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Policy Radio | Feeding America’s Sophie Milam on Food Insecurity in America

Sophie Milam with Feeding America discusses the current state of food insecurity in the United States and the impact of new farm bill legislation on food assistance programs.

Duration: 00:13:50

Policy Radio | Moderates in a Polarized Congress: A Conversation with Reps.

This week, centrist former Members of Congress Sue Kelly (R-NY-19) and Lincoln Davis (D-TN-4) discuss the rise of political polarization, the decline of the political center, and critical role of moderates in Congress.

Duration: 00:24:11

Policy Radio | Cook County Clerk David Orr on Promoting Voters Rights in Ch

This week, Julie Cooper talks with County Clerk David Orr about his work promoting voters’ rights, bringing modern technology to Cook County elections, and what is at stake in making voting more accessible and convenient for everyone.

Duration: 00:20:13

Policy Radio | Jacky Grimshaw, Vice President for Policy at Chicago’s Cente

This week, Jim Howes sits down with Jacky Grimshaw to talk about urban sustainability in Chicago and around the world.

Duration: 00:10:13

Policy Radio | City Controller Ronald Green on Houston’s Finances

This week, Daniel O'Keefe talks with Controller Green about the financial issues facing the city of Houston.

Duration: 00:04:39

Policy Radio | US-Russia Relations with Ambassador Ian Kelly, Diplomat-in-R

This week, Anne Knapke speaks with Ambassador Kelly about the state of US-Russia relations, US foreign policy, the Sochi Olympic games, and the reemergence of an East West divide.

Duration: 00:17:08

Policy Radio | Senator Claire McCaskill on Representing a Politically Diver

This week, David Spearman speaks with Senator McCaskill about the challenges of working in a divided congress and representing a politically diverse state.

Duration: 00:08:21

Policy Radio | Mayor Annise Parker on the Innovations of Urban Policy

This week, Michael Deheeger speaks with Houston Mayor Annise Parker about how her city is leading the charge toward innovative urban policy solutions.

Duration: 00:13:01

Policy Radio | Dr. Mark Hammergren on Current Trends in Space Research and

This week, Julie Cooper speaks with Dr. Mark Hammergren of the Adler Planetarium about current space research, trends and politics in the field and how astronomers’ work impacts our daily lives.

Duration: 00:26:04

Policy Radio | Sheikh Abdul Aziz al Nuaimi, the “Green Sheikh,” on Environm

This week, we speak with the Green Sheikh, Abdul Aziz al Nuaimi, about his work as an environmentalist and the importance of direct personal engagement for promoting a sustainable future.

Duration: 00:11:54

Policy Radio | Former US Representative Steve LaTourette Reflects on Public

This week we speak with former US Representative Steve LaTourette on what he accomplished during his two decades in Congress and how polarization in Washington and the growing debt go hand in hand.

Duration: 00:18:36

Policy Radio | Richard M. Daley on his partnership with the University of C

This week, Julie Cooper speaks with former Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley about his partnership with the University of Chicago and the City of Gary, Indiana.

Duration: 00:16:07

Policy Radio | Lois Scott on Creative Solutions for Chicago’s Infrastructur

In this week’s episode of Chicago Policy Radio, David Levine sits down with Lois Scott, the CFO of the City of Chicago, to discuss solutions to Chicago’s infrastructure problems.

Duration: 00:16:23

Policy Radio | Dina Smeltz and Craig Kafura on American Public Opinion of U

In this week’s episode of Chicago Policy Radio, Julie Cooper sits down with two public opinion researchers from the Chicago Council on Global Affairs to talk about new trends in the results of the 2012 Chicago Council Survey on American public opinion of U.S. foreign policy.

Duration: 00:11:54

Policy Radio | Cristal Thomas on Illinois State Government: Present and Fut

In this week’s episode of Chicago Policy Radio, Julie Cooper sits down with Cristal Thomas, the Deputy Governor of Illinois, to discuss Governor Pat Quinn’s major policy initiatives and what the future holds for Illinois.

Duration: 00:12:27

Policy Radio | Geoffrey Garin Talks Polling, Strategy, and the 2012 Preside

On this week’s episode of Chicago Policy Radio, Claire O’Hanlon sits down with Geoff Garin to talk about the results of the 2012 presidential election, the changing demography of the electorate, third parties, and how polling has changed over the course of Mr. Garin’s career.

Duration: 00:16:13

Policy Radio | Alexander Heffner on Youth Political Engagement and the 2012

In this week’s episode of Chicago Policy Radio, Lindsey Hearn sits down with journalist and civic educator Alexander Heffner to discuss the evolving dynamics of youth political participation and civic engagement, and the implications of the recent emergent trends for the 2012 presidential campaign.

Duration: 00:15:27

Policy Radio | Andi Zeisler on Gains and Setbacks for Working Women

In this week's episode of Chicago Policy Radio, Bradley Crawford sits down with Andi Zeisler, cofounder of Bitch magazine, to talk about family policy, women's status in developing countries, and the path of women's progress over the past fifteen years.

Duration: 00:11:18

Policy Radio | Arsalan Iftikhar on the American Muslim Experience

In this week's episode of Chicago Policy Radio, Bassam Aoun sits down with Arsalan Iftikhar to talk about the American Muslim experience, immigration, and the changing demographics of the United States.

Duration: 00:11:14

Policy Radio | Urban Development in a Midwestern Underdog

In this week’s episode of Chicago Policy Radio, Mark Bergen sits down with Mayor Keith Bosman to talk about economic development in mid-size, Midwestern cities like Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Duration: 00:13:07

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