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Remember to look up at the stars

Alex has a new friend named Dead Cells! This new friend is happy to kill him at a moment's notice and steal hours upon hours of progress but other than that he's not a bad guy. Chamberlain plays a slew of little games alongside finally catching up on last year's Call of Duty WWII and Chance makes up with Flinthook after their messy breakup on the Vita. Overwatch news, Stephen Hawking, Maya Angelou and the evils of pesto sauce. A truly complete episode.


Uncomfortable news

This post Oscars podcast contains spoilers and discussion of two whole movies that were nominated for best picture! Yes, we all love Del Toro, we just wish that Silent Hills was still at thing. Chamberlain exercises his newly found freedom to stop playing games and walks away from two gigantic RPGs before returning to Telltale for some perfectly mediocre entertainment. Alex is still trying to conquer the known world and Chance enjoys some quality time with his Switch thanks to a pretty...


So much content

Absence makes the hear grow fonder, or at least get really pent up, as Chamberlain, Chance and Alex struggle to get through an extra week’s content before anyone falls asleep. No less than six movies were watched and half of them were actually good. Everyone played Assassin’s Creed: Origins and two of them liked it. Alex is having issues with pirates in the Civilization expansion. Chamberlain forced his way through The Evil Within 2 and Chance started all sorts of games but only enjoyed...


The comfort of a good game

After years and years of waiting Chance finally gets to play Mercenary Kings on his Vita. It’s was great right up until he fell through the floor of an elevator and he had to sooth his fury with Overwatch capture the flag. Alex had just enough to time to take over the world in the Civilization expansion and Chamberlain can barely contain his excitement for Assassin’s Creed Origins and Blanka’s arrival in Street Fighter 5.


Mostly awake

Alex and Chance are accepting donations in the form of hours of sleep in case anyone wants to curry their favor. Chamberlain cannot be curried, he is not near spicy enough. New indy Celeste and old AAA monster Assassin’s Creed Origins share time with Overwatch, headlines, a movie called Unleashed that no one but Chance has heard of and, for some reason, Megan Fox’s thumbs.


Cranky old men

Without Alex to keep them on task Chamberlain and Chance devolve into two old men telling tales of the glory days of diku muds, World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy 11. There is still time for headlines, a more reserved reaction to Iconoclasts on all parts, freshly released and mostly welcome Overwatch nerfs and a strangely positive reaction to Assassin’s Creed Origins.


57 and 2

Chance had a very good game of Overwatch and wants everyone to know about it. He also is more excited by Iconolasts than he has been about a game since Sundered. Chamberlain achieves a new emotional low after attempting, and failing, to complete chapter 4 of Middle Earth: Shadow of War and Alex is hurting so bad for something good to play he has turned to superbly narrated nature documentaries for solace.


Undocumented nerfs

This week Alex takes a deep dive into Dungeon of the Endless, a roguelike dungeon defense game that he has been returning to on a regular basis for years. Chamberlain comes to a tentative agreement with Shadow of War and confesses to playing just a little but too much of a free to pay mobile game. Chance buys Mister Shifty twice, plays it once, and then mourns an undocumented Overwatch nerf.


Hype List 2018

Chamberlain, Chance and Alex make wild but educated guesses at what is going to be great in 2018. Some of the games wont come out. At least one will probably be terrible. But there is no denying the impending greatness of Red Dead Redemption 2, God of War and Civilization 6 Rise and Fall. Chamberlain plays a mediocre South Park game followed by a so so Star Wars game followed by an average Lord of the Rings game. Alex is still working on Titan Quest and Chance stops playing Overwatch long...


The spark of hope

Welcome back! Chamberlain, Chance and Alex return from the holiday break to spoil the crap out of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Seriously, no spoiler goes unspoiled in the last thirty minutes. Chamberlain plays, and enjoys, a Mario game for the first time in around a decade. Alex falls in love with an old classic and Chance spins a tale of Tracer, Zarya, their ults and a big bang before jumping back into the stressful embrace of Darkest Dungeon.


Best of the year 2017

There is joy, gushing, some argument and brief consternation over Chamberlain, Chance and Alex's lists of their favorite games of 2017. There are indy darlings, triple A masterpieces, conspicuous absences and even a surprise or two. In the end it was a very good year for games and they have few complaints.


This podcast only gets better with age

Spoiler warning! Chamberlain insists on spoiling the end of Wolfenstein 2 (so Chance leaves) before complaining about a low budget horror title looking and playing like a low budget horror title. He is also understandably embarrassed to be playing Nights of Azure 2. Alex takes some quiet me time with Stardew Valley before killing things in an ugly way with Grim Dawn and Chance continues to buy games for his Switch that he plays once or twice before putting in his gaming safe. And he hates...


2017 Hype list recap

A year ago Chamberlain, Chance and Alex made a list of the games that they were most looking forward to in 2017. Some of them were good, some of them were decidedly not good and at least a few never actually came out. The best games on Chamberlain's list were games that he didn't actually like, Chance took a few chances and paid the price and Alex, being the most level headed, had the best hit to miss ratio. Yes, of course there is Overwatch talk on Moira, and Chamberlain played a recent...


All the time in the world

Chance took some time off work and going outside since last week, played all of the games and still made time to play Overwatch. Alex had a good time ranching slimes, proving that Chamberlain is a bitter, bitter man for hating the game. Chamberlain's heart did grow about a half size when he learned that all the pixels in the world won't make Forza 7 as much fun as Forza Horizon 3. And, for the record, EA can suck it.


Delayed happiness

Chance has finally found games good enough to pull him away from Overwatch and they are either childhood nostalgia trips by Nintendo or the expansion to one of his game of the year candidates. Alex confrims that he already knows what he liked by playing it again and Chamberlain spends the entire podcast watching the obnoxiously large Forza 7 4K patch download. It may still not be done.


Holding hands

Caution, Stranger Things Season 2 spoilers in the final fifteen minutes of this episode! Chamberlain also spoils parts of Ys VIII but no one cares about that game but him, anyway. Chance has obtained a Switch and is having a better time than anticipated with Super Mario Odyssey. He also is so turned off by Mercy changes on the PTR that he barely played Overwatch. And Alex plays Wolfenstein The Old Blood in preparation for The New Colossus.


The show must go on

NeoGAF may be mostly gone but Chamberlain, Chance and Alex solider on. Chamberlain has found himself unexpectedly in like with Ys VIII, a Vita game masquerading as a PS4 game. Alex finished Battlechasers and with happy with most of it and Chance finished South Park: The Fractured But Whole and wishes that there was much, much more. Last goodbyes are said to Battleborn, the devil's advocate makes an appearance and someone got a really cool new coat.


Two out of three ain't bad

It's two in love, one not so much in love with Cuphead and you'll never guess who would rather watch the game than play it. Chamberlain enjoyed (!) Knack 2 and dosen't really understand why, Chance cheated on Overwatch with two different RPGs and Alex found another Netflix show to bindge on. Also, EA can go to hell, which is nothing new, but listen this week for a new, terrible reason.


Together again

Chamberlain, Chance and Alex are together again and have much catching up to do. Chance plays something other than Overwatch (I know!) and suggests that everyone give Battlechasers a try. Alex finishes up a glowing playthrough of the X-Com 2 expansion and Chamberlain assigns Cuphead as required playing for anyone with thumbs. Agents of Mayhem is much worse than he said a few weeks ago and Knack 2 is not as terrible as they have been led to believe.


It's lonely in here

Technical difficulties this week leave you with a short dose of a much calmer, happier Chamberlain. All will return to normal next week. Buy Cuphead!


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