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Charged Up! with Jenny Hoff

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Charged up! with Jenny Hoff is a personal finance podcast where we talk to experts and answer your questions about credit, debt, small business and more!

Charged up! with Jenny Hoff is a personal finance podcast where we talk to experts and answer your questions about credit, debt, small business and more!
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Charged up! with Jenny Hoff is a personal finance podcast where we talk to experts and answer your questions about credit, debt, small business and more!






Ep. 56: From Bad to Perfect Credit - Al Jones

After years of consumer debt and student loans and a credit score so low no one would consider offering him a loan again or a new credit card, Al Jones decided to turn his life around and not only pay down his debt but employ some strategies to getting his credit up to almost perfect. Jones shows that you don’t need a high-flying job or a great salary to have almost perfect credit – you just need to know how credit scoring works and make sure you play the rules. Jones recounts his experience...


Ep. 55: Living on Less for One Year - Cait Flanders

Fed up with her debt, inability to save and loss of control of her finances, Cait Flanders decided to challenge herself: She would not shop at all for one year, which she documented in her book "The Year of Less." In this episode, Cait talks about how she strategized her shopping ban, how it affected her finances and where she is now when it comes financial health. If you're also fed up with all the money going out on purchases you know you don't need, then get Charged Up! about learning...


Ep. 54: Running a Successful One-Person Business - Elaine Pofeldt

Finance writer, author, and columnist Elaine Pofeldt has interviewed dozens of successful entrepreneurs who aren't just getting by on their craft, but making upwards of a million dollars in the process. They're not growing their company with employees, but rather growing their reach through smart moves that allow them to earn big bucks while still working from home. In the episode she breaks down her findings in her new book, "The Million-Dollar One-Person Business." So,...


Ep. 53: Your Best Year Ever - Michael Hyatt

Life strategist and bestselling author Michael Hyatt joins us with tips on how to make this your best year ever. Whether you're looking to better your finances, improve your personal life, get healthier or all of the above - Michael shares his tops strategies for making the right kind of goals and following through. Based on his popular seminar "Five Days to Your Best Year Ever," Hyatt has now written a book, "Your Best Year Ever" as a guide to finally getting the life you want. So, let's...


Ep. 52: Let's Talk about Debt - Brad W. Smith

Former Wall Street investor turned debt settlement professional Brad W. Smith has seen clients swimming in money and clients swimming in debt. In his book "Let's Talk about Debt," he reveals the kind of consumption mindset that can easily get even typically financially healthy individuals into a debt spiral and what they can do about it. He has settled hundreds of millions of dollars of debt for thousands of clients and he gives us his tips for avoiding debt and getting out of it if we're...


Ep. 51: Dollars and Sense - Jeff Kreisler

Money might be all about the numbers, but how we spend it often defies rational thinking. Comedian/Economist Jeff Kreisler talks about the emotions behind our money decisions, outlined in his new book, "Dollars and Sense," which he co-authored with economist Dan Ariely. Why are we price-sensitive about certain things and think nothing about others? Do we do a cost-benefit analysis when conducting our finances or consider opportunity cost? We'll break down the emotions behind our spending...


Ep. 50: Giving Back and Getting More - Justin Baldoni

"Jane the Virgin" star and star philanthropist Justin Baldoni talks to us candidly about how to really give back in our 50th episode of Charged Up! As we venture on our journey to financial freedom, there is a special kind of confidence that comes with giving back, no matter what your current financial situation. It may not be with money or even that much time, but there is always an opportunity to give of yourself and, as Justin explains, it often comes back to you in ways you wouldn't...


Ep. 49: Living with Intent- Mallika Chopra

As you travel on your financial journey, have you paused to take stock of what you're really working towards and what it will mean for your life? Mallika Chopra, daughter of acclaimed self-help expert Deepak Chopra, talks about her own journey toward living a life with intent. Whether you grew up with a meditation expert or you've never been exposed to the idea of intention, peace and focus in your life, Mallika's story will resonate with you and help you focus your goals as you work...


Ep. 48: Giving a Leg Up to Low-Income Entrepreneurs - Steve Wanta

You may have heard of microloans for entrepreneurs in developing countries, but Steve Wanta wants to bring that concept to America, helping low-income entrepreneurs start businesses that could change their lives and the lives of their families. With his organization, JUST, Steve and his team are not only finding financial assistance in the form of microloans for low-income entrepreneurs, but also helping them develop business strategies, stronger ties to their communities and a support...


