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Join Bears expert Caedmon for all the latest news and moves of the 2014 season. co-hosted by Bears homer Kenny.




Bears trying to Buc their losing ways

This week on the show Caedmon and Kenny are feeling a little optimistic about our Beloved Bears. Can they get this train on a good roll. We will see. Beardown friends!

Duration: 00:30:19

Jay is back, but for how long?

On this edition of the Chicago Bears Beat, Caedmon and Kenny talk Bears and Vikings Monday night match up. This is also the first time the podcast was broadcast live on Facebook. Got to keep it interesting. Beardown friends!

Duration: 00:15:11

When two bad teams collide!

Jags beat the Colts, Colts beat the Bears? This week Caedmon and Kenny try to make sense of what has happened so far this season. Can Jordan Howard and Cameron Merideth do it again this week? Can our beloved suck it up and get it done? Thanks for all, friends. Please share podcast if you can. Beardown!

Duration: 00:29:47

Staying on track in Indy

This week on the podcast Caedmon and Kenny talk about last weeks win. Now our beloved will be testing their luck this week against the Colts. Both teams have struggled so far this season. Time for the Bears to keep in the race with another win. Beardown friends!

Duration: 00:23:30

Will Bears break record this week?

This week on the podcast Caedmon and Kenny talk about this weeks game against rival Detroit. A loss at home will break a record for our Beloved. The most home losses in a row since their existence. Can Hoyer and the rest of offense show us anything? Thanks for all friends. Beardown!

Duration: 00:25:09

Bears must win!

This week on the show boils down to one thing. Our Beloved must win this game. Caedmon and Kenny talk about last weeks disaster and a look at this weeks matchup in big D. Please share show and Beardown friends!

Duration: 00:29:37

Bears vs Eagles

This week on the Chicago Bears Beat, Caedmon and Kenny take a look at just what our beloved need to do to take down Carson Wentz. The Bears need to get some momentum and this is just the team to start with. Please share podcast friends. Beardown!

Duration: 00:30:34

Season #3 Starts Now!

The Chicago Bears Beat is excited to bring you 2016 season preview. Caedmon and Kenny talk about all the big moves by Ryan Pace. Including the not so shocking cut of K Robbie Gould tonight. Tons of fun with look at our beloved Bears roster and prediction for the season ahead. Please share podcast. Thanks for all your support. Beardown Friends!

Duration: 00:39:16

Training Camp Time

The guys are back for season 3 of the Chicago Bears Beat! It has been a long off season. Lots of changes with our Beloved Bears. Caedmon has his insights on the roster as it is right now. And yes, Kenny has been drinking his Kool Aid. Beardown Friends!

Duration: 00:34:39

Bears Offseason Looking Good!

Caedmon and Kenny are thrilled to start the third season of the Chicago Bears Beat! This season should prove to be a the one our Beloved take a giant step forward. This show we will talk moves this offseason so far and of course the NFL draft coming up this month. Beardown!

Duration: 00:38:47

Fight to the Finish!

Our vacation is over and the Bears will be starting one soon. Final game this Sunday at Soldier Field vs. Lions. Will our Beloved show up to prevent a double digit loss season? We know it is a cliche'. Will the team show some fight when nothing but draft order and 3rd place is at stake. We will talk about on this weeks CBB. Beardown Friends!

Duration: 00:34:57

Bears vs Redskins

This week on the CBB we take a quick look back at the botched game against the 49er's. The guys then look ahead to the redskins. Will Jay remember what they did to him last time they met? We will see if the Beloved are groin to win this one. Beardown Friends!

Duration: 00:27:09

Bears VS 49'ers

This week on the CBB the guys talk about that beautiful Thanksgiving game. But, now it is time to take on Mr. Gabbert and the niners. Can the Bears win one we are supposed to? Can we improve our dismal home record? We will talk those things and more. Thanks as always for the shares and the downloads! Beardown!

Duration: 00:24:47

Bears ready for the Rams?

This week on the Chicago Bears Beat we talk about that great Monday night victory! Take a look at the Bears next big test, the Rams. Can our O-line keep Jay clean this week? Thanks for sharing as always. Bear Down friends!

Duration: 00:26:36

Monday Night with the Bolts

This time on the CBB we talk about our gift to the Vikings last week. Then we take a look at the Monday night match up with the Chargers. Can Jay keep up the efficient play? Can our defense stop Phillip Rivers? We will talk about. Thanks for sharing Podcast and Bear Down Friends!

Duration: 00:23:55

Bears and the Beat return from the Bye

Great to get the bye week over. This week Caedmon and Kenny look to see if our Beloved can bounce back after a week off? Thanks as always for sharing The Chicago Bears Beat podcast. Bear Down friends!

Duration: 00:22:39

Bears lose in Motor City!

Chicago Bears Beat post loss review of the heartbreaker in Motown. Many reasons why this happened. We will talk about them. Even the CBB had some microphone issues on this one. Was there just something in the air? Bear Down friends!

Duration: 00:17:52

Bears facing a sleeping Lion?

This week on the Chicago Bears Beat we talk being 3-3 going into the bye. Will the Bears show the last two weeks were a sign of things to come? Can Matt Stafford and Calvin Johnson get back on track? Bear Down Friends!

Duration: 00:25:57

Time for a Pow Wow on Bears Vs Chiefs

Caedmon's Special guest this week is Henry Lake from 610 AM Kansas City on the Chicago Bears Beat! Henry goes in depth on what our Beloved Bears can expect this Sunday. He has a couple surprising opinions too. Thanks as always for sharing and Bear Down Friends!

Duration: 00:47:41

He's one tough Son of a Bug!

John fox said it. Caedmon and Kenny finally get to talk about a Bears win this time on the podcast. Jay Cutler gutted it out. These Bears are showing some fight! Bear Down friends!

Duration: 00:15:24

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