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Central Standard is KCUR's new talk, news magazine and call-in show hosted by Jabulani Leffall, an award-winning print, broadcast and multimedia journalist with extensive experience in storytelling and conducting interviews on multiple media platforms.






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High School History: Nazis & WWII; Campus Concealed Carry

With Nazi rallies and swastikas showing up close to home in today's headlines, how one high school teacher is answering students' questions about World War II. Plus, why KU professor Kevin Willmott is wearing a bulletproof vest to class . Guests: Matt Beat , history teacher, Tonganoxie High School Dr. Shelly Cline , public historian, Midwest Center for Holocaust Education Kevin Willmott , KU film professor, director, The Confederate States of America

Duration: 00:50:03

Foo's Frozen Custard + Guilty Pleasures

Our reporter re-visits Foo's Fabulous Frozen Custard, where she worked during high school, then the Food Critics search out the best guilty pleasures on local menus. Guests: Betty Bremser, owner, Foo's Fabulous Frozen Custard in Brookside Charles Ferruzza, 435 Magazine Mary Bloch, Around the Block Jenny Vergara, Feast Magazine

Duration: 00:28:19

Amazon HQ; Climate Refugees

Last week, Amazon announced that it's looking for a new city for its second headquarters. Could KC be that city? And do we want to be the kind of city that Amazon would make us? Then: wildfires out west, tropical storms and floods. We hear from people who have personal connections to climate devastation in Florida and Texas. Guests: Boyce Richardson, KC enthusiast Jason Brody, Kansas City Design Center Heidi Groover, political reporter, The Stranger CJ Riehl, former Kansas Citian, currently...

Duration: 00:49:51

Glynn Washington

He's been called the " fastest-rising public-radio star in memory ." Our conversation with Snap Judgment host Glynn Washington, from his upbringing in a religious cult to how he's innovating storytelling. Guest: Glynn Washington, host, Snap Judgment

Duration: 00:30:08

African-American Love Letters; The First Beverly Hillbilly

This week, the University of Kansas is hosting the Black Love Symposium. We meet keynote speaker, NYU professor Pamela Newkirk, here to talk about her anthology, " A Love No Less: More Than Two Centuries of African American Love Letters ." Plus, the " first Beverly Hillbilly " got his start here in Missouri. Guests: Pamela Newkirk , author and professor, New York University Steve Noll , Jackson County Historical Society Linda Henning , daughter of Paul Henning

Duration: 00:49:50

Bibliofiles: Memoirs

Some see memoir writing as a shameless act of navel-gazing. Fair enough . . . But a great memoir is about more than the person who wrote it. It's about what it means to be human. KCUR's 'Bibliofiles' join us to recommend their favorite memoirs. Guests: Jeffrey Ann Goudie, freelance book critic, Kansas City Star ​ Mark Luce , The Barstow School Kaite Stover , Kansas City Public Library

Duration: 00:29:01

Julián Zugazagoitia

Julián Zugazagoitia runs a classic Kansas City institution, but his own story is international. His grandparents fled fascism in Europe, and he grew up in Mexico as the son of a renowned actress. Hear more of his story. Guest: Julián Zugazagoitia, Director and CEO, The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Duration: 00:50:31

DACA Student; 'Magnetic Fields'; Tacos

A local college student talks about the contested future of DACA ( Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and how it's shaping her life; an exhibit at the Kemper Museum raises questions about identity politics and art; the tacos of KCK. Guests: Lisandra Garcia Erin Dziedzic, curator, Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art Shinique Smith, artist Alex Contreras, Don Antonio's

Duration: 00:49:40

'Cliff(ie) Notes'; Dolores Huerta

A local writer and playwright tells us about her irreverent grandma, who she calls an "R-rated black Yoda." Then: Dolores Huerta co-founded the National Farmworkers Association with Cesar Chavez, but she may be one of the least-known activists in American history. In light of a new documentary coming out this month, we hear more about Huerta from her great-niece, who lives in KC. Guests: Michelle Tyrene Johnson, author of Cliff(ie) Notes: Lessons from a Badass Grandma Jacquie Fernandez-Lenati

Duration: 00:49:40

Future Of The Buck O'Neil Bridge; Salina Stockade

Take me out to the ball game . . . or not? Salina, Kansas is home to one of the worst professional baseball teams in the country . Why the Salina Stockade team is still proud. Plus, the Buck O'Neil Bridge is reaching the end of its projected lifespan. What does the future hold? Guests: Brian Kidwell , district engineer, Kansas City MoDOT Daniel Serda , city planner, inSITE planning Daniel Aldrich , player, former manager, Salina Stockade

