Send them to: More details on this episode MP3...

Duration: 00:15:05

Cattitude - Episode 29 Kitten Season Adoption Tips

This week on Cattitude Michelle Fern is joined by Jean Broders, senior brand manager for World's Best Cat Litter to talk about Adopt-a-Cat month and tips for adopting cats during kitten season! Also find out how World's Best Cat Litter is doing their part to help shelter cats, including the 'GiveLitter' program and how listeners can help give back to shelter cats. Questions or Comments? Send them to: More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - Kitten Season...

Duration: 00:20:04

Cattitude - Episode 28 Sammy is Caught!

Sammy was a community cat that lived near our studios. We could not pick her up, but after she felt secure, we could get close and pet her. We also learned that she was not fixed and ended up fostering 2 litters of kittens. Sammy is very small and was discovered with a kitten that we fixed and adopted (Charlotte). We then fostered and adopted her next litter of three. From that litter we adopted Molly. Questions or Comments? Send them to: More details on...

Duration: 00:25:15

Cattitude - Episode 27 Feline Diabetes.... Thanks Paws And Effect

Michelle speaks with JaneA Kelley, the Chief Cat Slave of Paws-And-Effect about feline diabetes, her blog and Bella's story in the book, Rescued, Volume 2. Diabetes in felines is serious, but can be managed. We also discuss signs of diabetes in your furry feline as well as tips for your cats overall health and diet. Questions or Comments? Send them to: More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - Feline Diabetes.... Thanks Paws And Effect with Michelle Fern

Duration: 00:27:41

Cattitude - Episode 26 Cool Cat Facts

This week Michelle Fern chats about interesting facts about cats, and why they do the things they do! What is their history? Why do they sleep so much? What did Abraham Lincoln do with his cats? All this and more in this week’s episode of Cattitude! Questions or Comments? Send them to: More details on this episode MP3 Podcast - Cool Cat Facts with Michelle Fern

Duration: 00:16:41

Cattitude - Episode 25 Thanks, Doc!

Cattitude welcomes Karen ‘Doc’ Halligan from the Lucy Pet Foundation. Doc Halligan is part of the Lucy Pet Foundation. This wonderful organization operates a spay/neuter and adoption mobile clinic in Los Angeles, with the goal of having the Lucy Pet Foundation Spay/Neuter mobile clinic in every major city in the US. We talk about the importance of spay and neuter (one cat can have over 100 kittens in her lifetime!!) for your cat. There is such interesting info in this episode. Great...

Duration: 00:26:57

Cattitude - Episode 24 Let's Talk Cats!

Cattitude is one of our longest running shows on Pet Life Radio. No surprise with over 47 millions households home to over 90 million cats (and that is just in the US!). Cattitude has fans all over the world. That said, I am thrilled to be the new show host for Cattitude! We'll explore the world of cats, from rescue to adventure, from the hilarious to the weird, it's all about Cats! This first show tells you a little about me, (Michelle Fern) and my relationship with cats. I'm learning...

Duration: 00:17:11 - Cattitude - Episode 23 Rabies

We are know how self-sufficient our feline friends are. But, a continuing movement to minimize the use of vaccines has started to meet the reservoir of infectious diseases. Outbreaks of feline distemper are being reported and news articles detailing household cats developing rabies are now more commonplace. What can we do to protect our cats? In the next several episodes, we will look at wellness care for cats and breakdown the importance, as well as the risks, of different vaccines and... - Cattitude - Episode 22 Declaw or Not Declaw -- That Is The Question

Whether or not a pet owner should be permitted to have their cats declawed is an on-going controversy. Passionate people from both sides of the debate quote stats and studies as if they have the one true answer. But, what is declawing, really? What happens when you remove the claws from your cat and can it cause behavioral or even medical issues? Join us on the Cattitude channel as we look at this debate from an objective viewpoint. Learn why opponents of declawing are so passionate about... - Cattitude - Episode 20 Feral Cats -- The Forgotten Felines

They hide in alleyways, dumpsters and abandoned buildings. They shy away from any human contact, yet thousands of dedicated volunteers are trying to save millions of feral cats each year. What makes these cats so special? And, what controversies surround the programs designed to help control their populations? The recent news that a cat tested positive for H1N1 has shook the pet world. But, should you be overly concerned? Find out from the Veterinary News Network how you can keep your pets... - Episode 18 Evolution of the Housecat

It’s easy to see why many of our animal friends became domesticated-- dogs guard our stuff, horses help us haul things, and cattle give us nourishment. But how about our feline friends? What endearing quality brought them into our homes? This week, we discuss the evolution of the housecat along with new archaeological and genetic evidence that pushes back the domestication of our cats. Learn how the "oriental" cats split off from the other breeds and where exactly the first domestication... - Episode 16 Balinese and Other Siamese Descendants

Have you ever imagined a Siamese cat with red points instead of the deep browns and blues? How would those gorgeous blue eyes look framed by tabby markings instead of chocolate points? Well, you don’t have to imagine it -- you can see it when you get a glimpse of the Siamese descendant breeds of Oriental cats, Colorpoint Shorthairs, Balinese and Javanese. All of these breeds were strongly influenced by the Siamese. In fact, some breeders claim that if you couldn’t see the cat, you wouldn’t... - Episode 15 Turkish Cats

Often considered to be the most elegant of all cats, these two Turkish breeds have been known from antiquity. Remarkably , these two similar breeds are two distinct naturally occurring cats. Originally found throughout Turkey, the Turkish Angora almost went extinct in the late 19th century due to excessive breeding with Persians. Only the efforts of the Turkish government and the Ankara Zoo kept this fascinating breed from disappearing altogether. More details on this episode MP3 Podcast -... - Episode 14 Burmese, Bombays and Tonkinese

The development of a purebred breed of cat can be a spontaneous affair, like the discovery of long-haired kittens from a short-haired mother, or it can be a dedication to developing a particular look and type of cat. The Burmese, Bombay and Tonkinese breeds are all closely related and their proponents have spent years of diligent breeding to perfect the ideal specimen. Imagine the surprise of some breeders when they found out that the "mother of all Burmese cats" was really a Tonkinese!!... - Episode 13 These Cats Have The "Blues"

Amazingly, these next three breeds have much in common but come from vastly different environments. The Russian Blue, the Korat, and the Chartreux are three very unique and almost unknown breeds that bear a striking resemblance to each other. These naturally occurring breeds have had little interference from breeders desiring to change their looks or qualities and look almost identical to drawings of the breed from 500 years ago. Few outcrosses are found in any of these breeds. Come learn...
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