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We All Need A Break. We All Need A Vacation. I'm Taking One Next Week. Here Are The Details 3/9/2018

In life, we all need a break. We all need a vacation. We all need some time to relax. I plan to do just that next week. I will be taking off next week to enjoy spring break, and to catch up on some school work and to work on my dissertation because as many of you know, I am wrapping up my Ph.D. this summer. A Whittle Bit of Commentary. (C) 2018 Chad Whittle.


Epic Fail: Woman Racks Up $10,000 Debt On Clothes And Vacations Trying To Become An Instagram Star 3/8/18

Social media is ruining lives. Literally. Business Insider reports on a 26 year old that has racked up $10,000 of debt trying to become an “Instagram Star.” The woman admits to living above her means by spending money on clothes and traveling to new places every month, because if you wanna make people believe you’re rich and living the dream, you can’t have the same outfit on twice or stay home and Netflix and Chill on a Friday night, no, you gotta go visit somewhere exotic every...


The Dictionary Just Got Woke. Merriam-Webster Dictionary Adds Millennial Slang 3/7/18

The dictionary just got woke. The Daily Caller reports the Merriam-Webster online dictionary has added over 800 new words including millennial slang to the latest edition. A Whittle Bit of Commentary. (C) 2018 Chad Whittle.


The Oscars Proved That The Time For A Conservative Alternative To Hollywood Has Never Been Better 3/6/18

I believe if you got a couple of billionaire conservative businessmen together, you could create a conservative movie industry that could really compete with Hollywood, but the content has gotta be just as top notch as Hollywood or no one will watch it. Fox News proved that a conservative alternative can thrive and be successful, and that there is a big audience for conservative leaning content. A Whittle Bit of Commentary. (C) 2018 Chad Whittle.


America Needs A Millennial Billy Graham 3/5/18

Friday I caught some of the Reverend Billy Graham’s funeral on Fox, and his funeral once again had the gospel front and center. His passing has made me think a lot about America, my generation, and where we are heading as a society, and during this past weekend, one thought kept popping in my head, which is that we need a millennial Billy Graham. A Whittle Bit of Commentary. (C) 2018 Chad Whittle.


Trump Is In For 2020, But Will He Even Need A 2nd Term To Accomplish The MAGA Agenda? 3/1/18

Trump is in for 2020! So much for waiting around, he announced his reelection big in record time. We’re just barely a year into his presidency. Although, I’m not sure he’ll need a second term. Not don’t misunderstand me here. I’m not saying I don’t want him to win, I’m just not sure he’ll need it get things done. A Whittle Bit of Commentary. (C) 2018 Chad Whittle.


Selfie Addicts Are Suffering From "Selfitis," As Mental Health Problems And Addiction From Social Media Continues To Trend 2/26/18

There seems to be more and more research that is coming out about the dangers of social media on really, not only teenagers, but all age groups are having emotional and mental problems because of it. CBS reports that on a recent study in the International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction that states that taking too many selfies can lead to “selfitis.” Someone with selfitis is a person that is obsessive over taking selfies that leads them to taking them multiple times per day and...


Well Done, Good And Faithful Servant. Thank You Billy Graham 2/22/18

Wednesday we lost the most important and influential pastor in American history. The Rev. Billy Graham. There will never be another Billy Graham, especially in today’s world. Rev. Graham once said that his “one purpose in life is to help people find a personal relationship with God, which, I believe comes through knowing Christ.” May we all live a life that has that purpose. A Whittle Bit of Commentary. (C) 2018 Chad Whittle.


In The Era Of Peak TV We've Reached Peak TV Apps, And I Don't Think I Can Afford Anymore TV Services 2/21/18

Journalists love to say that we are in the era of “Peak TV,” which is true. Never before has there been as many TV shows to watch as there are right now thanks to cable, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. In addition there is the CBS All-Access app, plus many other smaller services that range from entertainment to sports to even conservative news programming. Odds are there is an app that offers content that fit your interest, with even more on the way. With all these apps that you now need to...


Christianity Is Almost Nonexistent On Today's TV Shows 2/19/18

I’ve had more free time lately so I’ve been catching up on TV shows and finding new ones to watch, I’ve noticed that there are hardly any, Christian or strong religious storylines in shows now. Barley any mentions or references to God at all. A Whittle Bit of Commentary. (C) 2018 Chad Whittle.


