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Charged Up: Kingsman The Secret Service Spy-along

This week Justin, Ben, and Thomas present an episode outside of time as they commentate while watching the 2015 spy action movie from Matthew Vaughn, Kingsman: The Secret Service, just in time for its sequel to release in theaters. So feel free to watch it along with us, or just hear our thoughts as we watch if you’re so inclined, and we’ll be back with our regularly scheduled programming next week!

Duration: 02:08:00

Charged Shot Gamescast Episode 34: Nude Mods

FTC Demands Clear Disclosure After CSGO Lotto Betting Scandal FTC has settled their case against Trevor “Tmartn” Martin and Thomas “Syndicate” Cassell. In 2015, these two deceived their audience with their relationship with a CS:GO gambling website. The FTC now requires them to “conspicuously disclose any material connections with an endorser or between an endorser and any promoted product or service.” “Consumers need to know when social media influencers are being paid or have any...

Duration: 01:50:30

Charged Up Ep. 18: Competing for Batman’s Attention

This week Justin and Ben are joined by fellow Charged Shot editor Lo to discuss the importance of competition in the market place, as well as the legacy of Batman: The Animated Series, and various bits of news. You can also watch us record the show live at the $3 Patreon tier, or catch the video version on YouTube later!

Duration: 01:47:38

Charged Shot Gamescast Episode 33:

News Topics THQ Nordic Black Mirror Game New game in the Black Mirror franchise was announced at Gamescom. The series was initially released in 2003 and has no relation to the TV show. It was a horror adventure game. The most notable change is that the game will have “interaction with vision-like apparitions”. And everyone knows, apparitions means ghosts. Nintendo Miiverse Shutting Down in November Miiverse is coming to an end on November 7th at 10pm Pacific. Nintendo has said that...

Duration: 02:02:36

Charged Up Ep. 17: Binges and Biases

This week Justin and Ben get together to discuss the good and bad sides of binge-ing media, as well as how everyone should be more open-minded and get over their confirmation biases. There are also mini-discussions about the intricacies of racial diversity in media and why people shouldn’t make fun of fears…specifically Justin’s totally rational fear of clowns. You can also watch us record the show live at the $3 Patreon tier, or catch the video version on YouTube later!

Duration: 01:20:51

Charged Shot Gamescast Episode 32: Candy Cast

News Topics Final Fantasy 15 Support 8K Resolutions Square said that the download for the game would be 170GB and require a 1080Ti but that was a communications error and they are going to share more once they have minimum specs worked out. Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Edition Launching for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices. This game will retell the story of the game with multiple episode and the first episode will be free. Releasing Fall 2017.

Duration: 02:00:17

Charged Up Ep. 16: The Defenders Review

This week, Justin and Ben briefly discuss the recently passed Total Solar Eclipse and the effect it had on the world, and then jump into both spoiler-free and spoiler-FULL reviews of the newest Netflix Marvel series, The Defenders. Then they cover a few obligatory nerdy news stories and keep getting distracted by the usual side-tangents. The show is now available in video form on our YouTube [...]

Duration: 01:58:32

Charged Shot Gamescast Episode 31: Give Me A Break

Blizzard Renames Blizzard App to Battle.Net Swery Makes a New Game Called The Good Life Set in a fictional English town called Rainy Woods. The residents of the town turn into cats at night. This game will be an RPG featuring Naomi a New York photographer with a massive debt trying to uncover the town’s secret while she also transforms into a cat at night. Swery says “It’s a mystery game based on the framework of a ‘daily life RPG.” The Good Life will be coming from White Owls a new...

Duration: 01:24:01

Charged Up Ep. 15: Best Media of 2017 (So Far)

This week Justin and Ben discuss what they’ve enjoyed watching, listening to, and reading most so far this year, as well as the importance of reading contracts before signing them, and just a few news stories…mostly also related to contracts, weirdly enough. Show Notes:

Duration: 01:38:17

Charged Shot Gamescast Episode 30: It’s Fine. It’s OK

This episode is fine. It’s OK. Show Notes Nick Robinson Apology Microsoft to Redesign Xbox Achievement System In an interview with Windows Central Xbox Vice President Mike Ybarra said that they want to do a lot more to reflect and let people show their gaming history. This goes more in the direction of rewarding players who may not play a lot of games but play a few games a lot. They want people to show off their gaming history. Ghost Rider MVCI

