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Too Many Pastors are Rev. Feel Good with Sermons Void of Real Substance 9/19/17

I came across a book titled Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman, published in 1985, and the book contains a chapter on television preachers and how they have turned religion into basically just another TV show that is full of entertainment and not scared discussions of Biblical text. Sound familiar? Remember this is from 1985, not 2015. If Postman thought that pastors back in ’85 were becoming Rev. Feel Good with positive and entertaining messages void of real substance, then he...

Duration: 00:02:15

Are Trumpers and Trump Heading for a Yuge Political Divorce? 9/18/17

I knew this would happen, but I didn’t know it would happen this quick. It seems that some Tumpers may be turning on Trump over the DACA deal and working with Chuck and Nancy. Some on Twitter were posting videos of them burning their MAGA (Make America Great Again) hats over it. Now it’s not a done deal yet with Trump and the Dreamers, but just the fact that he may allow them to stay has some people upset. There is no need to file for a political divorce yet, but if he keeps politically...

Duration: 00:02:21

How Democracy Dies: Half of Millennials Would Give Up Voting for Student Loan Forgiveness 9/15/17

According to Fox Business, 50 percent of millennials in a new survey from Credible, a financial website, said they would be willing to give up voting in the next two presidential elections if it meant having their loans forgiven. The fact that over half of those polled would be willing to give up their right to vote is concerning to me because it shows that my generation doesn’t view, appreciate or understand how blessed we are to be able to vote for our loser politicians that represent...

Duration: 00:01:59

I Bet More Americans Can Name the Kardashians Than the Three Branches of Government 9/14/17

People wonder why our politics are so messed up and why we have such a mess in this country. Well, a new survey offers some insight into why it’s so bad and I will admit that the results made me a Whittle depressed, but not really surprised. The Annenberg Public Policy Center released its annual Constitution Day Civics survey and it showed only 26 percent of the respondents could name all three branches of government. A Whittle Bit of Commentary. (C) 2017 Chad Whittle.

Duration: 00:01:31

Dating is Dead. Long Live Dating as the Next Generation is Dating Less Thanks to Technology 9/13/17

According to a new book from a professor at San Diego State University, dating is on the decline among the iGeneration, those that were born between 1995 and 2002. Apparently they’re less interested in romance than their millennial peers according to the UK Telegraph. This is the generation that grew up with social media, smartphones, so they figure why go out when you can stay in and talk on snapchat instead? I mean, it is cheaper than dating, so maybe they’re on to something. A Whittle...

Duration: 00:01:55

Trump Going Independent Would Be a Big League Mistake That Would Put MAGA in Jeopardy 9/12/17

I’m starting to hear some in the media that I trust, discuss and predict that Trump, maybe within the next year will dump the GOP and go independent. And boy would that be a big league mistake. No doubt Trump is his own man and is already independent in thinking, but going outside the two party system would be a mistake. A Whittle Bit of Commentary. (C) 2017 Chad Whittle.

Duration: 00:02:47

Poll Shows Americans Are Lying That They Don't Care About Facebook Likes on Their Posts 9/11/17

A recent YouGov study of 1100 adults examined how online commenting on social media affects people emotionally. The results showed that 26% of Americans post photos of themselves at least once a week and only 10% of them said that getting likes is very important to them, 39% said that likes is somewhat important to them. It seems people are more concerned with getting comments than likes as 61% said that reading a comment on their post makes their day and 26% said that comment had ruined...

Duration: 00:02:40

Is the NFL Even Worth Watching This Season Due to Politics? 9/8/17

We had the opening game of the 2017 NFL season Thursday night and Sunday we’ve got the rest of the games, and I am seriously wondering if it’s even worth taking the time to watch the games this season because politics are probably gonna ruin it for me. A Whittle Bit of Commentary. (C) 2017 Chad Whittle.

Duration: 00:01:43

Bad News: Religious Followers are Becoming a Minority as the Secular Society Becomes the Majority 9/7/17

The UK National Centre for Social Research in a survey of 2,942 adults found that 53% of those polled said they have no religion and among those 18 to 25, 71% said they have no religion. Among those 75 and up, 75% of them were religious and those that were born into a religious household, four in 10 are no longer religious. Here in America, AP reports on a poll conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute that showed that the number of whites that identify as Christian is only 43%...

Duration: 00:02:23

Taylor Swift Doesn't Owe the Political Liberal Left (Or Right) Anything 9/6/17

Well, looks like it’s up to me to defend Taylor Swift’s reputation and honor. The liberal left is upset at the “Look What You Made Me Do” singer because unlike almost every other pop star in the world, she hasn’t gone political. She hasn’t been open about her politics. She hasn’t used her platform to be a political activist for leftist causes. And to the left, this is a problem. A Whittle Bit of Commentary. No fake news. Just Chad's views. (C) 2017 Chad Whittle.

