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Step into the arena with WAFCA film critic Travis Hopson as he and DC's finest take a slightly different look at the latest from Hollywood.




What's Scarier? IT? Or Getting Fired from STAR WARS: EPISODE IX?

No really, that title is tongue in cheek but also kinda true. Is Pennywise the Clown more terrifying than Lucasfilm's Kathleen Kennedy when she's ready to give some punk ass director the axe? She's been choppin' 'em down a lot lately, something the STAR WARS movies never had to deal with when George Lucas was in charge. So what's the problem? And can it be fixed? Matt Razak of calls in to look at Colin Trevorrow's exist from STAR WARS: EPISODE IX, and to of course to review...

Duration: 01:01:37

Interview: 'Patti Cake$' Star Danielle MacDonald On Finding Her Rap Swagger

On a very special episode of Cinema Royale, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Danielle MacDonald, breakout star of the crowd-pleasing rap drama, PATTI CAKE$. Along with debuting director Geremy Jasper, she talked about walking into the role without knowing much about hip-hop, and what it took for her to gain the confidence needed to spit hot fire like she does in the film. Check it out and enjoy! And be sure to check out PATTI CAKE$ which is in theaters now!

Duration: 00:24:01

Can Patti Cake$ Drop A Diss Track On Logan Lucky & The Hitman's Bodyguard?

After a few weeks away due to technical difficulties, Cinema Royale is back and it's like Hollywood was holding out waiting for me to return. That was nice of them. On this show I'm flying solo to review one of my favorite festival darlings, the hip-hop drama PATTI CAKE$ led by rising star Danielle MacDonald. Plus, Deadpool and Nick Fury try not to kill one another in THE HITMAN'S BODYGUARD, and Steven Soderbergh

Duration: 00:37:37

Cinema Royale: Avengers do Drama in WIND RIVER and THE GLASS CASTLE

Hopefully there won't be any technical issues like last week, because I'm joined by my homie from up north,'s Chris Bumbray to talk about Taylor Sheridan's WIND RIVER, which stars two..count 'em two, Avengers in Elizabeth Olsen and Jeremy Renner! Ooooooh! Plus, a future Avenger, Brie Larson, stars in biopic, THE GLASS CASTLE, reuniting with her SHORT TERM 12 director! And you how me and Chris do it, we might start talking about a whole rack of other movies while we're at it....

Duration: 00:32:03

Cinema Royale Enters THE DARK TOWER! Plus WONDER WOMAN's Oscars Push!

After years of screwing around with the heads of Stephen King fans, who have already had their brains rattled enough by the author's books, THE DARK TOWER has finally arrived in theaters! And it has big stars! Idris Elba! Matthew McConaughey! But was the wait worth it?'s Matt Razak joins the show and we're gonna figure out whether THE DARK TOWER has the "shine" to be a hit. Plus, I'll give my thoughts on WONDER WOMAN getting an Academy Awards season push from Warner Bros. Is...

Duration: 00:14:29

Comic-Con! Atomic Blonde! Detroit! Cinema Royale Is Back!

Cinema Royale is back, and I'll be recapping I saw at San Diego Comic-Con with's Wilson Morales, who was my partner in crime on the show floor! We'll fill you in on everything Marvel, Warner Bros., Ready Player One, and more! Plus, Black Reel Awards president Tim Gordon will have a hot take on Kathryn Bigelow's racially-charged drama, Detroit! And we'll also review Charlize Theron's scorching hot Atomic Blonde! Tune in, listen up, and enjoy the show!

Duration: 00:52:31

The Best and Worst Movies of 2017 (So Far) Show!

Can you believe we're already past the halfway point of the year? Crazy, right? While it's definitely flown by it hasn't always been fun, but 2017 has definitely provided us a few gems. This summer has been one of the best in ages, and there are some great films that have flown under the radar. Some stinkers, too, and I'm not going to let those get by unscathed. The reason why I love this show so much, even more than the final "Best of" episode, is looking back and being reminded of where...

Duration: 01:02:20

Summer Movie Explosion! Spider-Man: Homecoming, Baby Driver, Despicable Me 3!

You thought I was kidding last week when I said the next show would be crazy? We've got SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING, BABY DRIVER, DESPICABLE ME 3, and THE BIG SICK all in one jam-packed show! How is that even possible? It's like the summer just decided to tap out all at once and say, "No mas! Here's everything! Just no more blockbusters, please!" Good thing I have Cinema Clash's Hannah Buchdahl around to support me. We'll see how many of these we can get through, and I'll hopefully have time to...

Duration: 01:02:39

Interview: Kumail Nanjiani & Emily V. Gordon Get Personal With The Big Sick

After winning me and many others at Sundance with their charming, deeply personal comedy The Big Sick, Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon have joined Cinema Royale to talk about bringing their story to the big screen. The film chronicles their courtship and the illness that threatened her life, but also brought Kumail closer to her family. It's a great movie, funny, sweet, and heartfelt, one of the year's best. Check out the interview where Kumail and Emily talk (and joke) about what...

Duration: 00:22:53

Interview: Edgar Wright Talks BABY DRIVER, Sequels, and That Awesome Soundtrack

Edgar Wright joined me and my colleague Tim Gordon to talk about his latest film, BABY DRIVER, which has all of us mean ol' critics buzzing! We talked about the film's long road to getting made, how he put together its amazing soundtrack, how he feels about making sequels, and much more!

