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Paul, James, Laff & Pikey are four lads from the UK with explicit views on film & television, gaming, sports, news from around the world, and our own personal life experiences.

Paul, James, Laff & Pikey are four lads from the UK with explicit views on film & television, gaming, sports, news from around the world, and our own personal life experiences.
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Portsmouth , United Kingdom


Paul, James, Laff & Pikey are four lads from the UK with explicit views on film & television, gaming, sports, news from around the world, and our own personal life experiences.




We’re Mother F’n Back

Hola! “Estamos aquí, Chatting Shizz”, as the theme tune goes in Spain. Lawn mowing, pube trimming, gigs, fashion, boxing, UFC, movies, conspiracies, gaming, ridiculous laws, titties, and punching kids… If you’re interested in all of these subjects, then this is the podcast for you! Also, after a long hiatus, Chatting Quizz makes a triumphant return!


Disdain For Humanity

We’re motherf****ing back, as the old saying goes. But we are back with force, less informative, more funny, it’s what you wanted, so we’ve delivered! If you’re suffering from dark ankle (it’s a real thing!), put those feet up and have a listen! You never know, if you subscribe, Laff might not include you in his list of people he despises—no promises!


Chatting Shizz’s ComicWrong

We didn’t get to a ComicCon this year, so we are making up for it by having a good old chat about comic book movies, ones we’ve seen and our expectations on some upcoming ones. Throw in a bit of sports and a few odd stories, and voila! We also review the one-off screening of the Batman animated movie “The Killing Joke”.


I Bet You $50… (Part 2)

What did James find out about a friend of his?… Let’s find out as we carry on from where we left you last time…


Dawn Of Just-Shizz

The Dawn Of Just-Shizz is upon us as we delve into the world of Batman V Superman, epic battle or epic fail? We're talking entertainment of all kinds here, from movies and TV, to the bright lights of Las Vegas, to Wrestlemania, magicians, UFC and boxing, and the excitment of this years English Premier League season. Spoiler alerts at the ready for Batman V Superman and Netflix Original; Daredevil!


Done Up Like A Kipper

I’m telling you now, this show SHOULD be sponsored by Netflix. This time we have an in depth discussion on Making A Murderer, a hidden gem called Creep (2014)—a must watch, as well as a few other great shows and documentaries. Hear stories of our troubled trip to Portugal, our hairstyle wins and fails, Superbowl 50, and our good friend Beezow. If you listen and don’t subscribe, we’ll fit you up for something you didn’t do… You’ve been warned! *****CONTAINS SPOILERS*****


Transcending Tangents (Part 1)

This week, we have come here to chew bubblegum, and give you some laughs… And we’re all out of bubblegum! Filled with stories of drunken antics, our views on migrants, a non-spoiler chat about the awesome movie ‘Southpaw’, and the cinema w***ers. This episode uncludes a sports fiesta, in particular, both of the “Rowdy’s”—Roddy and Ronda, and we’ll even tell you when we’re all gonna die!!


Nightcrawler & The Interstellar Dream

We are back, sorry it’s been so long for you guys. We’ve been moving at light speed, so for every hour that’s passed since our last show, 7 years have passed for you. Pikey’s finally back on the booze, so expect slurring towards the end. We get into Xbox One and PS4 and a little bit about gaming, the sneeze slapper, Ebola scanners, and much more. ***DOUBLE SPOILER ALERT*** at 00:35:00 we review the awesome Jake Gyllenhaal movie, Nightcrawler (10 mins 30 secs), and at 01:28:21 we talk about...



Here’s a box. What’s in the box? I don’t know. Open the box. IT’S FULL OF SHIZZ! This time we introduce the world to the legend of Aaron “AJ” James, talk about C2C for those country music veterans out there, and many a computer game, movie and TV show both praised and criticized. Exactly what you’d usually find in a Shizzle Box.Open it up and have a great listen!


The Paincloud

Laff and James discuss The Flash and Gotham (again, sorry), as well as group discussions on deer tongues being where they shouldn’t be, Las Vegas, Mexico, Texan justice and Chatting Shizz has it’s first ever special guest, Dan Lafferty. Paul suffers a whole half an hour of pain thanks to a lovely dried Naga chilli in Peppertime Paul, and Pike makes a public, heartfelt apology for his previous wrongdoings. Jingles galore and so much more!


3rd Rock From The Sun

We all know that one day the world as we know it will come to an end, scientogenesists believe this will be within the next 7-10 years without a doubt. Very little will remain, human life as we know it will cease to exist. But one day an alien race will find the remains of planet earth, and buried in the sand they will discover an iPod with every episode of a podcast known only as Chatting Shizz ever recorded upon this device. From this, they will be able to piece together the history of...


A Serious Dose Of Shizz

This time round the guys at Chatting Shizz touch on a number of serious subjects, AIDS, politics, Robin Williams, accidents, and a mixture of the usual weird and funny shit! Pepper-Time Paul experiences 100% PAIN, and hold out just a few extra seconds after the end theme for a snippet of our sound checks!


Battered Butter & Beastiality

The weird conversations continue in episode two, football, and football, human-to-animal marriage, snacks that could kill, and the evil that is the wind are all topics of conversation (somehow) this time round. A lot more piss taking and the usual bucket load of swears as the lads chat a whole load of shizz!


Chatting Shizz: Where It All Began

If you had one shot, and one opportunity to say everything you ever wanted in one moment, would you capture it? Or would you just start Chatting Shizz? Paul, James, Laff and Pikey embark on their first ever journey into the world of Podcasting… Will they succeed?… Their fate is in your hands.