Duration: 00:03:01

Mean Girls: Women Saying Yes to Unattractive Dates on Dating Apps Just for the Free Food 9/5/17

Guys, she’s just not that into you. The New York Post reports that broke millennial women are breaking men’s hearts all over NYC and I’m sure other cities too, by using some love stuck dude just to score a free meal. The post calls these women foodies, and they’re saying yes to guys on dating apps so they can go out for a nice, expensive meal because they are broke due to high rent in the Big Apple. A Whittle Bit of Commentary. No fake news. Just Chad's views. (C) 2017 Chad Whittle...

Duration: 00:02:03

Basic Cable Content is Becoming More Coarse and HBO Like Adult Themed 9/4/17

I really like USA Network, and no they’re not paying me to say that, but I wish they would. One thing I’ve notice though is lately the language on USA, and other basic cable channels as well, is getting worse. A Whittle Bit of Commentary. No fake news. Just Chad's views. (C) 2017 Chad Whittle.

Duration: 00:02:08

Facebook to Start Blocking Fake News Pages from Advertising on the Social Site 9/1/17

Bad news for the fake news media and the clickbait websites. Starting Monday Facebook will block pages that share a lot of fake news from advertising at all on the social site. In a blog post Facebook said that pages that repeatedly share fake news will be blocked from advertising if the stories are flagged by a third party fact-checker, but the ban can be lifted if the page stops sharing fake news. My question is who are these third party fact-checkers? Can they be trusted? A Whittle Bit...

Duration: 00:02:09

Unlike an iPhone Screen, the Future is Not Bright If Internet Addiction Continues 8/31/17

Well recently I discussed smartphone addiction and now there is a story about internet addiction that is sweeping the nation. Of course, the two are connected. CNBC reports that a study on internet addiction by The National Institutes of Health will kick off this week to try and determine the best form of treatment for internet addiction, focusing on online gaming. The ultimate goal for the study is to determine if online gaming/internet addiction should be listed as a mental health...

Duration: 00:02:20

The Spirit of America is Alive and Well in Houston 8/30/17

The damage by Hurricane Harvey is unbelievable and seeing the destruction it has caused to Houston is sad to watch. So many families now are without a home, and some have lost their life in this tragic event. While we all morn for those that have lost their lives, this hurricane has done one important thing at a time that America really needed it and that is that the aftermath of Harvey has shown that the American spirit is still alive and well, even in this hyper political climate where...

Duration: 00:02:08

Rock on USA: We Are So Blessed with American Abundance 8/29/17

Like a Taylor Swift superfan that got stopped dead in his or her tracks when they realized how bad her new song is, I stopped in my tracks, well, not literally stop because well, I was driving, but it really hit me and I said to myself, “Oh my gosh. We are so blessed it’s ridiculous.” A Whittle Bit of Commentary: No fake news. Just Chad's views. (C) 2017 Chad Whittle.

Duration: 00:02:06

Anti-Christian Hollywood Produces Highly Offensive TV Scene of Jesus 8/28/17

On today's A Whittle Bit of Commentary, Chad discusses a highly offensive scene on AMC's Preacher of Jesus Christ. (C) 2017 Chad Whittle.

Duration: 00:01:54

ESPN Jumps the Political Correctness Shark and It's Gonna Be Their Downfall, Not Netflix 8/25/17

ESPN has jumped the political correctness shark. I mean they have reached the bottom of absurdity and ridiculousness. A Whittle Bit of Commentary: No fake news. Just Chad's views. (C) 2017 Chad Whittle.

Duration: 00:02:46

Money Honey: Good Credit Score Ranks Highest on Dating Survey Topping Attractiveness 8/24/17

A survey from Discover Financial Services and Match Media Group, the owner of Tinder and other dating sites, shows that financial responsibility is a real crowd pleaser with 69% of the 2,000 people polled saying that it’s an extremely important quality for a potential mate to have, placing it ahead of someone having a sense of humor, with 67%, attractiveness with 51%, ambition 50%, courage 42%, and modesty comes in at 39% of people. Bloomberg that reported on the survey stated that a good...

Duration: 00:01:53

This One Thing Will Give Trump a Big League Victory in 2020 8/23/17

Today I wanna tell you the one thing that will make Trump an easy winner in the 2020 election and that’s the economy stupid! To quote James Carville. I don’t care what nonsense Trump tweets, or what the media reports in their nonstop impeach Trump marathon of reporting, if by 2020, the economy is back and there is an obvious improving job market, people are not gonna care about all the side shows and Trump moments where Trump is being Trump. A Whittle Bit of Commentary: No fake news. Just...

Duration: 00:02:09

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