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Podcast episode 013: How are you travelling?

Everybody travels these days. The question is, most often, not whether we will travel overseas, but where we are thinking of travelling to next. It’s hard for us to recognise just how historically novel this experience is. And it can be hard for Christians to realise that, like every other aspect of our lives, our travel plans need to come under the lordship of Jesus Christ. In this episode of the podcast, we hear the very useful insights of Stephen Liggins, author of a new book on...


Podcast episode 012: The Holy Spirit and the Christian life

There was a time not so long ago when the question of how the Holy Spirit worked in the life of the Christian was a source of high controversy. Arguments over the “baptism in the Spirit” and the “gifts of the Spirit” dominated Christian conversation. These days, those arguments seem to have died down, and that may be a good thing—or then again, not. If we’ve stopped thinking and talking so much about the Spirit because we’ve sorted out the controversies and have a very clear idea of what...


Podcast episode 011: The extraordinary Mrs Zell

It’s been a year of “Reformation”—of remembering, celebrating and learning afresh from Reformers like Luther, Calvin, Cranmer and Tyndale. But among the lesser known Reformers was Matthew Zell, an admirable, courageous and extraordinary man who was one of the leading Reformation pastors in Strasbourg. However, this episode of the CCL podcast is not about Matthew Zell and what we might learn from him about the Christian life; it’s about the equally admirable, courageous and extraordinary...


Podcast episode 010: The gospel and the good life

Of the many insults and accusations that were flung at Martin Luther and the other Reformers, one of the most common (and stinging) was that their “gospel of grace” de-motivated people from actually living a godly life. If heaven came free without works, what was the point of trying to be good? And it wasn’t just in the Reformation: Dietrich Bonhoeffer famously wrote in the early 20th century about the deadly effect of “cheap grace”—the idea that someone could accept the grace and...


Episode 008: Let’s change the story about domestic violence

What do you feel when you hear the claim that one in four Australian women have experienced domestic violence? Are you shocked (or even sceptical) that it could that many? Do you feel anger, abhorrence, or a sickening lurch of recognition? Whatever we feel, it cannot be indifference. As painful and as difficult as the subject is, domestic violence (DV) is a reality that we must understand and respond to. That’s what we’re aiming to at least begin to do within the brief confines of this...


Episode 007: The everyday Reformation

The Reformation was a revolution in the lives of ordinary everyday people. It changed family life and work life. It radically altered daily spiritual devotion and the weekly experience of going to church. Tony Payne speaks to Carl Trueman about this "everyday Reformation".


Episode 006: How reading the Psalms will change your life

Tony Payne talks with Andrew Shead about how the extraordinary collection of poems we call ‘Psalms’ can shape and form our Christian lives.


Episode 004: Listening to the Lion in our small groups

Spurgeon famously said that defending the Bible was as necessary as defending a lion. But if the Bible is where the powerful Lion of Judah speaks to us, challenges us, comforts us, changes us, why do we so often find it difficult to slow down and actually listen—even in “Bible study groups” that most of us meet in each week—groups that are supposed to be specifically for this purpose? In this episode, Tony Payne and David Höhne talk about the challenges of reading the Bible with one...


Episode 003: The dignity of work

What dignity, value or significance does our daily work have? Does it really matter to God? Or are gospel preaching and Christian ministry the only things that really matter in the end? This much-discussed question (at least recently) is the subject of Episode 3. Moore Theological College lecturers Chase Kuhn and Peter Orr speak with Tony Payne about the dangers of both over-valuing and under-valuing our work, about the common arguments and key texts that come up in the debate, and about...


Episode 002: Exile and the Christian

Christians have always grappled with how they should relate to the world around us. Is the idea or category of ‘exile’ a good one for thinking about that perplexing relationship? In this episode, Tony Payne talks with Phil Colgan and Lionel Windsor about what ‘exile’ means in the Bible, whether or not we should think of ourselves as being in ‘exile’ in our culture as Christians, and what difference it all makes to how we live in the world.


Episode 001: Bonhoeffer and your best self

How can you become the best possible version of yourself? In this very first episode of the Centre for Christian Living podcast, Tony Payne interviews David Höhne about the work of Dietrich Bonhoeffer on the self—who we really are and who we long to be—and shows that the seemingly elusive and impossible quest to become our best selves is indeed impossible, but at the same time, it's also very possible—if, however, we know where to look.