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Changing the Face of Yoga

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Nourishing the Nervous System with Yoga

1:28 Introduction 2:53 Tools used in senior yoga classes: sensory processing and integration techniques. Helps clear and reset the nervous system. 6:00 Teaching veterans: a former marine's view. Many ex-military suffer similar symptoms-PTSD, anxiety, pain, and "over-doing" Military trains nervous system not to pay attention to signals from the body and it becomes agitated and then needs training to learn how to be calm. 9:23 Yoga's benefits for veterans exercises to learn to exist in...


Tender Populations

1:20 Introduction - Marcie Leek teaches students with cancer and their caregivers, people grieving, large-bodied women and knitters. 7:40 Teaches a diversity of student populations who are in pain physically, mentally, emotionally or spirtually. Using the tenets of viniyoga but modifying for the special needs of each population. She researches needs of each group and then modifies her poses, breathing, meditation to meet those needs within the viniyoga tradition. 21:20 Marcie and Paige...



Gratitude :48 Thank yous to all of the people that supported me to bring the podcast to fruition, people who took the time to be interviewed and to the listeners. 6:25 Schedule for next 6 weeks 7:29 Gratitude Meditation to Increase Resilience


Yoga Moments for Stress

Small discrete practices for stress and anxiety with Stephannie Weikert 1:39 How to make yoga philosophy more understandable with metaphors and stories. Simple postures, and integrate practice into daily routines. 2:50 Stephanie develops simple, but complete practices for her clients based on practicality and doability. 3:33 Developed this methodology based on her personal experience of being very stressed and anxious in her early twenties. The stress led to a body focused, repetitive...


Experiential Learning (+) in Yoga

Experiential Learning with Charlotte Nuessle 2:44 Positive Neuroplasticity -shape your brain throughout your life. Brain tends toward negative -survival mechanism. Brings out negative emotions and fight, flight or freeze reactions. Tools to bring about concentrating on the positive to deepen or grow neural pathways that pay attention to positive. Leads to resiliency. Gratitude practice. 14:50 Experiential Learning definition. Becoming a witness; stand back from negative experiences. Unique...



Download the podcast here Breathing with Sharon Harvey Alexander 2:50 Sharon "loses" her breath at 15 and begins to find it again in her late twenties when she begins yoga. The connection of breath and movement unites all of the pieces of an individual. 5:54: Breathing, autonomic nervous system, vagus nerve definitions and connections. 11:00 Yoga Nidra - centering activity in the class. Relax and integrate the movement and breath of the rest of the class. 14:00 Types of breathing, what...


Restorative Yoga with Leslie Kazadi

Download the podcast here Restorative Yoga with Leslie Kazadi 2:40 Definition of Restorative Yoga vis a vis gentle yoga. Blanket term from the Iyengar lineage of long hold but not very passive. Yin Yoga -long holds relaxing into gravity. Restorative - invokes relaxation response Go into parasympathetic system. Relaxation response - rhythmic device (i.e., breathing) & non-attachment to intrusive thoughts. Body supported, relax easier. Prop Wizard- use props to support body to relax.Look...


How Yoga has Changed

How Yoga Has Changed with Beth Spindler 3:45: Questioning among yoga teachers and students about how yoga has evolved and what it should be. It's not just doing poses - it is acknowledging that people have different bodies, nervous systems. etc. Advertising presents a very different face of yoga. Beth is seeing a shift to addressing yoga for different ages and abilities. 8:20 Senior Yoga: a few years ago, Beth saw mature students wanting to take her training for the first time. A yoga...


Yoga Teacher Training Part 4

Download the podcast here Yoga Teacher Training Part 4 - Reflection 1:54 Introduction of series guests: Maria Kirsten of Yoga for Grownups, Flo Fenton of In Touch Yoga Byron Bay, and Kristine Koverii Weber of Subtle Yoga. 2:40 All guests thought that the basic yoga training was inadequate as a stand alone system for producing yoga teachers. Maria Kirsten believes that to fully understand a subject one needs to acquire the knowledge, apply that knowledge and then reflect on the application...


Mentoring: teacher training series -3

Download the podcast here Mentoring as part of Teacher Training 1:16 Introduction to our guest Kristine Koverii Weber 3:45 Mentoring - choosing a student to mentor. Student has a specific goal often about teaching a special population (given the therapeutic nature of Kristine's work). It is one or two hours/month. Usually on Skype. 6:40 Benefits of Mentoring - basic yoga teacher training is very basic and tends to deprofessionalise the industry. It has been watered down over the years and...


