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Distinguished Speaker Series: David Booth and Eugene Fama

This podcast features David Booth, MBA '71, and professor Eugene Fama. The discussion, moderated by Dean Edward Snyder, looks at Mr. Booth's co-founding of Dimensional Fund Advisors, which pioneered small cap investing, as well as the continuing contribution professor Fama and his research have made to the firm.

Duration: 01:22:46

Chicago Booth Podcast: Faculty Panel on Ethics and Wall Street

Booth faculty members Steve N. Kaplan, Tobias Moskowitz and Luigi Zingales spoke at a Myron Scholes Global Market Forum event sponsored by the Initiative on Global Markets. They offered advice to MBA students about making ethical decisions on the job.

Duration: 01:00:38

Chicago Booth Podcast: Should Executive Pay Be Regulated?

Steven N. Kaplan, Neubauer Family Professor of Entrepreneurship and Finance spoke at a Myron Scholes Global Market Forum event sponsored by the Initiative on Global Markets. He approaches the questions is by examining the relationship between CEO pay and performance.

Duration: 01:01:26

Chicago Booth Podcast: Household Leverage and the Recession of 2007 to 2009

Associate Professor of Finance Amir Sufi talked to students at a Becker Brown Bag Series sponsored by the Becker Center on Chicago Price Theory about research that suggests household leverage plays an important role in recessions.

Duration: 01:02:03

Chicago Booth Podcast: Market-Based Health Insurance Reform

AQR Capital Management Professor of Finance John H. Cochrane talked to students at a Becker Brown Bag Series sponsored by the Becker Center on Chicago Price Theory about proposed solutions to public policies distorting the health care market.

Duration: 00:59:18

Chicago Booth Podcast: The Future of Markets

In the midst of the worst recession since the 1930s, six Chicago Booth faculty members reexamined the role of government in the economy at a special forum at the 57th annual Management Conference in Chicago. Veteran journalist Ray Suarez moderated the panel.

Duration: 02:07:31

Chicago Booth Podcast: Why Regulations Must Be Consistent Across Financial and Geographical Borders

The Vice Chairman of Deutsche Bank's Global Group, Malcom Knight, spoke at a Myron Scholes Global Markets Forum on the need to address regulatory arbitrage across financial and geographical borders.

Duration: 01:01:35

Chicago Booth Podcast: How to Avoid an Unsuccessful Merger

Michael Gibbs, Clinical Professor of Economics, presents research that takes an innovative look at mergers. In the current economic climate, his study of the integration costs of mergers offers some cautionary lessons. Professor Gibbs presented his findings at a Becker Brown Bag series lecture.

Duration: 00:50:50

Chicago Booth Podcast: 2009 Business Forecast with Chicago Booth Faculty

This broadcast features the 2009 Business Forecast with Chicago Booth faculty members Marvin Zonis and Erik Hurst along with Michael Mussa, senior fellow at The Peterson Institute for International Economics. Held in 8 cities around the world, speakers at this annual event offer their insights on factors affecting the global economy and their outlook for the coming year.

Duration: 01:22:46

Chicago Booth Podcast: The Growth Report: Strategies for Sustained Growth and Inclusive Development

Danny Leipziger was Vice Chair of the Commission on Growth and Development which undertook a two year study of policies and strategies that underlie rapid and sustained economic growth and poverty reduction. Mr. Leipziger, who is also Vice President for Poverty Reduction and Economic Management at the World Bank discusses the Commission’s findings.

Duration: 01:42:28

Chicago Booth Podcast: Should Executive Pay Be Regulated?

This broadcast features faculty member and former Federal Reserve Governor Randall Kroszner talking about the financial crisis and reform. He discussed his first-hand experiences including the Bear Stearns meltdown at a Global Leadership Series event in London.

Duration: 01:15:31

Chicago Booth Podcast: A Faculty panel discusses the credit crisis.

Brian Barry, John Cochrane, Steven Kaplan and Raghuram Rajan offer their perspectives on some likely consequences as well as possible steps to resolve it and lessen its impact without setting terrible precedents. The panel was the wrap-up for a four part series hosted by the Initiative on Global Markets.

Duration: 01:00:36

Chicago Booth Podcast: How the Free Market Emerged in Poland

Leszek Balcerowicz, former deputy prime minister and minister of finance of Poland, discusses transitional economies at a Myron Scholes Global Markets Forum event. Mr. Balcerowicz had an enormous influence on his country’s quick transformation from a communist to market-driven economy.

Duration: 00:59:58

Chicago GSB Podcast: CEOs Need Tougher, Not Softer Skills to Succeed

This broadcast features Steven Kaplan, Neubauer Family Professor of Entrepreneurship and Finance, speaking at the 2008 Management Conference. He shares his research on how successful CEOs are efficient, proactive, and persistent.

Duration: 01:08:13

Chicago GSB Podcast: Is the Media Really Biased?

This broadcast features Jesse Shapiro, assistant professor of economics addressing a Becker Brown Bag Lunch for students. He shares his research into media bias and demonstrates that media demand is linked to broader economic forces.

Duration: 00:37:42

Chicago GSB Podcast: Road to CEO with Bill McComb of Liz Claiborne Inc. and Andris Cukurs of Suzlon Wind Energy Corporation

This broadcast features two CEOs, Bill McComb, of Liz Claiborne Inc., and Andris Cukurs, Suzlon Wind Energy Corporation. Both are GSB alumni and were participating in the Charles M. Har per Road to CEO series. They shared their views and experiences with students in an informal fireside chat.

Duration: 01:12:52

Chicago GSB Podcast: Gordon Crovitz on Changes Affecting the Media Industry

This broadcast features a Gordon Crovitz, former publisher of the Wall Street Journal. Crovitz looks at the question of “How Will Newspapers Survive?” and discusses how identifying and exploiting change can make old media new again. He highlights five change that can help newspapers.

Duration: 00:31:50

Chicago GSB Podcast: Gururaj Deshpande on the Next Wave of Technology Innovations

This broadcast features Gururaj Deshpande, the billionaire chairman of Sycamore Networks, addressing the TechVision 2008 conference which looked at key issues and trends in high tech. Deshpande predicted technology innovation will focus on energy and life sciences.

Duration: 00:49:42

Chicago GSB Podcast: Daniel Esty on how CEO’s can turn "Green into Gold"

Daniel Esty, professor of environmental law and policy at Yale University, talks about how CEO’s can turn “Green into Gold”. His remarks focus the growing trend where businesses take environmental issues into account when developing their core strategy.

Duration: 01:04:27

Chicago GSB Podcast: Former CMO of Coca Cola on the Truth About Marketing

When it comes right down to it, marketing is about making money, said Sergio Zyman, chairman and founder of Zyman Group and former chief marketing officer of the Coca-Cola Company. “My philosophy of marketing is the philosophy of business, which is to sell more stuff to more people more often for more money more efficiently,” Zyman said in a keynote address at a conference hosted by student-led Chicago GSB Marketing Group October 15 at the Harper Center.

Duration: 00:33:37

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