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The Nazirite Series CBE Shabbat Malakuth Service

THE NAZIRITE Part Two We are presenting today additional information about the Nazirite. Types of Nazirites In general there were three types of Nazirites:1) A nazirite for a set time, 2) A permanent nazirite, and 3) A nazirite, like Samson, who was a permanent Nazirite and is not enjoined to avoid corpses. Biblical Nazirites Two examples of Nazirites in the Hebrew Bible are Samson (Book of Judges 13:6-7), and Samuel (1 Samuel 1:11). In both cases, their mothers made the vows before...


Chayah beit Eloah Shabbat Service Malakuth June 25, 2016

THE NAZIRITE Part One Sabbath Service Malakuth: The Torah permits a man or a woman to adopt voluntarily the status of a Nazarite [נזיר Nazir]. Nazirism should not be understood as merely a catalogue of prohibitions, as if the Nazirite's vow, "I am hereby a Nazirite," was a shorthand pledge to abstain from wine, haircutting, and contamination. Want to know more? Social Media: Twitter: @chayahbeiteloah Facebook: Chayah Ministries Global or Sheliyahh Janet E Brown Page


CBE A Taste of Torah: A New Kind of Judge

Chayah Beit Eloah will be presenting its Friday Night Shabbat Service 'A Taste of Torah' with a new episode entitled "A New Kind of Judge." Sheliyahh Janet E Brown will be delivering the message. This is a four part series for this week that is following the Torah reading schedule. --------------------- A New phenomenon develops. Up to this point, Israel's sins would lead to foreign domination, followed by repentance and the emergence of a judge who would lead the people to defeat and...


Kinsman Redeemer of Israel

Chayah Beit Eloah is the Shul for Chayah Ministries Global. There are two podcasts associated with the Shul....They are 'A Taste of Torah' and 'Chayah Beit Eloah Shabbat Services' Teachings. Join me as we discuss 'Kinsman Redeemer of Israel' on A Taste of Torah Podcast. Release Date: January 15 @ 9:00 PM Abstract: Moshe was rebuked by Yehweh/Yahuah for his complaint and assures him that the redemption is at hand. Want to know more?.... CONNECT WITH US... The podcast shall be...