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Study: Surah al-Tukathur

s it makki or madini surah? Abu Hayyan, Iman Suyuti and Shaukani said that this Surah is a Makki surah. Theme and Subject Matter It talks about the people who worship the world. It says how all these things that we see as good, benefiting and blessings are nothing but a trial for us. Translation of Surah al-Tukathur Your craze for more and more and mutual rivalry for worldly gains has made you heedless, until you reach the graves. By no means! Soon you shall know! Again (note it well) by no...

Duration: 00:01:36

Shaitan (Satan) the Cursed One

ecently, I have been thinking about how we as Muslims can identify and protect ourselves from Shaitan and his whispers. This is the main problem in the world. If people could differentiate between right and wrong the world would be a much better place. To begin let's see this ayah in surah Al-Araf, And if an evil suggestion comes to you from Satan, then seek refuge in Allah . Indeed, He is Hearing and Knowing. (The Noble Quran 7:200) Shaitan is a misguider. He is an enemy made of fire....

Duration: 00:12:19