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Central Standard is KCUR's new talk, news magazine and call-in show hosted by Jabulani Leffall, an award-winning print, broadcast and multimedia journalist with extensive experience in storytelling and conducting interviews on multiple media platforms.

Central Standard is KCUR's new talk, news magazine and call-in show hosted by Jabulani Leffall, an award-winning print, broadcast and multimedia journalist with extensive experience in storytelling and conducting interviews on multiple media platforms.
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Central Standard is KCUR's new talk, news magazine and call-in show hosted by Jabulani Leffall, an award-winning print, broadcast and multimedia journalist with extensive experience in storytelling and conducting interviews on multiple media platforms.






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Keith Stanfield

He started playing the violin at age 3, then he taught himself how to play soccer at 12. Meet local violinist Keith Stanfield, who not only went to music school, but he also played soccer for Western Samoa's World Cup team. Guest: Keith Stanfield, violinist

Duration: 00:49:58

St. Louis Protests; #MeToo

On September 15 in St. Louis, a former police officer was acquitted in the shooting death of Anthony Lamar Smith. We check on the protests on the other side of the state. Plus, how the MeToo campaign is affecting Kansas Citians. Guests: Willis Ryder Arnold , Reporter, St. Louis Public Radio Rasheen Aldridge, community activist and Fifth Ward Committeeman Michelle Smirnova, Department of Sociology at UMKC Victoria Botero, opera singer

Duration: 00:50:02

High School Expectations; Psychotronic Film Fest

At a time where groups are banding together to start new high schools in Kansas City, what do we expect from a high school education? Plus: a look at KC's own psychotronic film festival. Guests: Elle Moxley , Missouri Schools Reporter, KCUR Doug Thaman, Executive Director, Missouri Charter Public School Association Kathryn Kirchgasler, Lecturer, School of Education - Curriculum & Teaching , KU Gus Jacob, Assistant Professor, School of Education , UMKC Jaclyn Danger, co-founder, Cannonball...

Duration: 00:50:23

Journalist Ted Genoways; Women Composers

Author Ted Genoways is coming to town this Saturday for a reading from his book, The Blessed Earth: A Year in the Life of an American Farm . Why he advocates for more stories of ordinary Midwesterners. Plus, there are no women composers in the Kansas City Symphony's classical composer series. Why is there a gender gap in classical music? Guests: Ted Genoways , author Libby Hanssen , writer, critic Ingrid Stölzel , composer, music composition professor, University of Kansas

Duration: 00:50:07

Myra Christopher And Bioethics; Madagascar's Oldest Beetle

Before she accepts the Lifetime Achievement Award in Bioethics , we talk with Myra Christopher about what it's been like to spend decades at the center of the debate on the dignity of death. Plus, one KU scientist just discovered an ultra-rare survivor in Madagascar's whirligig beetle, whose lineage dates back 206 million years . Guests: Myra Christopher, director, PAINS Project Grey Gustafson , postdoctoral research fellow, KU Ecology & Biology

Duration: 00:49:55

Restaurant News And Trends

Dining out can be a form of entertainment. We take a look at the trends that play into this experience, from communal tables to open kitchens and more. Then, the Food Critics discuss the latest restaurant news in KC: openings, closing, new menus and chefs. Guests: Jenna Telesca, Editor-in-Chief, Nation's Restaurant News Charles Ferruzza, 435 South Mary Bloch, Around the Block Jenny Vergara, Feast Magazine

Duration: 00:50:20

Rachel Hayes; Ft. Leavenworth Gifts; Isaac Cates

Last month, at Milan Fashion Week, the models at the Missoni show walked the runway under a colorful fabric canopy that was created by a Blue Springs native. We chat with artist Rachel Hayes about her fabric sculptures. Then: Since 1894, military officers from around the world have studied at Ft. Leavenworth's Command and General Staff College . Upon graduation, many of them have presented the college with gifts from their home countries, resulting in a 4000-piece collection. Two curators...

Duration: 00:50:22

Cricket In KC; Kids And Sports

At many metro parks, you'll see players from around the world playing cricket. We take a closer look at the growing culture of the sport in Kansas City. Then: a recent article in Time Magazine stated that kids' sports is a $15 billion dollar industry. With the rise of club teams, is the way that kids play sports good for them? Or is it a sacrifice — not only for them, but for the whole family? Guests: Muhammad Aadil, local cricket player Vissu Kottapalli, co-founder of Cric-Clubs Nate...

Duration: 00:50:16

Midwest To Broadway, And Back Again

The musical Between the Lines , based off a bestselling novel by Jodi Picoult and her daughter, just made its world premiere at the KC Rep . It was a huge hit, but will it make it to Broadway? We discuss what it takes to get there with a local artistic director, a national producer and a Broadway performer. Plus, Midwest Coast is the best coast, right? Author Jon Lauck's new book aims to put "flyover country" back on the map. Guests: Eric Rosen , artistic director, Kansas City Repertory...

Duration: 00:49:45

How We Talk About Mass Shootings And Children's Saftey

Many news outlets report that last weekend's shooting in Las Vegas is one of the deadliest in modern U.S. history. We take a moment to consider our country's history of mass casualties, and what constitutes as a "mass shooting" by definition. Plus, how active shooter training in school is changing for kids as gun violence is on the rise. Guests: Philip Duncan , linguistics professor, KU Grant Duwe , author, A History of Mass Murder in the United States Erin Hambrick ​, psychology professor,...

