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Chromacast 28 - Forward

Interested in running a live electronic music gig? Want to know a bit of the history of electronic music in America? Chromacast 28 has you covered. Listen in as we welcome Trovarsi and Markman, also known as Forward, the live electronic music duo, for an interview and live in-studio set. High Quality Download: Full Tracklist: Check out the Forward live setup on the Chromacast Instagram page:...

Duration: 01:49:54

Chromacast 27.2 - Jeff Devoe - Live at Chromacast Sessions 10.07

October 7th was a special night for Chromacast as we presented a piece of what was in our hearts to the Downtown LA community. We are incredibly grateful to all that came out. The vibe was palpable all night long thanks to you! Last week we were able to share Jeff Tovar’s incredible opening set. The heavy momentum from Tovar’s set catapulted the night forward. Jeff Devoe took the reigns after Tovar and laid down a mix of house, tech house and progressive house that kept the energy flowing....

Duration: 01:27:09

Chromacast 27.1 - Jeff Tovar - Chromacast Sessions 10.07 Live

Chromacast Sessions was last Saturday and what a special night it turned out to be. Our own little part of Downtown LA was filled with amazing tunes; old and new friends; visuals by Ian Kemp that kept us all in awe; and Purefilth Sound that was hitting all the right spots. We want to send a huge ‘thank you’ to everyone that made it out. Let’s relive the night with part of Jeff Tovar’s 2-hour opening set—an eclectic journey through sounds deep and groovy. High Quality Download:...

Duration: 01:37:42

Chromacast 26.3 - MR PUZL - Chromacast Sessions 10.07 Warmup

In just 4 short days Chromacast will be taking over Civic Center Studios in downtown LA for Chromacast Sessions w/ MR PUZL. We’ve been releasing warm up mixes through the week from our lineup and today we are blessed with a preview of what MR PUZL will be playing this Saturday! The mix is masterfully programmed and filled to the brim with amazing music. Alex has truly outdone himself with this and we are all very excited to see him play 12:30-close on Saturday. Tickets & info:...

Duration: 00:58:25

Chromacast 26.2 - Jeff Devoe - Chromacast Sessions 10.07 Warmup

This Saturday, Chromacast is hosting our first live event in over 5 years! Chromacast Sessions w/ @MR PUZL will be a celebration of the deep and progressive #house and #techno we’ve been showcasing on the podcast. This week we are showcasing the talent on the lineup with 3 warmup mixes. @Jeff Tovar released his lush progressive mix yesterday and today @Jeff Devoe steps up! He will be playing 11-12:30 this Saturday in Downtown LA. Also, watch this space tomorrow as our headliner @MR PUZL...

Duration: 00:40:32

Chromacast 26.1 - Jeff Tovar - Chromacast Sessions 10.07 Warmup

Less than a week away, Chromacast Sessions 10.07 is set for an unforgettable evening of deep electronic music. To get us all in the mood, we're doing three warmup mixes in three consecutive days. Here, Jeff Tovar sets the stage, giving us all a little taste of the sounds he'll be playing for his 2-hour opening set. Catch him from 9 to 11 this Saturday night in Downtown LA. Tickets: High Quality Download:

Duration: 00:38:42

Chromacast 25 - Jeff Devoe - Live at Camp Trip: Oasis

Jeff Devoe delivers a very special mix for Episode 25. A mix recorded live from a recent gig at Camp Trip: Oasis; a high quality, music forward, outdoor weekend event situated in various Southern California desert locations. During this sunrise set Jeff Devoe provides an uplifting start to the day and injects more tech and progressive energy as the mix progresses. Jeff Devoe explains “Watching the sunrise and getting to start (or end) the day for a group of music lovers was an honor. From...

Duration: 00:54:12

Chromacast 24 - Padai

Coming all the way from Belfast, Ireland, to Los Angeles and beyond is Chromacast 24 by producer/DJ, Padai. Before gifting us with a modern, lush Progressive and Deep Tech mix, we chatted in an online interview, hoping to give you some further insight into the man who both creates and mixes the sounds we all love. Be sure to check that out below. High Quality Download: Full Tracklist: Exclusive Interview:...

Duration: 01:03:45

Chromacast 23 - Goingrey

Chromacast 23 features a very special guest mix by someone we think you will be hearing a lot more of in the years to come: Goingrey. Before his mix dropped on Mixcloud, Soundcloud, and iTunes, our own Jeff Tovar wanted to get to know him a bit more and also let you in on the man behind the music. These are 20 (or so) questions with Goingrey, available exclusively on our Facebook page. High Quality Download: Full Tracklist:...

Duration: 01:18:05

Chromacast 22 - Kingpin

Things get a bit personal as Kingpin, Jeff Tovar, and Jeff Devoe sit in studio and talk about what Chromacast means to the group. And then Kingpin lays into a heavy progressive house session. Get yourselves acquainted with the crew in Episode 22. High Quality Download: Full Tracklist: ———— Kingpin began his dance music career as a DnB DJ in 1999. Flipped to progressive house and global club culture in 2005 after...