It's Time To Keep America's Kids Safe Again After Parkland 2/16/18

Using some common sense, there are productive steps that can take place to help stop other Parklands from happening. Chad responds to the Parkland tragedy. A Whittle Bit of Commentary. (C) 2018 Chad Whittle.


Never Trump Has A New Leader As Mitt Romney Announces Senate Run 2/15/18

It appears the Never Trump gang has a new leader as Mitt Romney has announced a run for Senate in Utah. It’s obvious why he’s running, really there is only one reason he’s running, and that’s to challenge and to try to undermine Trump and his agenda via the Senate. A Whittle Bit of Commentary. (C) 2018 Chad Whittle.


Has Online Dating And Technology Debased And Devalued Romance? 2/14/18

It’s finally here, the day of love, Valentine’s Day. For some this is a happy occasion, for others, well, at least your mom loves you. Either way, we live in really interesting times when it comes to romance thanks to technology and our culture. At the tap of an app, you can find a potential date, but all of this new technology that we have at our finger tips has gotten me wondering if all of these new ways to date is actually debasing romance? A Whittle Bit of Commentary....


Everyone Wins When Free Speech Is Promoted And Encouraged On College Campuses 2/13/18

A study by the Brookings Institute surveyed 1,500 students about free speech and found that 53% of students believe colleges and universities should “prohibit offensive speech.” The sample was 61% democrats and 47% Republican. The trend of limiting speech on college campuses seems to be one that is growing with each passing school year. The more voices there are the better because it allows students to hear a wide range of opinions that helps them to decide for themselves what is right,...


Trump Is Right: U.S. Is A Nation Of Believers, But Are We Living Out Our Full God Given Potential? 2/12/18

NPR reports that President Trump at the National Prayer Breakfast said that the U.S. is "a nation of believers" and that faith is central to "American life and to liberty." The president went on to say that the nation's founders "invoked our creator four times in the Declaration of Independence" and that "our currency declares 'In God We Trust.’” I agree with everything Trump said in those quotes. We are a nation of believers, and faith is central to our history and our nation, but are we...


Your Kids Are Getting A Million Media Messages Per Day, And Hardly Any That Share Your Values 2/9/18

We live in a media culture that has a million messages a minute broadcasting their version of morality at our finger tips. From Facebook, to blogs, to television, radio, music, movies, apps, billboards, its all-around us trying to influence and persuade us. The values the mainstream media culture teaches and promotes are probably not the values you want your kids to have. A Whittle Bit of Commentary. (C) 2018 Chad Whittle.


Poll: 72% Would Date Someone From Another Political Party, But Where's The Poll Showing How Many Dates Lasted After Talking Politics?! 2/8/18

The big day of love, February 14th is just around the corner, and a new poll of 5,000 singles by, showed that 72 percent of those polled would be willing date someone from a different political party. I want to see the poll that shows just how many of the 5,000 actually dated someone from a different party that started talking politics on the date, and not only made it through the date still liked the person, because I’m willing to bet that it would not be 72 percent....


Maybe We Shouldn't Have Football Games If People Are Gonna Paint The Philly Town Red 2/7/18

Tuesday, I praised the Super Bowl Champs, but today I’m here to criticize not just the city of Philadelphia, but the sports culture as a whole, and all the ridiculousness that happens in the streets of America when a team wins a championship. It is absolutely absurd what happened in Philly after the Eagles won. Just because a sports team wins a game, doesn’t give you the right to tear down your city. A Whittle Bit of Commentary. (C) 2018 Chad Whittle


Winning Rings, Winning Souls. Inside the Philly Eagles Christian Revival 2/6/18

The Philadelphia Eagles are the Super Bowl champs, which is cool, congrats to them. That shoud’ve been my Falcons in last season, but I don’t wanna discuss it. The more interesting story of the Eagles is what has occurred off the field with the team. A team video earlier this season highlighted many of the player’s Christian faith, with players offering their testimonies. A Whittle Bit of Commentary. (C) 2018 Chad Whittle


Facebook is the 800-Pound Gorilla in the Social Media World and Needs More Competition 2/5/18

Facebook should be broken up. On WhatsApp alone, it has 1.5 billion monthly active users, second to the Facebook app itself that has 2.1 billion users per month. I’m all for success and capitalism, but Facebook doesn’t leave much room for others to compete. Competition is good, and more voices and owners of social media would be a good thing and would advance innovation in this field. A Whittle Bit of Commentary. (C) 2018 Chad Whittle.


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