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Chief Dream Chaser Aimee J. brings you the people you never knew you needed to meet. Aimee talks to fellow dream chasers who share the story of their chase, the lessons they've learned, and have a good time doing it. Life is too short to live with regrets. You need to make moves, take a chance, and chase your dreams.

Chief Dream Chaser Aimee J. brings you the people you never knew you needed to meet. Aimee talks to fellow dream chasers who share the story of their chase, the lessons they've learned, and have a good time doing it. Life is too short to live with regrets. You need to make moves, take a chance, and chase your dreams.
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Chief Dream Chaser Aimee J. brings you the people you never knew you needed to meet. Aimee talks to fellow dream chasers who share the story of their chase, the lessons they've learned, and have a good time doing it. Life is too short to live with regrets. You need to make moves, take a chance, and chase your dreams.






Ep. 133: Deesha Dyer ­ From College Dropout to White House Social Secretary, Dreams Can Come True

Deesha Dyer is a speaker, writer, Creative Event and Strategy consultant, and is most notably known as the former Obama Administration Social Secretary. The Philadelphia native became a White House intern at the age of 30 and completed a seven-year tenure there that honed her expertise in event coordination, logistics, protocol, and statecraft. Her storied career is unconventional at best, with themes of reinvention, drive, and a commitment to community service integrated throughout. An...


Ep. 132: Ladies of EOTW Events ­ Coming Together to Celebrate Fandom and Give Back

I’m honored to have four of the six women of End of the World Events with me today for an unusual show. I’ve never had this many guests before! Let’s learn more about these women and what they do. Michaela Martin grew up in Papua New Guinea, and now lives in rural southeastern Arizona. She, Rachel, and Rory were roommates at a convention for The 100 earlier this year, and started discussing the possibility of creating a US-based event for the show. When she’s not nerding out over TV...


Ep. 131: Aundrea Cline-Thomas ­ Always Work to Improve Your Craft

Aundrea Cline-Thomas is an Emmy award-winning reporter for NBC10 News in Philadelphia. When Aundrea is not working, you can find her in the community, volunteering, moderating, or hosting many events for non-profit organizations. Aundrea joined NBC10 news in September of 2015. In 2017 she won a Regional Emmy award for team coverage of the Delaware Prison Standoff. The same year the Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists named her Broadcast Journalist of the Year. Prior to joining...


Ep. 130: Jamē McCray ­ Combining Multiple Interests to Pursue Your Passions

Interdisciplinary ecologist Jame McCray explores the intersections between ecology, human behavior, and the performing arts. While working on her Ph.D. in ecology and conservation, she saw the need for interdisciplinary approaches when creating and implementing environmental policies. A dancer and choreographer as well, she realized the performing arts could bridge the gap between scientific facts and public consciousness. Jame is part of the interdisciplinary team assembled by Dance...


Ep. 129: Marcus Garrett ­ Debt Free or Die Trying

Marcus Garrett was born and raised in the great state of Texas. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration after surviving the mean streets of the inner suburbs. A decade of professional experience as a Certified Internal Auditor, combined with freelance writing on topics ranging from current events to love and relationships, helped Marcus develop a unique qualitative and quantitative writing style. His book and website, Debt Free or Die Trying, keep readers entertained with...


Ep. 128: Fanshen Cox DiGiovanni ­ Living Your Truth

Fanshen Cox DiGiovanni is an award-winning playwright, actor, producer, and educator. She is currently touring and performing her one-woman show, One Drop of Love. One Drop travels near and far, in the past and present to explore the intersections of race, class, and gender, in pursuit of truth, justice, and love. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon assist Fanshen in producing the show. She has been featured in the NY Times and on NPR as a spokesperson on using the arts to explore racial...


Ep. 127: Zemirah Scott - Take Back Your Life

We are kicking off Black History month 2018 with a special friend of mine, Zemirah Scott. She is a philanthropist, branding marketing analyst, personal trainer, and business owner. She has a profound way of igniting lives, and we clicked immediately the very first time I met her. She is a former Temple University and Montgomery County Community College student, and her mission is to supply resources and tools for entrepreneurs and small businesses to gain economic stability. Since 2013,...


Ep. 126: Aimee J. ­ Just Be You

Aimee J. is a software developer, podcaster, speaker, and Chief Dream Chaser on the Chasing Dreams podcast. She began podcasting in 2013 and has launched multiple podcasts including Revisiting Haven, which discusses the TV show, Haven, and took her to Nova Scotia, Canada to interview the cast and crew on location. With her latest podcast, Chasing Dreams, Aimee is working to inspire and motivate people to chase their own dreams. Aimee believes that it is important to live without regret,...


Ep. 125: Jo Whittemore - Writing What’s True To You

Jo Whittemore is the author of numerous middle-grade humor and fantasy novels. She is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) and is part of the Texas Sweethearts & Scoundrels. She writes from her secret lair in Austin, Texas, which she shares with her husband. “I Can do it----Watch”: Why are you afraid to fail? Jo shares some lessons learned through self-teaching and pushing through early mistakes. She says that trying something you’ve never done...


