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Episode 9 - Lene

This week, I talk with photographer, writer/author, and general badass: Lene Andersen. As you will hear, she is one of the reasons that Chronic Sex started. She is a wonderful advocate, activist, and pal. Keep in mind that this episode was recorded over the summer of 2016. That said, we mention a contest for SYLK that has since run and ended. You can find links for Lene below: Real RA: It’s Not Just About the Jar:...

Duration: 01:18:14

Episode 6: Kira Lynne

***Please make sure to help fund us!*** If you’re in the Portland, Oregon area, come join us for Tea & Empathy at 6 pm on Dec 14! Today, I talk to Kira Lynne – a life coach, registered professional counsellor, and psychotherapist in Canada. She deals with chronic illnesses herself and this is part of what pushes her in her work to help others. Reid Mihalko’s Say What’s Not Being Said: Reid’s...

Duration: 01:15:32

Episode 4: We Will Fight

***Please note that I am still looking for someone to help with transcription. I cannot currently afford to pay anyone, but would love to provide volunteer hours to anyone 18+ who may need it.*** While I was originally planning on sharing an interview with the amazing Tambre Leighn this week, I needed to talk election. Trigger warnings in this episode include: sexual assault, physical attacks, racism, ableism, misogyny, Islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia, politics, abuse and neglect in...

Duration: 00:25:53

Episode 3: DJ D-REK

This week, we are talking with DJ D-REK AKA Derek Canas. Derek had a heart condition as a child and received blood transfusions at three months old while getting treatment for that. However, this was before HIV/AIDS screening in blood transfusions. Derek became HIV positive. He wouldn't receive a diagnosis until over a decade later. Today, we talk with him to learn more about his story and what he does to help others with HIV and AIDS. Derek started the #EndTheStigma campaign. To learn...

Duration: 01:20:48

Episode 5 - Tambre Leighn

**Please remember that we are looking for volunteers to transcribe episodes for full accessibility** Tambre Leighn is a life coach who focuses on how to help cancer patients, cancer survivors, and their loved ones live their best lives possible. You can find her at or

Duration: 01:43:54

Episode 2: Chelsea

***PLEASE NOTE WE ARE LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS TO PROVIDE TRANSCRIPTIONS: this episode is delayed because I was trying to transcribe for accessibility, but I needed to just get it up and get it over it. If you want to volunteer your time, please email me at*** Potential triggers in this episode: discussion of BDSM/kink, injections, teen pregnancy, sexual education, childhood abuse/neglect, sexual abuse/assault/molestation, ableism from loved ones and others. This is...

Duration: 01:30:04