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Ep. 119: Beer Tasting & Super Bowl Recap

We're back from our winter hiatus! Yes, there's been a lot going on. Cut us some slack. We promise the 2018 C&C episodes will start to flow heavily your way as we head into spring. First, we bring you one that's been in the can for a few weeks - live from our guest studio host Nate LaNeve's beer tasting kitchen, we apply our Pappy's Products gobs scale to a flight of new craft beers. But not before Anthony kicks off the show with the angriest "tribute" to his Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia...


Ep. 118: Super Bowl Bound!!!!

It actually happened - Our beloved Pats & Eagles are headed to the Super Bowl!! Once again, Cheesesteak & Chowder guides the universe. Listen in to hear how it all went down on Championship Sunday. We've packed together 101 minutes of real-time reactions during both games, and squeezed in a bunch of other C&C favorites, including "If We Ran It", "Who Sucks More?", "Pappy's Products", and of course, no episode would be complete without a helping or two of "Why are you still in my life?"


Ep. 117: We Hate These Bands

We enter the cringe zone in 2018 by revealing our Mt. Rushmores of least favorite bands. Spoiler Alert: RHCP makes an appearance. There's some early NFL playoffs discussion as our beloved Pats and Eagles hold the #1 seeds and begin the drive toward Mission: C&C Super Bowl. There's a new chocolate covered potato chip in the Pappy's Products test kitchen, we play a new TV show-themed trivia game and a little bit of America's FAVORITE new game... Who Sucks More?


Ep. 116: The Whispers of ROCK

We've got a great new playlist that we unveil with less debate than normal as we roll through the best all-time songs with the word "Rock" in the title (and a few of the worst). But since this is also sort of a Christmas episode, we start things off with our respective nominees for our personal top Hall of Fame toys of all time.


Ep. 115: Football Bragadocious

Our most self-indulgent episode ever! With our beloved Pats and Eagles on a potential Super Bowl collision course AS WELL AS our fantasy teams, who grabbed the top 2 fantasy playoff seeds, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to get on the air to discuss the glory, before it all collapses around us...


Ep. 114: Four Gobs of Gold

It's another mega-episode - FaFa Ferreira and Alexa Quivers are in the house for a monumental C&C moment as we dole out the first ever 4-Gob rating in Pappy's Products. We also debut the new theme "song" for America's favorite new game - "Who Sucks More?" Jason's got some genius new ideas for how to spice up the Winter Classic and Anthony challenges us with our knowledge of the Toy Hall of Fame. We speculate which U.S. city gave us the best batch of bands/musicians and finally, we sprinkle...


Ep. 113: Gettin' bisquey with it

A rousing round of "Who Sucks More?" is back and stronger than ever. This is also an episode chock full of some dynamic call-outs and shout-outs, including our first ever shout-in within a call-out! Some sports takes and NFL predictions and we dive into a new Bisque flavored potato chip from Cape Cod in this week's "Pappy's Products."


Ep. 112: Rob Binaca

Nothing sexy to see here, just some old fashioned, raw, down home podding. Oh... and the discovery of Rob Binaca.


Ep. 111: Alexa Quivers

It's the debut of our new sexy digital sidekick, Alexa Quivers behind the glass! Will she add anything of value to the podcast? Listen and find out. Plus, another round of America's favorite new game, "Who Sucks More?" We also analyze the new trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi and a "Why are you still in my life?" leads us into an impromptu discussion of the Mt. Rushmore of transformative TV shows.


Ep. 109: VaChallenge

The first ever "VaChallenge" (aka Vanilla Bourbon Challenge) is underway as we do a blind taste test to see if we can differentiate our beloved Vanilla Crown Royal from the poor man's version - Jim Beam Vanilla. And it's that time of year - Let's bitch and moan about why we hate fantasy football (aka - we lost week 1). We've got two new Pappy's Products beverages to review and one of them might just make Anthony a little frothy in his pants. Some celebrity shout-outs and we dig into the...


