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CLPod 35: 2k18, Morris trial, and an interview with Nets blogger Sandy Mui

Topher and Mark break down 2k18, the Marcus Morris trial, and now that the Celtics no longer hold Brooklyn's future in their hands, Josh Coyne spoke to Sandy Mui of The BK Game about Nets fans resentment toward Boston, how they've coped and where the team goes from here.

Duration: 00:57:18

CLPod 034: Isaiah speaks, Pierce & Allen are talking, & ex-Cs are getting deals

This week, Topher Lane and Justin Quinn struggle through the first slow week of the offseason by diving deep into the ephemera of who is speaking to whom. Isaiah Thomas spoke to the media, Paul Pierce to Ray Allen, and several ex-Celtics spoke with their agents as they inked new deals with new teams. The action might be slowing down for a few weeks before the start of training camp, but the podcast doesn't! Help stave off the doldrums, and keep that basketball jones under control with the...

Duration: 00:48:30

CLPod 33: Flat earth, Lil B, and other NBA conspiracy theories

Luis and Mark dive into a myriad of NBA conspiracies, whether or not the world is actually round, and Lil B curses and blessings.

Duration: 00:47:48

CLPod 032 -Calling BS on the Cavs, and a little on camp signings

The Cleveland Cavaliers are trying to shake down the Boston Celtics, and it's not going to work. Join Mark Allison and Justin Quinn as they break down the fiasco of a situation that's been brewing ever since word leaked to the press that new Cleveland general manager Koby Altman and company might want "additional compensation" after Isaiah Thomas had his physical. We break down what we know, what we don't, and what might end up happening depending on how this deal goes down (or doesn't)....

Duration: 00:22:20

CLPod 031.6: The Kyrie Irving trade even more in depth

Justin Quinn started us off, and Josh and Topher keep it going with a few days to figure out what happened and what the trade means for the Boston Celtics

Duration: 00:48:20

CLPod 031.5: Emergency Kyrie Irving trade podcast

Justin Quinn has the breakdown of the Kyrie Irving trade that saw Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic, and the 2018 Brooklyn pick sent to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Duration: 00:08:55

CLPod 031: Former Celtics' moves, player nicknames, and Tatum's potential

Luis and Topher break down what's happening with former Celtics in the doldrums of summer, including Doc Rivers, nicknames for the soon-to-be-stars Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, and what Tatum's ceiling looks like compared to other rookies this year.

Duration: 00:48:13

CL Pod 030: Changing the guard, the rules, maybe even the league

In the darkest heart of the offseason, we've found some compelling basketball issues to talk about. This week, Justin Quinn and Topher Lane get into a host of topics, ranging from Jaylen Brown's stellar outing at this year's Africa Game to which rookies look ready for prime-time, and what changes we'd like to see in the league as a whole. So, put down the kleenex and stop mourning our beloved sport's seasonal demise, and dive into this pod with us. We had to fight the basketball gods a...

Duration: 01:01:39

CLPod 029: Ideal Celtics improvement, Kyrie Irving drama, IT's hip and more

Luis and Mark discuss what the returning Celtics could improve on, Kyrie Irving, the Cavs' mess, Isaiah Thomas' hip, and more!

Duration: 00:51:34

CLPod 028: Kyrie wants out, Wall extends - and Larkin joins the Cs?

This week, Luis and Justin ddiscuss the wild news that Kyrie Irving wants out of the Cleveland Cavaliers, and how this potential move affects the Boston Celtics and their NBA Finals hopes. They also discuss the reported John Wall extension, and what exactly is going on with all these minimum contracts being signed around the NBA. Finally, what was the motivation behind the Shane Larkin signing? Trade bait? A (very expensive) extra training camp body? Listen to find out what they think!

Duration: 01:10:15

CLPod 027: The official signing of Gordon Hayward, NBA rule changes, and more

Gordon Hayward officially signed with the Celtics, will be wearing number 20, the Celtics Summer League squad falling to the Mavericks officially kicks off the worst part of the year for basketball fans, and changes to the NBA rules and how it may affect the Celtics.

