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The Obamas Are Painted, We Love Black Lightening and the Vagina Monologues

Grab a seat and chill with the Rev. and Doc on the porch as they discus the new paintings of the Obamas, their love for Black Lightening, and their anticipation for Marvel's Black Panther Movie! There is also a lot of talk about vagina, but it's pretty hilarious and tastefully done lol Thanks for Chilling on the porch!


A New Breed of Black People, Grownish, Cardi B, Bruno Mars, and The Mother of Black Hollywood

Come chill with the Rev and Doc on the porch as they discuss a bunch of contemporary randomness in the New Year. Topics include: A New Breed of black people – cats, swimming, camping, and the like! Rev. Derek deals with ‘catfish’ and online creeps. Their love for Cardi B! The awesomeness that is Bruno Mar’s song “Finesse” the remix featuring Cardi B. This week’s Black and Proud goes to the new show Grownish and Jenifer Lewis’ Book, “The Mother of Black Hollywood.” They also give a Shoutout...


Perverts, Politics, Possibilities and Follow Your Bliss with Gray Ndiaye

Chill with us on the porch as we talk about the current events and politics of the week including the explosion of sexual harassment allegations in Hollywood and Washington, and of course an update on the insanity of 45. Rev. Derek also chats with Gray Ndiaye, the author of "Help Me Through," who encourages us to follow our bliss and chase our passion and dreams!


Chilling On the Porch With DariusCooks

Grab a seat and chill with us on the porch as we chat with the amazingly successful and awesome Darius Williams (DariusCooks) as apart of our #FollowYourBliss series. Listen to Darius as he gives practical advice for how he turned is passion for food into a lucrative full-time empire. Also hear about his other streams of income and be inspired to chase your own dreams. Everyone who listens will be blessed by chilling on the porch with Darius Williams! Be Sure to visit to...


Halloweeen, Black and Proud, and Follow Your Bliss

Chill with us on the porch as we discuss cultural appropriations during the halloween season, our new #BlackAndProud segment (which goes to Representative Frederica Wilson this week), as well as a new #FollowYourBliss segment we are starting next week! Thanks for Chilling oN the Porch!


Chilling On the Porch With Pastor Greg Stamper

Join Rev. Derek and Dr. Mikkaka on the porch as they chat with Rev. Derek's self proclaimed pastor and spiritual mentor Pastor Greg Stamper. They discuss some basic New Thought principals, suggest a few texts to explore, and offer practical advice on how individuals can change their thoughts, minds, and perceptions in order to live their best possible lives! Pull up a chair and thanks for chilling on the porch!


Rev. Derek Chats with Ricardo & DeAndre from Iyanla Fix My Life

In this special bonus (unplanned, unscheduled) episode of Chilling on the Porch Rev. Derek chats with Ricardo & DeAndre, two black men who were recently featured on a two part episode of Iyanla, Fix My Life addressing black who have survived sexual assault. These two men and the Rev. discuss Fix my life, working with Iyanla, their relationships with their families, and much MUCH more. Grab a seat and thanks for chilling on the porch with us!


Pray for Vegas & How To Make Friends

Chill with us on the porch as we discuss gun violence in America, the tragedy of the Vegas mass shooting, and give some insight on how to make new friends as an adult. Thanks for Chilling on the Porch with us!


Attack of the Killer Millennials - Things Our Generation Killed!

WE'RE BACK! This is the official first episode of Chilling On The Porch Season 2! On this episode we go through a list of "Things Millennials are Killing." This episode is sponsored by the Brotherhood of Bearded Gents, visit to shop a complete line of natural skin and haircare products. Grab a seat and thanks for Chilling on the Porch!


Self Care for Young Professionals

Chill on the Porch with the Rev. and the Doc as they discuss suggestions for navigating and processing career moves during quarter life crisis moments. Also checkout their new theme song from the amazing Arcade.Soul and the highlight of this episode is Rev. Derek rapping a Kanye verse! Thanks for Chilling ON the Porch!