Ep. 47: Investing in Real Estate - Deep Nasta

One great reason to establish a stellar credit score is the opportunity to get into real estate investment. In this episode, we’re talking to a real estate investor, Deep Nasta aka “Cheap Deep,” who by the age of 35 had enough passive income through rental properties to leave the working world and live the life he wanted. He takes us through the ins and outs of real estate investment, from how much house you should buy to tax breaks you should know about to the perfect kind of investment...


Ep 46: How Your Voice Will Become Your Credit Card - Bob Stolzberg

Forget the shiny plastic filling up your wallet, voice commerce is growing in popularity, allowing you to make purchases, check your balance, and pay your cards all with a simple vocal command. As more companies offer their services through devices like Echo, you may be careful about what you say as you walk around your house. Founder of Voice XP, Bob Stolzberg talks about the future of voice commerce and how it will impact your life. He also gives us a demo of how it works.


Ep. 45: The art of Productivity - Chris Bailey

When you’re looking to increase your finances while still maintaining a work/life balance, mastering the art of productivity is crucial. Chris Bailey realized this at a young age, and as soon as he graduated from college he spent a year only focusing on learning from productivity masters the secrets to accomplishing all of your goals without sacrificing all of your time. Chris shares with us his insights, the greatest lessons he learned and the tricks you can implement today to start...


Ep. 44: The NFL player who lives off $60K per year - Ryan Broyles

Millions of dollars and stardom doesn’t protect you from the threat of severe debt and even bankruptcy. There are countless stories of celebrity athletes and actors living so far above their means that even their million-dollar contracts don’t suffice. Former Detroit Lions’ NFL player Ryan Broyles has a different story to tell. Learning at a young age the value of money and the importance of planning for the future, he has been living off a fraction of his paycheck for many years –...


Ep. 43: Creating the Life You Want with What You Have - Jessica Pettitt

You may be on your way to financial freedom or still trying to dig yourself out of a pit of debt – whichever your situation you already have the tools you need to make progress. Author of “Good Enough Now,” Jessica Pettitt talks about her own journey through breaking out of debt more than once and how she found a toolkit that allowed her to make a difference in her life without a sudden infusion of money or a change in life circumstances.


Ep. 42: How Not to get Rich According to Mark Twain - Alan Crawford

He may have been America’s literary genius, but Mark Twain was a lost cause when it came to money. In fact, despite his numerous witty comments and acute observations about life, perhaps Twain’s most valuable is lesson is what not to do when it comes to spending, debt and chasing business schemes without a solid plan. In this episode, author Alan Pell Crawford, whose latest book “How Not to Get Rich: The Financial Misadventures of Mark Twain” discusses what we can learn from this literary...


Ep. 41: The Art of Cultivating Joy - Chade-Meng Tan

Whether you're looking for financial freedom or to overcome debt and credit anxiety, the art of cultivating joy every day is an important tool to think clearly, make wise decisions and stay grounded as you move forward. Chade-Meng Tan has figured out how to make that happen after years of depression, even when his career was skyrocketing and his fame was growing. A computer whiz, Meng found himself leaving his lower-income childhood behind and joining the ranks of the rich tech boomers ---...


Ep 40: Becoming a successful entrepreneur - Dorie Clark

Dorie Clark is a marketing and business consultant, who has written several books dealing with self-branding and business. Her newest book “Entrepreneurial You” helps you wherever you are on your journey to entrepreneurship, from idea inception to marketing to running a successful business. Dorie really practices what she preaches and turned her own consulting company into a successful brand. Her tips and secrets will be useful to anyone who has to deal with customers and wants to make...


Ep. 39: Mark Nunnikhoven

Ep. 39: Mark Nunnikhoven by Jenny Hoff


Ep. 38: How to Start a Profitable Side Hustle - Chris Guillebeau

No one knows more than Chris Guillebeau on how to start a side hustle and make it profitable. He has a popular podcast called Side Hustle School and he’s written the book, "Side Hustle: From Idea to Income in 27 Days." It’s a big premise and he promises that by following certain tips, you can create a side hustle that not only feeds perhaps a passion of yours but also actually generates money. So, let's get Charged Up! about learning how to start a side hustle that pays off!


Ep. 37: Living the Big Life - Ann Shoket

Ann Shoket, author of "The Big Life" and a former editor-in-chief of Seventeen Magazine knows about the dreams people have and the ways many of them are making them come true. Spending years as editor-in-chief of a major magazine that deals with the hopes and dreams of young women, as well as researching the young adults who create the success we all want, Anne has figured out what traits, habits, and skills will give you the greatest advantage to making those dreams come true. Whether...


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