Duration: 01:20:13

Chromacast 18 - Thee-O - The Full Interview

Chromacast finally had a chance to catch up with our man, Thee-O! Tune in and join our guys Jeff Devoe and Jeff Tovar as the hour-long conversation spans a plethora of subjects ranging from Thee-O’s vast history in the electronic music scene to his production setup, and above and beyond, what it takes to be consistent for over 25 years. Don’t miss one of the most candid conversations from one of the most paramount people in the electronic music culture. High Quality Download:...

Duration: 01:04:03

Chromacast 21 - Calculon - The Full Interview

The full interview with drum & bass and halftime label boss, Calculon. Join us as we talk about his labels Shoot Recordings and Rubik Records, travel, amazing food, and much more. High quality download: Chromacast 21 - Calculon (mix): ———— You know Calculon. His gargantuan beats have been destroying dancefloors for a decade, pushing the envelope at jungle, juke and hardcore...

Duration: 00:34:21

Chromacast 21 - Calculon

Bass heads, this one is especially for you. Join us for an interview and mix from label boss for Rubik and Shoot Recordings, Calculon. Heavy, breaky, a sign of the modern times, this man's sounds are heard around the world and back. High Quality Download: ———— You know Calculon. His gargantuan beats have been destroying dancefloors for a decade, pushing the envelope at jungle, juke and hardcore parties around the globe. Classic tracks like “Larchmont,”...

Duration: 01:07:47

Chromacast 20 - MR PUZL - The Full Interview

Chromacast 20 delves deeper into the man we know as MR PUZL with the full interview. Get to know him on a level you may not have experienced from any other previous exchange. High Quality Download: ———— MR PUZL is one of the co-founders of the music collective affectionately known as LAMP. He's also the founder of PUZL Records. Music is a passion that drives him creatively. He designs things irl and digitally. He likes drinking pilsners....

Duration: 00:34:58

Chromacast 20 - MR PUZL

We say goodbye to July with our last mix of the month featuring another one of LA's own producer/DJs, MR PUZL. Tune in to Episode 20 as we get acquainted with the man and he fills us in on his background, the LAMP collective, and his own Puzl Records. Interview and vibey summer mix ahead! High Quality Download: ———— MR PUZL is one of the co-founders of the music collective affectionately known as LAMP. He's also the founder of PUZL Records. Music is a...

Duration: 01:17:32

Chromacast 19 - Jeff Tovar

Chromacast resident Jeff Tovar drops a perfect mix for those midsummer nights, combining timeless classics and amazing new tracks for Episode 19. High Quality Download: ———— Jeff Tovar is formerly known as Phear, Sucio, and DIV. A DJ since the late ’90s, former partner in Kuru and Shame On You. Known by his peers as the DJ’s DJ. Co-founder of Club Muse (100+ events/10+ years), and creator of Chromacast. Overall big fan of the magic that producers create....

Duration: 01:29:43

Chromacast 18 - Thee-O

Chromacast is very proud to present Episode 18 with a Los Angeles icon, Thee-O. Settle in and turn it up for an amazing mix by one of the longest withstanding DJs around. High Quality Download: ———— While a lot can be talked about when it comes to “Old School,” Thee-O walks the walk. He has accomplished a lot in his 25 years of being a DJ, producer and promoter and he is just getting started. He remains wildly popular while staying firmly planted into the...

Duration: 01:07:30

Chromacast 17 - Origin - The Full Interview

The full interview with Chromacast 17 guest, Origin. Tune in and join us as we get deep into convo about early rave music, VR, spatial audio, production studios and techniques, and plenty more. High Quality Download: ———— Since his 4-track synthesizer experiments in the early 90s, Ryan Origin has focused on conveying futuristic beauty with electronic music. He grew up as electronic music did, watching the 90s rave scene in Los Angeles...

Duration: 00:36:29

Chromacast 17 - Origin

Get set as we dive head first into episode 17 with the heavy sounds of halftime by Origin. We had the chance to catch up with the guy beforehand and included an edited version of the interview before his mix. The convo got deep into early rave music, VR, and his production studio. Look for more interviews and mixes in Chromacast episodes to come. High Quality Download: ———— Since his 4-track synthesizer experiments in the early 90s, Ryan Origin has...

Duration: 00:44:43

Chromacast 16 - Jeff Devoe

Jeff Devoe slides into the resident rotation with episode 16 of Chromacast, displaying a harmony of House and Techno. High Quality Download: Jeff Devoe is a Los Angeles based electronic music producer. He released drum and bass under Devoe from 2004-2008 with Relentless Audio, a local LA based label started by himself, Dj Kingpin (also from Chromacast!), and Direct Feed. From 2009-2014 he released electro house as 1/2 of Oh Shit! Oh Shit! performed a...

Duration: 01:03:38

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