Have you seen our Childhood?

Grab a seat and chill on the porch with the Rev & Doc in this whimsical and random episode of #ChillingOnThePorch! They cover lots of topics that fellow Millennials will adore like Beauty and the Beast, The Power Rangers, Jet Magazine, Countess Vaughn, Mr. Joe Clark from "Lean on Me", Mr. T, Full House, and longings for an old fashioned pie fight. Thanks for chilling on the porch!


Feminist Panties!

Chill on the Porch with the Rev & Doc as they discuss the tragedy that is day light savings time, climate change, "wire tapping," the Minaj & Ma beef, Porsha Williams, X-scape, "Black Toys Matter," the importance of diversity, and of course FEMINIST PANTIES! Grab a chair and let's chill!


Making Friends, Moonlight, and FaceTime

Once again Dr. Mikkaka and Rev. Derek cover a variety of topics this week while chilling on the porch! They answer a few listener questions- How do adults make friends? How do friendships change as people get older? How do you stay 'woke' and not hate white people? They also address their mutual disdain for random FaceTime calls, and a few suggested books to read about/by black people. Rev. Derek asks the question, "What stopped you from seeing moonlight?" Thanks for chilling on the porch!


A lot of stuff and questions for the trans community

Dr. Mikkaka and Rev. Derek talk about a little bit of this and a little bit of that, but a lot about the trans community as they seek to understand and ask questions concerning trans individuals and those who date them. They also recap their last episode with the crazy, sexy, and cool @SeanSmyph, address the New Edition movie, the death of Mary Tyler Moore, and Dr. Mikkaka's prospects of being a video girl. Other topics include Emmet Till's lying a** accuser, and a random shoutout to the...


Chilling with Special Guest @SeanSmyth

Chilling with Special Guest @SeanSmyth by Rev. Derek & Dr. Mikkaka


Getting Ready for the Orange Man

Chill with Rev. Derek and Dr. Mikkaka on the porch this week as they struggle to say goodbye to President Obama and hello to the Orange Man. They discuss ways of dealing with a Trump presidency as well as answer a few listener letters including one about open relationships. Rev. Derek also addresses some of the issues plaguing LGBTQ homeless youth, and the two discuss what they are currently reading. The show ends with Dr. Mikkaka's hilarious reaction to some of the crazy freaky stuff Rev...


Farewell Obama's

This episode honors 8 years of the Obama's in the White House! The Rev & Doc. take time out to pay tribute to the first black family to serve as President and First Lady of the United States of America. Along the way they randomly discuss: more about Kim Burrell; the idea of supporting the good work of people who have done bad things; an update on a listener letter about a boyfriend's hated man weave; Bill Cosby; Cicely Tyson; Harry Potter; Maggie Smith; Downton Abby; Chris Brown; Soulja...


Kim Burrells and the perverted homosexual sprit: a critique

Insanely hilarious episode of Chilling on the Porch with the Rev. & Doctor discussing how Rev. Derek started the whole Kim Burrell homophobic sermon backlash; Mariah Carey's not so fabulous moment on NYE; Orlando Brown's personally leaked sex tape. Grab a seat and chill with us on the porch!


Should we support People who do really bad stuff?

This episode is absolutely hilarious and thought-provoking as Rev. Derek and Dr. Mikkaka discuss the idea of supporting individuals who have done really bad stuff (like R. Kelly, Bill Cosby, and gospel singers James Cleveland & James Fortune). Should we negate all of the positive work they have done because of their poor behavior? They also discuss their Thanksgiving 2016 activities; why Rev. Derek is 100% tattoo free; The hit HBO show Insecure; sex; cheating in a relationship; how to...


Post Election Bull-ish

Chill on the Porch with the Rev & Doc as they discuss their feelings after the election, President Elect Donald Trump, how to move forward after the election, and how to resist the hate and BULL that the election gave power to in America. Pull up a chair and thanks for #ChillingOnThePorch


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