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Vendettas: Help Me Rhonda

We’re winding down in the season now, so the game is heating up. We see some Challengers stabbing each other in the back, others sticking with their alliances even though it means they’ll get thrown in. 2 people head home and the rest go to the Czech Republic, although we don’t know who until next … Continue reading Vendettas: Help Me Rhonda → The post Vendettas: Help Me Rhonda appeared first on Geek Nerdery.


Vendettas: It’s Britni Censored

Technical problems continue to plague the show, but don’t worry. We find a way to deliver a full episode. Devin is still coming down from his nirvana experience, but has a rude awakening and major disappointment. Natalie continues to play everyone’s game except her own, being a pawn that delivers the goods to the last … Continue reading Vendettas: It’s Britni Censored → The post Vendettas: It’s Britni Censored appeared first on Geek Nerdery.


Vendettas: Rumor Has It

One of the greatest episodes of The Challenge ever! Alliances are crushed as friends have to make very tough decisions to advance their game. Rivalries are reinforced and everyone’s games gets shook. Mean girls are no fun, and MTV does not endorse bullying. It’s a long recap, so buckle up. The post Vendettas: Rumor Has It appeared first on Geek Nerdery.


Vendettas: Baskets of Deplorables

We know Marie went in last week, but who is she going up against? Kam is a traitor and not good at this game, and you can feel free to tweet hatred at us for that comment. The rest of the crew plays some soccer wearing stilts and zorbs, and we see a classic vendetta … Continue reading Vendettas: Baskets of Deplorables → The post Vendettas: Baskets of Deplorables appeared first on Geek Nerdery.


Vendettas: Mercenaries of Mayhem

The mercenaries come in to wreak havoc on our poor Challengers while Kam does her best Fire Marshall Bill impression. A new challenge proves very difficult for everyone, with broken glass and stitches and ambulance rides galore. The post Vendettas: Mercenaries of Mayhem appeared first on Geek Nerdery.


Vendettas: Pulling The Strings

We get to see Brad and the selected Challenger enter an elimination. We do find out who is leaving the notes in Britni’s bed. Some drama in the kitchen makes Devin and Banana’s vendetta even stronger. And in the elimination TJ drops a surprise on everyone before a challenger gets an injury that might take … Continue reading Vendettas: Pulling The Strings → The post Vendettas: Pulling The Strings appeared first on Geek Nerdery.


Vendettas: Notes on a Scandal

WHO IS THE BLURRY FIGURE WHO LEFT THE NOTES? The world may never know, but that won’t stop us from speculating. We see a Challenge this week. It’s underwater and at night. But no elimination. Maybe one of these weeks we’ll see a full episode. This time around Shane and Victor are friends until they’re … Continue reading Vendettas: Notes on a Scandal → The post Vendettas: Notes on a Scandal appeared first on Geek Nerdery.


Vendettas: Guilty by Association

Well, it’s a filler episode but maybe, just maybe it means next week we’ll get a challenge and an elimination. The rookie girls get riled up and fight, and we don’t really see much else going on otherwise. This elimination will go down as one of the most hardcore we’ve seen so far. We’ve listened … Continue reading Vendettas: Guilty by Association → The post Vendettas: Guilty by Association appeared first on Geek Nerdery.


Vendettas: Pizzagate

Pizzagate isn’t just a weird alt-right conspiracy theory. It’s also an episode of The Challenge, where Brad comes back as his intense, passionate self and starts a half-million dollar fight over pizza. Was it worth it? We get trivia and a food challenge combined, and a Challenger tries his best to redeem himself and win … Continue reading Vendettas: Pizzagate → The post Vendettas: Pizzagate appeared first on Geek Nerdery.


Vendettas: Banatalie

It’s our goal this time around to make sure our recaps take less time than watching the actual episode. Do we succeed? Hell yes. We always do. We see a pathetic showing of an elimination and get some real-time behind the scenes about the elimination. We also see some of the very worst politicking in … Continue reading Vendettas: Banatalie → The post Vendettas: Banatalie appeared first on Geek Nerdery.


