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The Chalk Full of Life Podcast™ with Kelli Wise: transparent talk and tools for living your best tea

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005 – Teacher Guilt is Real, But Let’s Get Rid of It

Are you struggling with Teacher Guilt? Wifey Guilt? Mama Guilt? Friend Guilt? #AlltheGuilts? Let’s take an honest look at what guilt really is, why you’re experiencing it, and how to overcome it. In this episode you’ll learn: How to define guilt for what it really is. Why guilt is so prevalent and harmful for teachers. The practical steps you can take to keep yourself from feeling like you’re not doing enough or being enough for everyone. @ChalkFullofLife Giveaway:...


004 – Is it Possible for Teachers to Shift from Busy to Balanced? #EraseTheTeacherTired

Is it actually possible for teachers to shift from busy to balanced? My answer is yesss! Let’s talk about the #1 strategy you can use to win your tug-of-time battle. In this episode you’ll learn: Why we need to redefine the terms “busy” and “balanced.” How your survival brain turns time management into an internal tug-of-war. The best strategy for owning your time to create the life you want. @ChalkFullofLife Giveaway:


003 – The Only Formula You Need for Creating a Better #TeacherLife

There’s only one formula you need for creating a better #teacherlife. Seriously. With the tool we’re talking about in this episode, you can take action toward whatever change you want in your life… starting today. In this episode you’ll learn: Why the Self-Coaching Model is the only formula you need for creating your very best #teacherlife. Why you haven’t been able to make the changes you want in your life. The first step you can take today to toward making a real and lasting change in...


002 – The Real Reason Why Teachers Are Stressed and Exhausted + What to Do About It

What’s the real cause of your stress and exhaustion as a teacher? It’s probably not what you think it is. In this episode you’ll learn: Why your circumstances aren’t the problem. The true cause of your stress, exhaustion, and overwhelm. The simple tool you can start using today to overcome whatever’s keeping you from living the life you really want. @ChalkFullofLife Giveaway: Resource: Fillable Self-Coaching Model Template


001 – The Story Behind The Chalk Full of Life Podcast™

I believe the teaching world is ready for a major shift in thinking. If we can agree that teachers’ lives are just as important as the ones they’re changing, it’s time to start talking about the honest realities of #teacherlife. It’s time to discuss real solutions to the epidemic of exhaustion. In this episode you’ll learn: Why I believe you need to shift your thinking if you feel like you’re sacrificing your own health and happiness in order to be a great teacher. How my journey as a...


000 – What to Expect When You’re Listening to the Chalk Full of Life™ Podcast

Is it possible to escape the #TeacherTired? To show up as your best self at school AND at home? To ditch the guilt and finally feel great about what you’re giving to your career, your family, and your friends? If you’re wondering if there’s a better way to live your best life today rather than waiting for “someday,” you’re in the right place. In this episode you’ll learn: The core mission and vision of the Chalk Full of Life Podcast™. What you can expect from the podcast in our future...


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