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'S e coiseachd aon de na ciad rudan a dh'ionnsaicheas sinn mar naoidhean. Ach feumaidh cuid na sgilean sin ionnsachadh airson an dàrna turas, 's iad a' fàs cleachdte ri cas fhuadain? Learning to walk is one of the first things we do as infants. But for some people this is something they have to go through a second time. This documentary looks at what it's like adjusting to life with a prosthetic leg. For the majority of cases leg amputations are as a result of diabetes and poor circulation among older people. 60-year-old bus mechanic John Murphy, from Glasgow, has had his lower left leg removed just two weeks ago. We follow him as he is fitted for a new leg and hopes to be able to walk again, something his livelihood depends on. For Murdo Morrison, getting a prosthetic leg at 78 has given him a new lease of life, but for 13-year-old Iona Hay losing her leg was a result of being diagnosed with cancer at the age of just five, a year after losing her mother to the same illness. As she's still growing, she gets a new leg every six months. For 25-year-old Andy Macleod, leg amputation was the result of being knocked off his bike by a car in Fort William. He hopes that a new state-of-the-art bionic leg will have a dramatic impact on his life. With advances in technology, what is it like nowadays for those adjusting to life after a leg amputation and learning to walk again?



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