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Cheers To Beers - the podcast that lasts as long as the pint!

Cheers To Beers - the podcast that lasts as long as the pint!
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Cheers To Beers - the podcast that lasts as long as the pint!






Half Pint 1 - Pumpkins, And Hazies, and Fresh Hops, Oh My!

Waddup Beer Fam! It’s been a hot sec but Cheers to Beers is back, baby! Now introducing mini episodes called Half Pints, I’ll be releasing these between full episodes as I get back into the podcasting game. The Half Pints episodes will be me and friend of the podcast, Coel, bantering on my balcony (while drinking of course). Topics will range from seasonal beers, to venting about work, to anything interesting going on in the beer world. This episode was recorded on Friday the 13th and we...

Duration: 00:13:14

Episode 19 - TRAPPIST-1 & Westmalle Tripel

It’s a space themed episode with actual scientists! Remember when NASA released the news on a star called TRAPPIST-1 that has seven exoplanets orbiting it with some being potentially Earth-like? Yeah, I talk all about that with astronomers Jake and Dave. And what a better beer to have when talking about space, stars, and potential extraterrestrial life than a Trappist ale. We’re drinking the Westmalle Tripel in honor of the Belgian scientists who found this star. Strap in for some insight...

Duration: 00:50:44

Episode 18 - The Lite Beer Challenge

We’re changing things up in this new episode of Cheers to Beers! This ’sode I’m joined by astronomy nerds Jake Lustig-Yaeger and Dave Fleming as we take on the Lite Beer Challenge! We work through the tasting notes of 5 lite beers followed by a blind taste test. Grab 5 lite beers and join us!

Duration: 00:52:08

Episode 16 - Hard Liver Barleywine Minisode

It’s a Cheers to Beers minisode! These recordings were taken at last year’s Hard Liver Barleywine fest at Brouwer’s Cafe (Seattle, WA). I talk to people about why they love barelywine and why Hard Liver is the best beer event of the year. Eventually the interviews go rouge when friend of the podcast, Coel, takes over but hey, it’s Hard Liver - we’re all out here to drink and have a good time. Attend this year’s Hard Liver on February 25th and 26th (2017) at Brouwer’s! #SizeandNumber I’ll...

Duration: 00:24:35

Episode 9 - Orange and Black

In this baseball themed episode I’m joined by my friend Kelly Geraty and we’re drinking the Orange and Black congrats ale by Moylan’s Brewing. She shows us she’s a server not to be fucked with, we discuss the relationships you build in the industry, and of course the San Francisco Giants (it’s an even year we’re taking it home don’t fight me on this). Kelly’s photography

Duration: 00:45:09

Episode 8 - The Picard

My guest this week is my friend from college, Edrick Sarkissian and we chill out with an earl grey session IPA called The Picard by Hilliard’s here in Ballard, Seattle. In this episode we discuss the passion and creativity behind brewing beer, Hillary Clinton’s beer skills, and the nightmare that are Fiesta confetti eggs.

Duration: 00:41:16

Episode 6 - No Li Born and Raised

This episode is all about the IPA as I am joined by journalist and homie Maggie Wilson. We re-visit No Li Brewhouse and are drinking the Born and Raised IPA. In this episode we discuss northwest IPA culture, stinky lakes, and pizza!

Duration: 00:41:04

Episode 4 - He Said He Said (21st Amendment & Elysian)

In this bonus episode I’m joined again by the astro-awesome Jake Lustig-Yaeger, we take on a collaboration from 21st Amendment and Elysian Brewing, the He Said He Said pumpkin series!

Duration: 00:28:40

Episode 2- St. Bernardus Abt 12

On this episode of Cheers to Beers: The Podcast, I’m honored to share the 60th Anniversary St. Bernardus Abt 12 , aged 10 years with my friend and beer mentor, Coel. We discuss Belgian Trappist history, beer science, and Tinder dates!

Duration: 00:43:23