Duration: 00:25:18

Why Front, We're Going To Trash Transformers: The Last Knight

I think the title pretty much says it all, doesn't it? This episode of Cinema Royale will be dedicated to the crap show that was Transformers: The Last Knight. Julian Lytle will join me in tearing apart Michael Bay's latest, and thankfully, his final, movie in the increasingly awful franchise. Plus, the latest on the Han Solo spinoff movie, and I'll give my honest thoughts on Ron Howard taking over as director! Join me for what should be a fun show!

Duration: 00:57:00

Interview: Gabriela Cowperthwaite Talks MEGAN LEAVEY, Seeing Dogs as Soldiers

In a special Cinema Royale interview, I had a chance to sit down with MEGAN LEAVEY director Gabriela Cowperthwaite to talk about the military dog drama, the differences she found between this and her breakout documentary, BLACKFISH, and how her opinion of military dogs changed while filming.

Duration: 00:24:31

Cinema Royale Asks If 'The Mummy' Has Doomed The Dark Universe Already?

On this week's Cinema Royale, I'll be joined by's Matthew Razak to review Tom Cruise's THE MUMMY. As the film tanks at the box office, we'll look at Universal's Dark Universe and other shared franchises to see why they keep failing before they even start. Plus, I'll continue to hype up one of my favorite films from Sundance, BAND AID, starring Zoe Lister-Jones and Adam Pally. Feels like I've been talking about it for months (I have), but now that it's out I'm going to do it one...

Duration: 01:01:19

Cinema Royale On the Power and Importance of WONDER WOMAN

It's here! The most anticipated movie of the summer, WONDER WOMAN is finally here! So gather up your Golden Lasso and your invisible jet because Cinema Royale will be joined by's Monica Hayes, a real live actual female, to talk about the first female-led superhero movie in a decade. Damn, no pressure, Warner Bros! Does Gal Gadot measure up to the great Linda Carter in her portrayal of the Amazonian superhero? Will Patty Jenkins open doors for other women to direct more comic...

Duration: 00:48:59

Cinema Royale Hits the Seas For BAYWATCH and PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 5!

Just who rules the ocean, anyway? Is it Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron in the big screen comedy remake, BAYWATCH? Or does Johnny Depp still command the helm with PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES? We'll be joined by Cinema Clash co-host Hannah Buchdahl to find out which one wins, and which is all wet. Plus news on NEW MUTANTS, Marvel's Silver Sable/Black Cat crossover, Justice League Dark, Justice League, and...damn! Is everything about superheroes this week or what? Oh wait,...

Duration: 00:44:16

Cinema Royale Reviews 'Snatched', 'King Arthur: Legend of the Sword'

We've got a special guest this week that I guarantee will actually be here! (Just messin' with ya, Matt Razak!) Joanna Langfield of The Movie Minute joins me because I think she's got a beef with SNATCHED, the new comedy from Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn. And I'm dying to know what she thought of KING ARTHUR: LEGEND OF THE SWORD and if it's the film that makes Charlie Hunnam a superstar, or just another actor in a failed franchise. Plus news on Martin Scorsese's THE IRISHMAN, developments...

Duration: 00:58:26

Cinema Royale Grooves To Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

On this week's Cinema Royale we'll be cranking up the Sony Walkman and grooves to Marvel's GUARDIAN OF THE GALAXY Vol. 2! Matthew Razak of joins me to talk about the latest adventure with Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket, and....awwwwww, lookit Baby Groot!!! Does it measure up to the surprisingly awesome first movie? Does it set up AVENGERS: INFINTIY War? Are there really five post-credits scenes? Plus news on LOGAN coming back to theaters, Ben and Casey Affleck's next film,...

Duration: 00:35:53

Interview: Oren Moverman Talks 'The Dinner', Trump, Working with Richard Gere

On a special Cinema Royale, Oren Moverman, writer/director of THE MESSENGER, TIME OUT OF MIND, and RAMPART joins the show to talk his latest film, THE DINNER. This savage drama stars Richard Gere, Rebecca Hall, Steve Coogan, and Laura Linney and follows two married couple having an icy dinner conversation about a violent act committed by their kids that has been caught on tape.

Duration: 00:19:12

Cinema Royale Takes Aim At Ben Wheatley's FREE FIRE

If an insane shootout like the one in Ben Wheatley's FREE FIRE ever broke out among critics, you can bet me and's Chris Bumbray would make it out alive. We bad like that, and it's also why he's the only one allowed on this episode of Cinema Royale to talk Wheatley's film starring Brie Larson, Cillian Murphy, Armie Hammer, and Sharlto Copley. Plus, we'll take THE PROMISE with Terry George's historical drama starring Oscar Isaac, Christian Bale, and Charlotte Le Bon. It's a film...

Duration: 01:00:12

Interview: 'The Zookeeper's Wife' Director Niki Caro

On a special Cinema Royale episode, I had the chance to sit down with one of my favorite directors (and you can hear it in my voice), Niki Caro, about her new film, The Zookeeper's Wife. We talked about her work on the holocaust drama, the challenges of living up to the material, and of course Jessica Chastain's way with the animals on set!

Duration: 00:14:09

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