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ChannelPro Weekly Podcast is an audio program for channel professionals, focusing on topics of interest as related to the recent week in news, as well as other information, guest interviews, and more.




ChannelPro Weekly Podcast: Episode #057 - Iguanas in the Ghost Shell

Back after an unscheduled hiatus and glowing with pride over their just-completed SMB Forum event in Long Beach, Calif., Matt and Rich preview ChannelPro's forthcoming October issue and catch up on the latest news from Avast Business and HP before discussing Matt's thoughts on building pint-sized workstations and the channel's laudable efforts to help victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. That's followed by an appreciative take by Matt on a new keyboard from Logitech and a dip into our...

Duration: 01:16:27

ChannelPro Weekly Podcast: Episode #056 - Plan 9 from Planet Zeebs

Freshly returned from vacation, Rich is tanned, rested, and ready, not to mention back on the show to discuss news from Webroot, ADTRAN, and Epson with Matt. Your two hosts then dive into some highlights from ChannelPro’s 2017 Readers’ Choice Awards, some vertical solution insights from Ingram Micro, and some lesser-known but valuable business metrics for MSPs. All of that is followed by a thought-provoking interview with Neal Bradbury of Intronis on the state of the North American...

Duration: 01:40:04

ChannelPro Weekly Podcast: Episode #055 - Space Seibert 1999

Never fear! With Rich on vacation you'd think Matt would be left to talking to himself into a padded room, but instead managed to rope a special guest for Episode 55! Dave Seibert of ITInnovators, Microsoft MVP, and a whole lot of other things is a long time contributor and friend to the magazine, and often appears on-stage at our live ChannelPro Events. Matt starts by introducing Dave with a little Q&A (like only Matt can give). After a week hiatus, Matt and Dave dive through a whole...

Duration: 01:36:43

ChannelPro Weekly Podcast: Episode #054 - Unicorns, Leprechauns, and Rainbows

Join your faithful hosts as they discuss Microsoft’s new pay-per-second Azure container service, a significant milestone in the adoption history of Windows 10, and some easy ways to increase the size of your Office 365 deals—before engaging in an extended rant about the sorry state of humanity and near certain doom that awaits us all inspired by a chilling new white paper from Sophos about ransomware-as-a-service. If you haven’t lost all hope for the future by this point, you’ll also hear...

Duration: 01:34:59

ChannelPro Weekly Podcast: Episode #053 - An AI Named Smartypants

After a quick look at the week’s top headlines, Rich shares some thoughts about his visit last week to the annual meeting of managed services co-op The 20 and Matt shares some thoughts of his own about why QWERTY keyboards are likely to remain the preferred means of getting text into computers indefinitely. That’s followed by a visit to a venerable IBM keyboard from years gone by in Matt’s tech museum, a quick peek at a “clicky but quiet” present day keyboard from CHERRY, and a discussion...

Duration: 01:17:24

ChannelPro Weekly Podcast: Episode #052 - Mr. Rich Goes to Washington

Rich was in our nation’s capital for Microsoft’s Inspire partner conference this week, and he’s got lots (and lots and lots…) to say about the sweeping changes Microsoft has made to its sales and partner organizations, not to mention the new Microsoft 365 software-as-a-service suite. And in case that’s not enough Microsoft chatter for you, you’ll also hear two top executives from cloud-based workflow automation vendor (and big-league Azure partner) Nintex provide an insider’s perspective...

Duration: 01:29:44

ChannelPro Weekly Podcast: Episode #051 - Activate Interlock!

Despite the fiercest of odds, Matt and Rich somehow keep things interesting for you during one of the slowest news weeks of the IT year, starting with a discussion of some new VDI products from Dell, proceeding to a look at the benefits of selling leased phone systems and unlocked smartphones, and continuing to a review of a new video surveillance recorder from TRENDnet. Then you’ll hear ConnectWise CEO Arnie Bellini describe his company’s ambitious, Lego-inspired architectural vision in...

Duration: 01:16:05

ChannelPro Weekly Podcast: Episode #050 - Today ChannelPro, Tomorrow the World

It’s a golden anniversary 50th episode party, and you’re invited! Activities include a look at new products from Barracuda Networks and Continuum, a discussion of what the market-leading “MSP of tomorrow” should be thinking about today, a cautionary note about the security risks associated with PowerShell, and a review of ChannelPro’s summer reading list. All of that’s followed by an interview with Darren Gottesmann of Ingram Micro, plus a visit with some 72-pin memory modules from Matt’s...

Duration: 01:38:07

ChannelPro Weekly Podcast: Episode #049 - Bill & Ed's Excellent Adventure

Now, sadly, a duo instead of part of a trio, Matt and Rich blitz through several weeks of news, including the launch of Datto’s managed power product and partner marketing platform; the much-discussed demo of a Datto VDI solution at DattoCon 2017; Continuum’s acquisition by Thoma Bravo, the same private equity firm that owns competitor SolarWinds MSP; and ConnectWise’s ambitious plan to build a Lego-like customizable management platform for multiple kinds of technology solution...

Duration: 01:38:05

ChannelPro Weekly Podcast: Episode #048 - For Cecilia

In this special edition of ChannelPro Weekly, Matt, Rich, and ChannelPro publisher Michael Siggins celebrate the meticulous professionalism, boundless generosity, and infectious laugh of their dear and now painfully absent friend Cecilia Galvin. Find out through stories and memories from three of the people who knew her best and worked with her closest exactly what made Cecilia such a special editor and special person. Then hear a mere sampling of the many people from across the worlds of...