Duration: 01:07:14

CLPod 026: The AB trade, Jayson Tatum is a boss, signings around the NBA

Mark and Topher break down the unfortunate departure of fan favorite Avery Bradley and how/why it came to be, Jayson Tatum rocking the summer league both in Utah and now Las Vegas, and the flurry of moves that have gone down across the NBA in the past week.

Duration: 01:04:58

CLP 025.5: Free agency roundup & some insight on the Hayward signing

While the Boston Celtics were neck-deep in nonsense trying to determine whether they had indeed landed their primary free agency target yesterday, the rest of the league continued with their own signings, much of which could have significant impacts on the Celts in some way or another. Join Justin Quinn and Luis Gonzalez - formerly of The Players Tribune - as they sort through what might have caused the confusion with the Hayward signing, and as they make sense of what next season's...

Duration: 00:53:25

CL Pod 025: Gordon Hayward signs with Boston - after a bit of a delay

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times - and then it was the best of times again. For those of you who just finding out about the ordeal three teams (the Boston Celtics, Miami Heat and Utah Jazz) went through as Gordon Hayward reportedly signed with the Celtics, only to have that report denied just moments later, well, that saga has finally come to an end. We think. After several hours of confusion, Hayward confirmed he is indeed signing with Boston; join Topher Lane and...

Duration: 00:21:57

CLPod 24.6: Pre-free agency chaos, the Paul George trade, and what it means

Major trades and already signings before the start of free agency, what's it mean for the Celtics and their pursuit of banner 18? Justin and Topher explain.

Duration: 00:21:42

CL Pod 024.5: Free agency primer, the CP3 trade & its effect & more

The start of free agency is almost upon us, and before it's even started, we've already seen the first major move of the offseason, sending Chris Paul from the Los Angeles Clippers to the Houston Rockets. Join Topher Lane and Justin Quinn as they break down the move and its potential impact on the league, their analysis of the most likely targets for the Celts come July 1, and a whole lot of other news about Boston and the rest of the league as the offseason starts to hit its full stride.

Duration: 00:51:09

CL Pod 024: Draft analysis, PG update, and the Suns shenanigans

Luis and Mark take a deeper look at the Celtics selections and some moves made on draft night around the NBA. They discuss the potential and probability of the Paul George/Gordon Hayward combo coming to Boston and how an additition of those two stars will effect the Celtics short and long-term future. They also shed some light on the Josh Jackson fiasco with the Phoenix Suns coercing him to avoid Danny Ainge and the C's.

Duration: 01:01:30

CLP 023.6: Draft reactions & thoughts on done, dead & developing deals

It's the day after the draft, and a lot of questions swirling about which direction Danny Ainge and company were going to take have been answered. Mark Allison and Justin Quinn break down each of the picks the Boston Celtics made in the 2017 NBA Draft, with some light analysis on each and discussion of all the trades that went down that night that might impact the Celtics next season. We'll be taking a deeper dive into each selection and the potential impact of all the moves that took...

Duration: 00:37:23

CL Pod 023.5 - The trade, the draft, & NBA madness through a Lakers vs Cs lens

Can't decide if Danny Ainge just made a genius move or a terrible one? Getting lost trying to keep tabs on who we should draft? Curious to know how another fanbase is looking at all of this? Join Justin Quinn and friend of the pod and former NBA scout Alton Labreque - who just so happens to be a fan of the Celts' arch-rivals, the Los Angeles Lakers - as they break down the trade for the top pick, the players both the Celtics and the Lakers should be looking at, and how they were taking the...

Duration: 00:32:54

CL Pod 023: Trade reactions, what happens now - and Josh Horford!

Danny Ainge went and did it. He traded the first-overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft less than a week before the big day. The news began to leak out Friday night that this deal with the Philadelphia 76ers was in the works, and it only took another day for the two teams to come to an agreement. We took a day to stew on the shocking revelation, and let it out last night on the podcast. Topher Lane and Mark Allison dive into their thoughtson the deal, what it means for the Boston Celtics...

Duration: 00:47:08

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