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Revisiting Our 'S Clubbing' Days

*Contains some profanity* This episode is brought to you by Buddy Fernandez - honest greetings cards. Tina Barrett talks about life after S Club 7, and Neal describes how he thinks she's the new Kylie. There's a special one off 'S Clubbing' call, and a dissection of the whole Donald Trump chaos. Click here to download Tina Barrett's song on iTunes Click here to download the song Amazon

Duration: 00:49:45

It's About Time

For the first episode of the new season, we get into just WHY Neal was SUCH a miserable sod in the previous season. Also, more Ace Of Basing, we perform another audible version of a chaotic social media argument in "A Facebook Drama", and Suzy Soro talks about her life.

Duration: 00:46:20

Chaos and Theory - I'm A Votelieber

This episode is brought to you by Solusnore. Enjoy; Neal singing about the need to leave the EU, using the music of Bryan Adams, a 5 minute rant about why he wants 'out', more ridiculous AceofBasing - this time in the home of the song - Sweden, a German video gaming addict has trouble fulfiling his pornographic fetish, and we get some whingeing about the forthcoming European Championships with "A Moment Inside A Woman's Head". Salut!

Duration: 00:19:17

Chaos and Theory - The 10,000

This episode is brought to you by Itcher! The show opens with song parody "I Wanna New Leader" - based on the awful Mike Posner EDM tune "I Took A Pill in Ibiza". Karen has a hair issue she wants solved in "Straight Up With Siri." Also, Neal's Dad is an awful comedy reviewer, there's life after #Ricktrolling - with #AceofBasing. Neal has some incredible audience related news - and thanks his fans in a certain community.... There's a new movie out for which spoiler alerts will never be an...

Duration: 00:41:03

Chaos and Theory - The Weird Tenth Episode

It all gets off to a weird start with some Asian Karaoke. It's so weird that Neal makes zero reference to it. Neal's bad at remembering important dates - especially his Dad's. The last ever #Ricktrolling. It's the return of "I Learned Something Today" - your chance to learn a new word with Neal, and integrate it into your life. Also, another problem solved in Straight With Siri, we take another Moment Inside A Woman's Head", Rick Astley calls a record shop and Neal does the first "Play and...

Duration: 00:33:58

Chaos and Theory - A Bit Of A Pussy

This episode is thanks to Buddy Cards. Neal explains how he doesn't exactly have a career. He offers his #ricktrolling victim some career 'advice', and Siri has to deal with an overprotective father of a slut daughter. There's also a bit of cat porn, for any animal lovers who listen to this show.

Duration: 00:28:03

Chaos and Theory - Down With OPP

Neal is sort of sorry but not. There's more #ricktrolling, a somewhat almost restrained Siri, and a whole bunch of other people's content gets talked about, including the British morning show DJ who pretended to say lots of bad words on the air. Also, A Moment Inside A Woman's Head.

Duration: 00:26:04

Chaos and Theory - One With Man Flu Narrowly Avoiding Arrest

Neal Veglio is sick. Not in a Jimmy Saville kinda way. More #Ricktrolling Neal Veglio's Dad lies to him. Straight Up With Siri tackles Amanda's Herpes problem. Al Terry, better known as @fudgecrumpet(on everything) hawks his weirdness, including his odd crowdfunding idea - As usual, you can catch up with all the episodes via iTunes:

Duration: 00:35:55

Chaos and Theory - Episode Six

Neal talks about something he's been going through quietly. Also, there's more #ricktrolling, another problem solved thanks to some real talk in "Straight Up With Siri" and US comedian Steve Mudflap McGrew gets into it about fame and the world of standup.

Duration: 01:17:09

Chaos and Theory - Syria'sly Mindblown

Neal catches up with an old friend via the medium of "#Ricktrolling." "Mystery Guest" goes 'meta'. Neal discusses those iTunes reviews. Established UK 'truther' and author Mark Devlin adds to the chaos, with some deep theory about the reality around Syria and what our government stands to gain from it.

Duration: 00:49:19

Chaos and Theory - One For Soro

Neal's Mum admits she doesn't even listen. Meanwhile, there's more #ricktrolling, a super massive special "Mystery Guest", Megan has a rant about Paul's terrible dating in "Facebook Drama" and there's an awesome chat with the lady who got the last babka in "Seinfeld", Suzy Soro.

Duration: 01:06:42

Chaos And Theory - The Trinity

It's the difficult third episode. Get ready for more #ricktrolling, Chastity has her issues solved by a phone in Straight Up With Siri, there's another 'mystery guest' a cat haterkicks off in "A Facebook Drama" and Neal ponders whether or not profanity is the way forward for the show.

Duration: 00:22:56

Chaos And Theory - Piss Hoff

The second episode of the award-evading show includes: Ricktrolling Learned Something Today Straight Up With Siri (David, 30) Toilet Habits Facebook Drama - (BP Catrina) Mystery Guest Meeting 'The Hoff' Ricktrolling Win Stuff Angry Australian Podcast Consultant Offers Show Feedback

Duration: 00:25:39

Chaos And Theory - In The Beginning

The first ever episode of Chaos And Theory, featuring T'Pau legend Carol Decker Rick Trolling I Learned Something Straight Up With Siri A Facebook Drama

Duration: 00:43:35