Duration: 00:50:10

'Men on Boats'; Quixotic; The Phantastics

Meet the creative forces behind some of the exciting art stuff going on in September. We talk to the director of a play where ten manly explorers are played by women. Then, the dance troupe that choreographs shows off the sides of buildings. Finally, a KC musician who activates local dance floors and local politics. Guests: Missy Koonce, director, " Men on Boats " Anthony Magliano, founder and creative director, Quixotic Cirque Nouveau Kemet Coleman , The Phantastics

Duration: 00:49:43

Empty Houses

In Kansas City, there are so many vacant properties that the city is trying to sell them for a dollar. We take a look at the stories of abandoned homes — why are they empty and how do they affect communities, both urban and rural? Guests: Ryan McMaken, author, " America's Urban Rural 'Divide' Doesn't Really Exist " John Hachmeister, owner of a house in rural Kansas Margaret May, Executive Director, Ivanhoe Neighborhood Association Dale Fugate, President, McCoy Neighborhood Association...

Duration: 00:50:07

School Lunch (R)

Hungry kids need good food. Seems simple enough, right? Wrong. According to a Huffington Post article from February , school lunch programs are one of the most regulated nutritional programs. In this encore presentation, we'll get to know a few local "lunch ladies" and check in on school lunch programs in our area. Guests: Jane Black , Huffington Post Highline writer, " Revenge of the Lunch Lady " Leah Schmidt , nutrition services director, St. Joseph School District

Duration: 00:49:30

White Identity; Flood Control In Kansas City

In the wake of Charlottesville, and growing visibility of extremist groups like white supremacists and neo-Nazis, we ask, what does it mean to be white? Plus, with unprecedented flooding in Houston, we take a moment to see how prepared Kansas City is for heavy rainfall. Guests: Nell Irvin Painter , historian, author, The History of White People Don Haider-Markel ​, professor, chair, KU Political Science Frank Morris , KCUR reporter

Duration: 00:50:29

Segregation And 'The Color Of Law'; Diversity In KC's Art Scene

The racial divide in Kansas City and across the U.S. is not just the result of individual prejudice, and developers like J.C. Nichols. We'll discuss this and more, with author Richard Rothstein, who's coming to Kansas City soon to talk about his new book, The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America . Plus, is Kansas City's art scene homogenous? One outgoing artist weighs in. Guests: Richard Rothstein , author, researcher, Economic Policy Institute...

Duration: 00:50:03

Pacific Island Food + Meals In Bowls

Filipino food in Kansas City, a visit to a local restaurant that specializes in poke bowls, then the Food Critics search out the best bowl dishes in and around KC. Guests: Lillian Pardo, Filipino Association of Greater Kansas City Steve Nguyen, Bistro 913 Charles Ferruzza, The Independent and Shawnee Mission Post Jenny Vergara, Feast Magazine Jill Silva, The Kansas City Star

Duration: 00:50:11

Parking In KCMO

Searching for a place to park is just a fact of life in Kansas City. Or is it? A look at how parking — or lack thereof — shapes daily life in KC, from Westport to the City Market. Guests: Thomas Morefield, BikeWalkKC Rick Usher, Assistant City Manager, KCMO City Hall Matt Staub, Chair, KCMO Parking and Transportation Commission Sean O'Byrne, Vice President of Business Development, Downtown Council of Kansas City

Duration: 00:50:23

'Northlandia'; The Northland And The Streetcar; Prairie Village Pipe Organ

Some have started calling it "Northlandia" — the area around Highway 9 and Armour Road that's become home to cool restaurants, breweries, distilleries and more. We take a closer look at this part of NKC. Then: the story behind the Northland opposition to tax-funded streetcar expansion on the August 8 ballot, and the new pipe organ, almost 10 years in the making, at a Prairie Village church. Guests: Adam Roberts, owner, Screenland Armour Theatre Jenny Vergara, Feast Magazine Elise Carlson,...

Duration: 00:51:36

Hidden Racism In Children's Literature; Poet Jessica Ayala

Have you ever revisited a favorite book from your childhood . . . to find that it is actually racist? As our society's thoughts on race continue to evolve, we'll consult the author of the new book Was the Cat in the Hat Black?: The Hidden Racism of Children's Literature, and the Need for Diverse Books . Plus, we hear from Kansas City artist and activist Jessica Ayala, whose new collection of poetry, Huelga , will be released this Saturday, Aug. 26. Guests: Philip Nel ​, author, professor,...

Duration: 00:50:22

Live Remote Broadcast: Total Solar Eclipse

Just hours ahead of the total eclipse of the sun, Central Standard broadcasts live from Parkville, Missouri. We hear from KCUR reporters along the path of totality, as well as scientists and historians who traveled across the country to see this rare celestial event. Guests: Frank Morris , KCUR reporter Mario Benitez , teacher, Patterson Education Fund's MOTH program Bryan Diaz , student, John F. Kennedy High School, Patterson, New Jersey Jeffrey Sanchez , student, Passaic County Technical...

Duration: 00:49:09

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