Flo Fenton - Teacher Training Series

Flo Fenton - Teacher Training Series 2 How to find a good Teacher Training Course. 2:38 Two types of teacher training: Flo discusses her teacher training experience where she had over 3500 hours of training in 9 months. Most well-known teachers have had similar types of training. Is the credibility of yoga teachers and teacher training decreased because of the short term nature of teacher training now? What are some areas to explore when deciding on a teacher training course? 19:00 How...


Anatomy in Teacher Training

Anatomy in Teacher Training 5:35 Maria Kirsten's method of teaching anatomy: knowing the family around a movement. Donna Farhi notices that in teacher training, students are taught to mimic a shape. 15:30 Spiral of training, teaching, questions, back to training, etc. Especially for short-term teacher training, make a commitment to life-long learning. Driver's Licence analogy: P, L and full licence. Integration is critical and takes time. 21:09 Maria's story of her training cycles. Moved...


Trauma Care

Trauma Care with Katie Overcash 2:20 What causes stress -natural disasters, medical interventions, abuse, neglect, military related, grief and loss. 3:00 What can traumatic stress look like in a yoga class - Trauma comes in through the senses, can become stuck in the body. People with trauma stress can be hyper-aroused or hypo-aroused with little time in between. Non-traumatised people can go between these states and self regulate themselves. People with trauma cannot and can become...



Inclusion 3:55 Yoga - Sanctuary or Oppressive? 7:35 Yoga teacher's unequal and often unacknowledged power 12:00 Anti-oppressive teaching methods 19:30 Communication, Empathy and Boundaries 33:49 Tips to teach in an inclusive manner in large classes 38: 40 Contacts Download the podcast here


Refugee Yoga Project

Refugee Yoga Project 2:12 Danielle's story and the beginnings of the Refugee Yoga Project 9.16 Teacher preparation for teaching for the Refugee Yoga Project Weekend intensive, Mentoring and Class design 20:30 Free 8 week sessions around Sydney with instructional videos in Tamil, Arabic, and Nepali for students' personal practice. 23:15 Students' descriptions of the benefits of yoga classes. Decrease in anger and chronic pain. Contact details: email: website:...


Ahimsa - Creating safety

Ahimsa - a safe class with Christine Wushke 2:40 - Ahimsa - creating a safe environment in class to be a healing space. Need presence and attunement to your students to receive feedback about how they are doing. Slowing everything down, looking for resistance and blockages. 8:00 - Students not connecting with their bodies and forcing their bodies to do poses 10:30 - Trauma informed yoga. Hakomi trauma theapy. Frontline yoga, teacher is tracking the room for trauma activation. 17:00 -...


Yoga Volunteering

Giving Back through Yoga Volunteering Patti Stevens of Live Balanced Naturally 1:00 Introduction: Aerobatics, Zen of Las Vegas, volunteering, Patti's travels. 5:23 - Teaching Yoga, Reiki, Qi Cong as a Volunteer in a Substance Abuse Facility for Women and Their Children. Low income individuals who have never experienced these types of modalities 9:20 Benefits for Clients: Breathing, meditation, relax, focus and movement. Patti Introduced Drum meditation as a tool for personal journey in...


Alchemic Yoga - Returning to Our Roots

Alchemic Yoga with Natalie Almond 1:33 - Alchemic processes and how a yoga class is structured. Working with the hormones, organs, breath. 7:04 - Natalie's journey to become an alchemic teacher and her teacher John Burke. 12:45 - Using visualisation 15:26 - Would this yoga class look like a "current" yoga class 22:40 - Students with a variety of wellness and fitness levels and goals all in one class. 29:56 - Website: E-book on its way and retreats, and teachers should be honest and...


The Future of Yoga - Part 4

The Future of Yoga: A recap of what we found out in the Future of Yoga Series 1:12 What is the Future of Yoga; how it will and must change in some areas 4:55 Re-introducing our guests in the series 6:55 Yoga is beautifully designed to be helpful in the prevention area in health systems and research is showing how yoga helps all systems of the body. 13:40 What are the roles of yoga teachers and yoga therapists in yoga's future? 16:34 Where will we be teaching? 20:50 How do we clean up yoga's...


Future of Yoga 3 - Regulation

Download the podcast here Future of Yoga - Somatics Research and Yoga Regulation 1:00 Intro 2:15 Somatics Definition:Turning our attention to the consciousness of the body. Trying to objectively study our subjective experiences. How does movement affect the hormones, enzymes, nervous system, brain and the muscles and fascia 11:15 New Somatics Research: As the value of Yoga is researched in a variety of ways and this research shows the value of the holistic practice of yoga, it will become...


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