Duration: 02:06:36

Charged Up Ep. 14: A Healthy Amount of Anti-Heroes

This week Justin and Ben discuss the reasons anti-heroes aren’t as prevalent in media as they used to be, and the struggles of staying healthy in this fast-paced, fast food filled world. They also discuss a smattering of obligatory nerdy news topics, and get a brief appearance from a surprise guest! Hosts: Justin - @Zero_Score Ben - @MarvelousIggy

Duration: 01:51:59

Charged Shot Gamescast Episode 29: I Can Be Your Daddy

This week we learn a lot about ourselves. We learn that eating an entire bag of spicy chips can lead to stomach problems. We also learn that Ben and Thomas have a special connection. News Topics House Party Back on Steam House party is back on steam but now with censor bars. They will have an update later that will remove them Sounds like Eek Games and Steam had to bargain! . Firebrand and Dormammu Confirmed Firebrand and Dormammu return to Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Resident R [...]

Duration: 01:29:53

Charged Up Ep. 13: Don’t Be a Jake Pauler

Justin and Ben are joined again by Jake (not that one) of @InternetUnwind to discuss the recent controversy surrounding Jake Paul and how him and his audience are toxic to YouTubers and the entertainment industry in general. Then they transition into how people should spend their 20s, and briefly tackle some entertainment news. The show is now available in video form on our YouTube page! (and recorded live for $3+ patrons)

Duration: 02:20:18

Charged Shot Gamescast Episode 28: Millennial Babies

After the heights of last week, the crew gets back together with a man down. This week they have to fight through a sea of millennial babies, and Final Fantasy comrades. Show Notes: House Party Delisted On Steam #jannnk game got delisted on steam for being “too pornographic”. The game is meant to be satirical which you can find the tone being consistent along their dev blogs and Patreon page. Considered a “throwback” to games like Leisure Suit Larry. Steam has been inconsistent by...

Duration: 01:51:32

Charged Up Ep. 12: Thor & Hulk Win SDCC 2017

This week Justin and Ben hold down the fort alone to talk about everything San Diego Comic Con 2017…and boy was there a lot to discuss! There was a breakdown and thoughts on many different trailers, as well as some smaller tidbits of news that the average person might have missed entirely! And they spend a while gushing about how good Thor: Ragnarok looks…can you blame them!? The show is now available in video form on our YouTube page! (and recorded live for $3+...

Duration: 01:49:25

Charged Shot Gamescast Episode 27: Atari: The Last Bill Bender

News Topics ESPN Makes Street Fighter Change Cammy Outfit During Stream During the top 8 in the EVO Street Fighter 5 tournament. ESPN requested that Kazunoko change Cammy’s outfit to her formal costume rather than using the default costume. Super Smash Bros Mod Reveals Combat Arena Wavedash Games announced at EVO 2017 they are releasing a new game titled Icons: Combat Arena. Marvel vs Capcom Infinite: Jedah Announced

Duration: 02:00:20

Charged Up Ep. 11: Disney is Coming

This week Justin and Ben get invaded by a pair of real life friends (people have friends in real life?) in the form of more Final Fantasy VI Story Play cast members Chris (@Drummerchris737) and Jake (@guardoflite). They’re also the ones that made the wonderful theme song for this here podcast! So thank them by listening to it, please. We break down all the important news bits out of D23 (the Disney Expo) and also discuss why shows shouldn’t last forever, and how cool it is to have friends...

Duration: 02:01:03

Charged Shot Gamescast Episode 26: Cheaters Always Win

News Topics Ni No Kuni Pushed Back to 2018 January 19th 2018 is the new release date Her Story follow up - Telling Lies Telling Lies will “follow the same interactive-movie format as Her Story” and will have Annapurna Interactive’s financial support. Annapurna recently released What Remains of Edith Finch as its first video game backed project. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Getting First Person Servers and FOV Slider Fov slider will only effect the first person camera. First Person...

Duration: 01:17:05

Charged Up Ep. 10: Old Men Yell at the Internet

This week Justin and Ben are joined by someone who voices an old man in Final Fantasy VI Story Play, David (@TenButtonGamer) to talk about how they are all destined to become the old people who don’t understand modern trends and can’t keep up with changes in technology. They also talk about how futile trying to stick to continuity in media is and how not everyone should be able to present their reviews as fact. Please go here to assist in the fight for Net...

Duration: 01:55:14

Charged Shot Gamescast Episode 25: Big Black Geno

News Topics Lightning Round Still play as Link in the Zelda DLC FNAF 6 has “ceased production” Creator is not looking to leave the franchise and wants to test developing VR games. Evil Genius 2 First game released 2004 it’s been 13 years since it released News Palmer Lu [...]

Duration: 01:36:45

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