CvS: The Final Countdown

Well, we finally made it to the end of Champs vs. Stars. This poor show got lost in the other Challenge mayhem, overlapping the end of Dirty Thirty and the beginning of Vendettas. So far, the Champs have swept the series. Will that continue, or will the Stars actually win something? This also ends our … Continue reading CvS: The Final Countdown → The post CvS: The Final Countdown appeared first on Geek Nerdery.


Vendettas: The Power of Three

What in the world is a troika? And how do you pronouce it? We finally get some details on how this game works, including the troika, the inquisition, and the Ring. But what is the grenade and how is it used? I guess we figure it out eventually. The post Vendettas: The Power of Three appeared first on Geek Nerdery.


CvS: Sink, Purge, Repeat

Our coverage of Champs vs. Stars has been demoted to a short aftershow in the wake of Vendettas. This week we cover the purge in the swimming challenge and at least some of the Challengers who are on their way to the final next week. The post CvS: Sink, Purge, Repeat appeared first on Geek Nerdery.


Vendettas: When Worlds Collide

It’s a super-ultra long episode of Challenge to accompany the premiere of Vendettas. We love seeing midlife crisis Brad, as well as the new Challengers from other random shows in the US and UK. We have to intro a bunch of newbies to this insane game and see how the vets fit into the equation. The post Vendettas: When Worlds Collide appeared first on Geek Nerdery.


CvS: Flagpoles and False Hopes

The Champs are heading for a shutout clean sweep, but can the Stars stop them? Are alliances strong enough to withstand a vote that may not go as intended? This episode is all about strength. Who is the strongest player, but more importantly, the strongest team? The post CvS: Flagpoles and False Hopes appeared first on Geek Nerdery.


Throwdown for the Cause: Yorkville

Challenged was fortunate enough to meet all the Challengers in Yorkville at the first event for Throwdown for the Cause. In this episode we talk about the event and our experiences in meeting Bananas, Cara Maria, Brad, Kelly Anne, Britni, Derrick, Zach, Jenna and Kyle. The Throwdown tour is coming to a town near you, … Continue reading Throwdown for the Cause: Yorkville → The post Throwdown for the Cause: Yorkville appeared first on Geek Nerdery.


CvS: Playing Me for the Foos

ZACH ATTACK IS BACK. We have a special guest host standing up for Bananas during the conflict with Bananas vs. Wes. The group plays human foosball and of course can’t do anything without major conflicts. The post CvS: Playing Me for the Foos appeared first on Geek Nerdery.


Interview: Kelly Anne and Britni

We attended the Throwdown for the Cause in Yorkville, Illinois and had the fortune of meeting many Challengers. Unfortunately we had little luck in getting interviews, but Kelly Anne and Britni were nice enough to spend a little time chatting with us. Thank you to Kelly Anne and Britni! We did meet some other Challengers … Continue reading Interview: Kelly Anne and Britni → The post Interview: Kelly Anne and Britni appeared first on Geek Nerdery.


CvS: When Push Comes to Shoving Stars

Hashtag BringHillaryBack2017 worked, and Hillary joins us. We get a new Challenger entering the game to replace the many who had to leave. An alliance breaks out on the Stars team, but do they have the numbers to change the game? Will the Stars finally break their losing streak? And will Riff Raff regain his … Continue reading CvS: When Push Comes to Shoving Stars → The post CvS: When Push Comes to Shoving Stars appeared first on Geek Nerdery.


Challenged: Did CT Say It

In this special bonus episode of Challenged Bryan plays a game show with his other co-hosts called DID CT SAY IT? He reads off 15 quotes in his best CT voice and the others have to say if it’s a quote from CT or did another Challenge member say it. Lots of fun was had. The post Challenged: Did CT Say It appeared first on Geek Nerdery.


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