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Top ten tips for new celebrants

A podcast by request! Emily wrote in and asked for some tips for new celebrants, so here we are, with Josh and Sarah's top ten tips for new wedding celebrants! Network, network, network - with anyone in the marriage industry Find a buddy/mentor Read the Guidelines to the Marriage Act cover to cover, and look at them regularly when you have a question Watch lots of ceremonies to find out different ways of doing things Learn how to business Figure out your differentiator, your point of...

Duration: 00:48:23

The one where we throw eggs at Sarah's house

Get your eggs ready folks, for once Sarah Aird says something controversial. Don't worry though, anything she said is not as bad as whatever Josh has to say. This episode is all about money, how much celebrants charge, why they charge what they charge, and we touch on the topics of price-fixing in the celebrant industry and why marriage celebrants should charge cold hard cash for the wedding ceremonies they perform. Show notes below. Ad: If invoicing and getting invoices paid is killing...

Duration: 01:06:45

The only podcast banned by the AFCC!

Welcome to the only podcast that's officially banned by the Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants. We'd like to thank our families and our industry colleagues for supporting us thus far! Seriously though, here's another sweet podcast episode, enjoy! Marriage celebrant mattersCoCA"we don't want the right to discriminate" in the SMHSend in your feedbackFacebook post to the new forms in beta release from the Qld

Duration: 01:04:45

I've never seen marriage paperwork fly like that

Two marriage celebrants with wedding hangovers bring you this November 6 episode of the Celebrant Talk Show, In follow-up Evie writes in on the topic of titles for the individuals booking celebrants, and Sean asks how does Josh sign marriage paperwork on an iPad. Topics covered in this talk show AFCC advertising in the "Qantas magazine". Stat dec required for proof of date and place of birth. Listing your pricing and packages live on your website for the public to see. WTF?!? “CoCA...

Duration: 01:09:09

I'm not a scientist, it's way above my pay-grade

Josh gets slammed for attempting to secretly rebrand his business, Sarah discusses how marriage equality will change everything and nothing for civil marriage celebrants, the AGD's biggest job is trying to figure out how to politely name the two parties to the marriage on forms, and that's our problem as well. Welcome to episode 2 of the all new

Duration: 01:03:20

We accidentally started a podcast (11 October 2017)

Josh and Sarah start a marriage celebrant talk show. This episode we talk about the changes to the conflict of interest guidelines.

Duration: 00:29:04