Ep. 107: Birthday #1's

It's a mega-episode that's jam-packed with goodness. What's the deal with creepy wax museums? A little pre-season NFL talk and some sexy shout-outs and not-so-sexy call outs. But it's all just a big poo-poo-platter of appetizers for the main event - our birthday #1's playlists! In honor of the recent 42-ness of Cheesesteak Moretti, we run down the #1 songs on our respective birthdays for every year since we were born. There are some tender vittles and there are some cow pies. And of...


Ep. 106: One-Hit-Wonders of the 70's!!!

We're back with another life-changing OHW episode and we're finally tackling the 70's!! You've been waiting for it, you know you love it, so soak it in, in all it's smooth and cheesy glory! It's a dynamite playlist but who will make the final cut for the Mt. Rushmore? Looking Glass? King Harvest? Ace? The Sanford Townsend Band? Take a toke and take a listen...


Ep. 105: Chuck Kaiton!

Live from the annual Meg's Smile Charity Golf Tournament, we were able to corner NHL hall-of-fame broadcaster Chuck Kaiton, for a special C&C chat with the famous voice of the Carolina Hurricanes! It's some icy hot hockey talk to get you through the steamy summer! We ask Chuck his thoughts on the respectability of southern hockey markets, the possible return of the Whalers sweaters, the return of the Canes to the playoffs, his favorite golf courses, and more!


Ep. 103: #ThereCanOnlyBe26

We've got a new spin-off from our famous #ThereCanOnlyBeOne episodes. Instead of picking the single best song from each band, we go through the alphabet and pick the best band to represent each letter! Spoiler alert - ZZ Top did not make the list!


Ep. 102: Battle of the Network Pods

As you can guess, we discuss the reboot of "Battle of the Network Stars" in the midst of the game show reboot revolution and ask ourselves why Anthony Anderson is hosting one of these things, and why he is still in my life? There are two new Pappy's Products in the house including Doritos Heat Wave and a new offering from the Leinenkugel's Brewery. We unveil our brilliant "slaughter rule" idea in this week's "If We Ran It." And Jason sounds off on Red Sox starters whose names begin with...


Ep. 100: We've actually done 100 of these freakin' things!!

Get ready for the ultimate C&C mega 100th birthday party!! No, we aren't 100 years old, but we did finally hit our 100th episode and we've got a marathon tribute to all the goodies that came about during the first 99, plus a whole lot more! We break out some of our most famous segments, including 3 new Pappy's Products, a few folks who need to "get their asses back on track" and of course some "Why Are You Still in my Life?" We also throw live to our correspondents in the field, aka alter...


Ep. 99 1/2: Boston-Philly Draft Trade!!

The bat signal went up for an emergency podcast!! Our beloved Celtics and 76ers made some major noise on the cusp of the NBA Draft, swapping the 1st and 3rd overall picks. The details of the trade actually went final just moments after we recorded this pod, but the essence of our mixed reactions to this deal are the same, with quite differing levels of excitement from both the Cheesesteak and the Chowder perspectives.


Ep. 99: Beverly Hills

We're back at the Hickory Tavern, munching on some sweet potato fries. We dig into the state of the NBA and debate the character of KD and the superteam Warriors. Then we sneak in a Mt. Rushmore of beans and a Mt. Flushmore of vegetables. The grammar police get called to the scene once again and we've got two new victims for "Why Are You Still in My Life?" Cheers!


Ep. 98: Ping Pong Pod

It's an exciting night for C&C as both our NBA teams are in prime lottery position! Listen along with us as we react live to the "bouncing of the ping pong balls" aka, reading of the draft order envelopes. In an episode recorded before the Eastern Conference Finals, Papstradamus correctly predicts the C's shocking Game 3 victory in Cleveland. Then we dive into our epic new game of "Flavor Wars." It's a head-to-head elimination game that pits random flavors up against each other until we...


Ep. 93: Smirnoff & Stroganoff

We kick things off with our thoughts on April Fool's Day and quickly learn that our studio sidekick "Alexa" is going to be salty throughout the evening. Have you ever wondered what flavors make up the unique taste of Dr. Pepper? (8:27). We crack open the secret 23-flavor formula. Jason shares a story from the creepster files (25:25) and we review a Pringles Loud (29:25) and a Snickers Hazelnut (1:20:55) in this week's Pappy's Products. Anthony delivers a super in-depth Baseball preview...


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