Duration: 01:56:01

ChannelPro Weekly Podcast: Episode #047 - Clan of the Chicken

Reunited once more now that Rich is back from vacation, the ChannelPro Weekly crew explore Ingram Micro’s expanded subscription-based purchasing program, Acronis’s blockchain-equipped data protection platform, and the ins and outs of getting started in social media marketing. That’s followed by a discussion of easy add-on revenue opportunities in dictation and voice recognition solutions with Mike Whalen of eDist Business, a look back at a gizmo from Matt’s tech museum that every would-be...

Duration: 01:22:44

ChannelPro Weekly Podcast: Episode #046 - A Man of 'Manny' Talents

Matt and Cecilia take their best shot holding down the fort while Rich enjoys a long overdue vacation, roping in special guest and author Manuel Palachuk. Rich Jr. (played my Matt) takes his best shot of getting through a trio of news stories from eFolder, HP Enterprise, and NETGEAR. Then in part 2, Manuel (a.k.a. Manny) Palachuk joins the show for an insightful and interesting conversation about his winding career, leading to a new book and online portal that can help take any business to...

Duration: 01:28:15

ChannelPro Weekly Podcast: Episode #045 - Rich, the Marked Man

The ChannelPro Weekly team had to keep things moving this episode so Coach Matt could get to his daughter’s little league softball game, yet your trio of hosts managed to squeeze in a discussion of Veeam’s ambitious plan for conquering the business continuity market, a belated look at the news from last week’s Microsoft Build conference, and an introduction to this year’s ChannelPro Visionaries list. That was followed by an exploration of the forces driving increased interest in...

Duration: 01:28:02

ChannelPro Weekly Podcast: Episode #044 - Iguanas Give Themselves an "A"

Extra! Extra! ChannelPro has exclusive news about Kaseya, and Matt, Cecilia, and Rich are all over it. They also have plenty to say about SYNNEX becoming the exclusive North American distributor of HP’s 3D printing system, the “A” that Tech Data gave itself for onboarding the former Avnet Technology Solutions rapidly, a high-speed, high-volume scanner from Kodak, the difference between “managed” and “smart” switches, and the ransomware-related explosion in security training...

Duration: 01:30:16

ChannelPro Weekly Podcast: Episode #043 - You Gotta Know a Guy

After exchanging virtual high fives in the wake of a delightfully successful ChannelPro SMB Forum event in Chicago, your trio of hosts moves on to discuss Eaton’s strategy for generating sustained growth in a rapidly evolving power protection market, TRENDnet’s new DVR surveillance kits, how to make your move into print services, and why 1080p displays are finally about to lose their king-of-the-hill stature. Then they revisit a great Microsoft mouse from years gone by in Matt’s tech...

Duration: 01:03:55

ChannelPro Weekly Podcast: Episode #042 - The Y2K Trivia Edition

Rich is back from his visit to the Ingram Micro Cloud Summit and itchin’ to talk about it, along with the newly released free edition of ConnectWise’s remote access solution and the secret to HTG Peer Groups’ success. Matt, meanwhile, has plenty of insights to share from his visit to Lenovo’s partner conference, not to mention recorded interviews with North American channel chief Sammy Kinlaw and president of Lenovo North America Emilio Ghilardi. There’s also a fond look back at a...

Duration: 01:45:47

ChannelPro Weekly Podcast: Episode #041 - Going Rich Free, Man!

Join our very first Rich free podcast, who couldn't make it this week due to travel or as revenge for being called "Chuckles" last week (or a bit of both). Matt and Cecilia do their best to steer the ship in his absence, covering some product introductions from Epson as well as the new Windows 10 Creator's Update. Later, Cecilia discusses two very interesting stories that every CEO would be wise to check out, like can you (should you) leave your business to your childresn and knowing when...

Duration: 01:09:53

ChannelPro Weekly Podcast: Episode #040 - Chuckles for the Channel

Join your now fully healthy ChannelPro Weekly hosts as they peruse some all too easily overlooked announcements about Altaro’s virtual machine backup solution, ADTRAN’s managed Wi-Fi service, and a bunch of new products unveiled at the Channel Partners show in Las Vegas. That’s followed by Matt’s take on what the rise of cloud-based gaming PCs could mean for makers of high-end physical machines, a look at SaaS adoption trends, and an interview with Steve Grady of Equus Compute Solutions...

Duration: 01:21:26

ChannelPro Weekly Podcast: Episode #039 - Ex"SKUs" me, HP

Is Matt STILL getting over that cold? Yes, though just barely and not enough to prevent him from joining the conversation about BitTitan’s new managed services automation release, Autotask’s new fixed-rate BDR pricing, and the margin opportunities in custom digital signage. There’s also an interview with Adam Attanasio of ImagIT, which provides outsourced tech help to MSPs, a look at Matt’s favorite travel routers old and new, and an overview of the (count ‘em!) 54 new A3 printers HP...

Duration: 01:26:23

ChannelPro Weekly Podcast: Episode #038 - Is That a Fire in Your Pocket?

Still struggling to recuperate from the cold he was just coming down with a week ago, ChannelPro Weekly’s Matt Whitlock joins co-hosts Cecilia Galvin and Rich Freeman for some free-wheeling discussion of Xerox’s big new product launch, Samsung’s bold move to turn its brand new Galaxy S8 smartphone into a desktop productivity tool, and SonicWall’s impressively brisk partner program growth. That’s followed by a look at tax season phishing scams your clients could be falling for as you read...

Duration: 01:19:39

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