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Episode 93: Where my skinny clothes at?

What's good, homies? In this episode we discuss the tragic Vegas shooting, Cam Newtons comments and how it is perceived, how being fat or skinny have a lot in common, and more. Enjoy and share! Closing song: Ola - Black and Blue

Duration: 01:14:34

Episode 92: #FakeMad

Yo! In this episode we discuss the effects of the crazy ass hurricanes we've had and how Puerto Rico is getting overshadowed, Trump vs the NFL, whether or not Jim Carrey has a screw loose and much more. Bring ya ass and click play, enjoy!

Duration: 02:02:12

Episode 91: He looks like a XXX-Man

In this episode the homies try to figure what's going on with XXXtentacion and his recent transformation, recent natural disasters and if this means the end is near, addiction of the sexual nature, Chris Brown opening up and more. Enjoy!

Duration: 01:29:30

Episode 90: Fuck that, I can't swim

After our interface went out and we had to get a new one and now we're back. in this episode Swolley Tarentino is solo but covers a multitude of topics, including: recent hurricanes, deciding whats real from whats fake, how social media stars are driving culture, the controversial Xxxtentacion video, and more. Enjoy, homies.

Duration: 00:56:29

Episode 89: What channel did you rep as a kid?

In this episode the homies discuss personal happiness, the Mayweather vs Mcgregor fight, the fall of Jon Jones, the eclipse, and what channels drew us in as kids and what kind of person it says you are. Predates Harvey devastation. Tune in!

Duration: 01:27:29

Episode 88: Fuck that statue

In this episode we talk about all the recent activity dealing with Charlottesville and the racists crawling out of their incestuous caves to cry about statues. We also talk about ESPN's mock fantasy draft blunder, if men wore makeup, animals for entertainment and more, Enjoy, homies.

Duration: 01:23:57

Episode 87: Fall is for flames w/ Walt Flames

In this episode we had rapper, @WALTFLAMES drop by and chop up his music career, upcoming albums, future endeavors and what separates an artist from the rest. We also discuss the chaos in Charlottesville as it was happening, plus much more. Enjoy! Check out the music of Walt Flames on itunes, souncloud and spotify and videos on youtube

Duration: 01:32:43

Episode 86: Fake Oppressed

In this episode The Homies chop up people nowadays acting #fakeoppressed , Mtv changes their Moonman award to Moonperson, if freestyling is dead and much more. Enjoy.

Duration: 01:40:39

Episode 85: Protesting sluts playing football

Since we had some technical difficulties you get another this week... lucky you. In this episode we chop up the slut walk and use of the word slut, new studies on head trauma from playing football, and whether or not protesting works. And of course plenty more hilarity and great conversation. Enjoy, homies

Duration: 01:54:07

Episode 84: R. Kelly, OJ, and anal sex

In this episode we discuss the celebrity and legacy of a sex addict and an alleged murderer. We also chop up the outrage over an article published by Teen Vogue about teens an anal sex. Sorry for the fan in the background, the homies were hot.

Duration: 01:45:43

Episode 83: The Exorcism of Zamboni and Swolley

Some episodes we agree and some episodes we disagree, this is the latter.

Duration: 01:48:21

Episode 82: Booty sliders

This episode will piss you off, make you laugh, and have you wondering why the porn industry is doing cooking shows

Duration: 01:18:37

Episode 81: Stop making out with your dog

This episode we talk about the loss of a legend, rip Prodigy. Is technology going to far, people loving their pets too much, getting old... plus more.

Duration: 01:14:51

Episode 80: Fat guys gotta be funny

In this episode with it being fathers day weekend, we discuss being a father/ future fathers. We also dive into why we start families at all and how we'd raise our kids and the progression of kids now. And of course other things going on in the world. Enjoy!!!

Duration: 01:52:55

Episode 79: Style, speech, and sounds w/ @thefoolishmonkey

In this great episode we have special guest Isaac Rojas Co Founder Foolish Monkey. You may remember the Foolish Monkey name from a past episode when we had his brother, the other Founder on the show. We discussed the resurgence of baggy pants, free speech, and music that lasts. Enjoy!

Duration: 01:57:01

Episode 78: Who are we spiritually?

This episode was almost called, Headless Trump but that's too easy. In this episode we dive into spirituality and or lack there of these days. Also the Kathy Griffin photo, how we came to like the type of women we like and more.

Duration: 01:53:12

Episode 77: Wake up! We're going to brainwash you today

In this episode, we poke a littele fun at oraganized religion. Also, Moneyprint Durag is in disbelief about some of the stories and theories as of late saying, #findmefacts.

Duration: 01:20:04

Episode 76: Romping in my Romphim?

In this episode we talk about: the Rolling Loud Fest, school lunch shaming, the n word, and of course this new male romper trend that's about to happen this summer.

Duration: 01:45:17

Episode 75: On that Deuce Juice

This is what happens when you drink half a bottle of D’USSÉ and then record a podcast.

Duration: 01:10:25

Episode 74: Speak up or Square up

In this episode we dive into talking about... talking it out, if you don't you have to square up.

Duration: 01:37:33

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