Duration: 00:47:31

Sike Style; Arts Residency Program On Troost; Marcus Lewis

He's a jazz trombonist with an 18-piece big band, and he also tours with Janelle Monae. Meet Marcus Lewis, who has collaborated with two local rappers to put a new spin on their songs. Plus: A new arts residency program on Troost, and we catch up with Sike Style, the man behind the colorful murals around town. Guests: Sike Style , local artist Selina ONeal, Neighborhood Residency Coordinator, Charlotte Street Foundation Marcus Lewis , jazz trombonist

Duration: 00:49:33

The Vietnam War: A Look Back

How do Kansas Citians remember the Vietnam War? Two veterans and a conscientious objector look back. Have our memories of Vietnam shaped our responses to more recent conflicts? Guests: Tommy Pond, U.S. Marine, served from 1964-1968 James H. Willbanks , Chair of Military History, U.S. Army Command and General Staff College at Ft. Leavenworth, consultant to Ken Burns and Lynn Novick on The Vietnam War Henry Stoever, conscientious objector

Duration: 00:50:21

Sexual Harassment At The Missouri Capitol; Safety In Public Spaces

In 2015, Missouri Statehouse interns came forward to report sexual misconduct . It was a pretty big scandal, leading to resignations, restraining orders and a spotlight on the pervasive culture of sexual harassment at the Capitol. Two years later, what has changed? Then: Las Vegas. Lawrence. Sandy Hook. Orlando. Mass shootings are part of our news cycle. How do you feel about going out to public events and public spaces? Guests: Jason Hancock, Reporter, The Kansas City Star Lauren Arthur ,...

Duration: 00:50:11

Artist Scribe's Mural Defacing; A Century Of Kansas Recipes

A "Love Kansas City" mural on Southwest Boulevard was recently vandalized. What the artist did to repair the damage, and address the possible reasons for the vandalism. Plus, one woman has collected over a century of Kansas recipes. She joins us ahead of her speaking event on October 4 in Shawnee, Kansas . Guests: "Scribe" Donald Ross , graffiti artist Louise Hanson , cookbook collector

Duration: 00:49:53

Author Derrick Barnes; How Schools Respond To Hate Speech

After a photo of local high school students drinking alcohol from cups arranged in a swastika went viral, many alumnae have spoken out, focusing on a code of conduct at the school. We ask, what should schools do to respond to hate speech? Plus, Kansas City native Derrick Barnes has written a new children's book, Crown: An Ode to the Fresh Cut . Guests: Derrick Barnes , author Elle Moxley , KCUR education reporter Bob Harrington , developmental psychology professor, University of Kansas Frank...

Duration: 00:50:36

Fall Cocktail + Squirrel Cookoff World Champion + Outdoor Dining Spots

It's finally feeling like fall. To celebrate the start of crisp-weather season: a cocktail blogger shares her seasonal drink, The Early Fall Lowball , and we also talk to the 2017 winner of the World Champion Squirrel Cook Off. Then, a visit to a Bavarian-style biergarten, and the Food Critics search out the best outdoor dining spots in and around KC. Guests: Emily Farris, cocktail blogger and Instagrammer, Festive AF James Worley, co-winner of the 2017 World Champion Squirrel Cook Off...

Duration: 00:49:46

Screentime: Battle Of The Sexes; Story Of A Song

In 1973, Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs met up on the tennis court to see whether women could cut it in sports. Inspired by Battle of the Sexes , we take a look at how their legendary match influenced feminism and women in sports today. Plus: a teacher at Shawnee Mission East wrote a song that addresses sexual assault ... and invited his students to collaborate on it. Hear the story behind his song, "Fallen Roses." Guests: Katie Batza, Assistant Professor, Department of Women, Gender, and...

Duration: 00:50:22

Y'all; Patsy Cline's Last Concert (R)

In this encore presentation: Patsy Cline's last show was here in Kansas City in March of 1963; she died in a plane crash as she was leaving town. Nearly 55 years later, a young local singer shares how Patsy Cline has influenced her. Then: Have you noticed that more and more people are saying "y'all"? A look at how the word has spread beyond its Southern roots. Guests: Lauren Krum, country music singer Sam Sanders, reporter and podcast host , NPR Christopher Strelluf, linguist and Assistant...

Duration: 00:49:08

Social Connectors; Helping From Afar

The Kauffman Foundation has released a list identifying 222 people who they consider the real leaders of Kansas City . And, for the most part, these leaders aren't the mayor or the chief of police ... So who are they? Plus, recent hurricanes and earthquakes in Puerto Rico and Mexico have many wondering what to do, perhaps especially those who hail from those regions. What it's like to wait for information, and attempt to help from afar. Guests: Dr. Karen Stephenson , founder, NetForm...

Duration: 00:49:42

Airbnb In Kansas City; 'We Shall Not Be Moved'

Cities across the nation are dealing with the effects of Airbnb , and Kansas City is one of them. Is the in-home hospitality service changing your neighborhood? Plus, the Coterie Theater is putting on a production called 'We Shall Not Be Moved. ' Whether it's a department store in 1960, or a football field in 2017 . . . how civil rights protest has and hasn't changed. Guests: David Hudnall , staff writer, The Pitch Chelsea Boren , Airbnb host in Westport Laura Spanjian , policy director,...

Duration: 00:49:50

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