Ep. 123: Natalie Jennings - Going Minimal and Experiencing New Things

Natalie Jennings just went the minimalist route, sold most of her “stuff,” and will be setting out to explore new places this fall. She is a photographer, podcaster, teacher, and the founder of A Face Project, which received a 2013 Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant. Her photo work has appeared in The Atlantic, The Huffington Post, The Guardian, and Mojo. The Goal Don’t we all crave more flexibility and control over our time? For Natalie, this was always the motivator in...


Ep. 122: Squeaky Moore - Mistakes I’ve Made So You Don’t Have To

Squeaky Moore is regarded as the “pitch guru” for content creators and she freelances as a development consultant and pitching coach. Moore recently directed and produced “64,” a project on father-absent homes. “Father’s Day?” was also produced by Squeaky, and addresses the effects of absentee fathers. It recently debuted on the launch of Magic Johnson’s Aspire TV Network. “The Positive Controversy” is a show she developed, and “Face of Darkness-Journey to Healing” is documentary film that...


Ep. 121: Victoria Mininger ­ Checking In With Yourself During Your Dream Chase

Victoria Mininger is the founder of Fearless Woman Entrepreneur, through which she mentors women entrepreneurs to thrive, not just survive, in both business and life. She is also the founder and CEO of Bear Creek Enterprises, where she actively works alongside her husband, Brian, to provide employment opportunities and a positive work environment within the construction industry. From years spent building and running various businesses, to her time spent as a staff writer for a large...


Ep. 120: Kwame Christian ­ Negotiating Anything While Chasing Dreams

Kwame Christian is a business lawyer and the director of the American Negotiation Institute. In this role, he serves as a negotiation consultant for attorneys and for companies closing large business deals. He also conducts live training sessions for organizations. Kwame hosts the podcast, Negotiate Anything, where he interviews successful entrepreneurs and shares powerful persuasion techniques. With over 110,000 downloads and listeners in 140 countries, it is the top-ranked negotiation...


Ep. 119: Julie Leithoff ­ Producing Dreams for Others While Living Her Own

Julie Leithoff of JAL Consulting began her career in the Kansas City, MO area as a marketing and administrative manager. Her career culminated at Vista Productions, Inc., where she served as their VP of Business Development and Event Operations. Her talents as “the gal who brings it in on budget while paying attention to all of the details” make her one of our most sought-after show producers. Her calm demeanor under pressure combined with her creative problem-solving make her a perfect...


Ep. 118: Ruth Ullman ­ Caring for Your Elders While Chasing Dreams

Ruth Ullman is a business consultant, coach, and founder of She has been featured on Fox, CBS, NBC, and ABC News. For more than 20 years, she has helped companies, groups, and individuals achieve their business objectives. Giving up her consulting business to care for aging parents led her to create a new business, in which she helps small businesses, entrepreneurs, and consultants realign their businesses to thrive while they care for aging parents. She firmly...


Ep. 117: Kayo Williams - Composing Your Own Dreams to Life

Kayo Williams is a native Chicagoan, film composer, songwriter, music producer, and mastering engineer at Kayquarii Productions. He’s served and advocated for several creative arts industry organizations, like Chicago Ideas Week, Grammy Producers and Engineers Wing, and the Gene Siskel Film Center BHFF Film Festival Community Counsel. His passion for music can only be described as a never-ending journey of discovery. Introduced to music at the age of 5 when his mother bought him his first...


Ep. 116: Megan Peterson - Giving a Second Chance to Those in Need

With over 15 years’ experience in the addiction field as both a counselor and pharmaceutical representative, Megan Peterson knew there could be a better way for patients to get help. She took action and started 2 Chance Counseling Service, providing a cost effective, discreet solution for patients seeking drug and alcohol addiction therapy. As long as they are willing to put in the work, she believes patients deserve that 2, 3, 10 . . . chance. Megan truly believes the “telemedicine”...


Ep. 115: Kerry-Ann Reid Brown - Using Your Own Flair to Help Others Chase Their Dreams

Kerry-Ann Reid-Brown is a Jamaican-born, NYC-based, Caribbean influencer and the founder of Carry On Friends. Carry On Friends is a platform that provides content and programming to support the development and success of Caribbean-Americans in corporate work and entrepreneurship. She hosts the Carry On Friends Podcast, one of the first podcasts to solely feature Caribbean-American entrepreneurs and business professionals. The podcast had been featured as an editor’s choice in iTunes under...


Ep. 114: Karen Yankovich - Networking and Outreach While Chasing Your Dreams

Karen Yankovich is president of Uplevel Media, a social media marketing agency delivering profitable cutting-edge digital strategies. Karen is an internationally recognized LinkedIn evangelist and Social Media Consultant who is an expert at helping businesses used LinkedIn and a range of other social spaces profitably. Her newest venture, Get Seen Be Heard, provides social media and do-it-yourself public relations training to thousands of members. She is also getting ready to launch a new...


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