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Eclectica 148 - Abbott and Costello in Space

Forever the rabble-rousers, that's us. So bad we are, we even rebel against ourselves every now and again. We are a smart podcast, yes we are. This time out we say no thanks to Eclectica convention and head for the shallow end where our feet touch the bottom and we can pronounce all of the things… mostly. This week we have what may be our most stripped back episode ever as Rob, Tim and Mick tackle the double feature of Marvel's latest, Black Panther, and Guillermo Del Toro's obscure...


Eclectica 147 - Jack White's War Theremin

Which David Lynch film should Tim, Aidan and Graham review this week? A voice calls out between two worlds: 'Do Fire Walk With Me'. The sort-of Peaks prequel got scathing reviews on release: how does it look now? Particularly considering only one of us is a big Twin Peaks fan (two, if you count our talking mynah bird)? No spoilers, but fandom isn't all-important. Tim isn't a huge giallo fan, but he loves Arrow's reissue of The Bird With the Crystal Plumage. On the other hand, our B-sides...


Eclectica 146 - Ullo John Waters, Got a New Motor

The first rule of Gothic literature is that everyone has dark secrets and no-one can be trusted - as Rob, Mick and Graham find out when the local cinemas nix their plans for Phantom Thread to be Film of the Week. Worry not, though - Daniel Day-Lewis's Whitby vacation is still coveted, along with the more commercial Gothic of Helen Mirren's new horror film. Is it for the Winchester, or get-in-Binchester? Off the Shelf has a Criterion special, with Rob reviewing Jonathan Demme's Something...


Eclectica 145 - Tom Hiddleston's Plasticine Nipples

An educational show this week, as Aidan, Tim and Graham learn about the darkest secret of Hammer studios and the role the director of Some Like It Hot had in prolonging the Loch Ness Monster legend. Before that, there's a film of the week in the expertly-moulded form of Aardman Animations' latest Early Man. It's got cavemen, but does it rock? A full Off the Shelf sees Graham discussing StudioCanal's reissue of the last in the classic Hammer horror cycle, To the Devil - a Daughter, Tim...


Eclectica 144 - Breaking your Heart (Pixar Style)

We open this week's show with one of the most unexpected recommendations section before throwing ourselves into Pixar's newest film - Coco. We aren't crying as we type this, shut up, you are. _Sniff_ Who put all that dust in here? After Coco, we launch into a trio of off the shelf films. Aidan looks at Indicator's release of the Border starring Jack Nicholson at the peak of his powers. Rob gets confused about whether Jia Zhangke's 24 City and whether or not it's a documentary. And Ryan...


Eclectica 143 - Putting Bosoms on the Backburner

The first regular show of 2018, and Graham is already being judgemental of the films Ryan and Mick are looking forward to in our new year Question of the Week. But which one of them will get their own back by catching him out on film trivia in Off the Shelf? That, we cannot say - but we can say we're reviewing Straight On Till Morning from StudioCanal, and The Battle of Algiers from Cult Films. Before that, the film of the week is Martin McDonagh's Three Billboards Outside Ebbing,...


Eclectica 142 - 2017 in Review

It's time for our review of 2017, and with it the usual cliffhanging tension. What will Rob, Graham, Aidan and Ryan pick as their films of the year? What will be the most breathtakingly perverse top ten choice? Whose voice will give out first from seasonal flu? All of these questions and some more will be answered in this bumper special episode. There's also a slight return for Question of the Week, asking for our listeners' favourite films of the year, and a round-up of our favourite home...