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CinemaBlock is a podcast by and for movie fans!

CinemaBlock is a podcast by and for movie fans!
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CinemaBlock is a podcast by and for movie fans!




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Episode 40: Star Wars- The Last Jedi

Finally we get to talk about a movie that isn't based on a comic book! True its still a sequel but beggars can't be choosers so you'll take what you can get. This is a special episode since Kyle unfortunately was out of town so I had to find others to do the show with me. We tried to keep the first few minutes spoiler free so if you haven't seen the movie yet you can listen to our initial thoughts without us ruining it too much. Anyway, hope you enjoy this review of Star WarsL The Last Jedi.


Special Episode: Stranger Things Season 2

Yea yea yea, its been out for months, but that just means you had time to watch the whole second season of Stranger Things and now can appreciate our mini special episode.


Episode 39: Justice League

Ok, so it's been weeks since Justice League was released and usually we here at CinemaBlock try our darndest to get review the freshest, newest movies, but we would be amiss if we didn't sit down to talk a little bit about the new DCMU movie. We even made it a little extra special by having our old friend Logan come by and join us, which always makes things a bit more interesting. Enjoy


Episode 38: Thor Ragnarok

There comes a time in ones life where you have to sit back are really evaluate your life and thing about what you're doing with it. Over our three month break, we think we have done that. Plus there were no comic book movies for us to talk about and that seems to be the only type of movie we seem to review. Maybe next time we will grow up but for now, we saw Thor: Ragnarok and are here to discuss it.


Episode 37: Spiderman Homecoming

Everyone hates the middle child. They smell funny and try hard. Everyone thinks the oldest is fine, but now that the baby is here, its getting all the attention. So goes it in the Spiderman household and with Homecoming quickly becoming the favorite, we can all just forget about Toby and Andrew. So how was Homecoming? Listen and find out.


Episode 36: Wonder Woman

When women run the world, DC can actually produce something that can be considered a movie. Gal Gadot reprises her role as the Amazonian goddess and this time instead of fighting along two mommas boys, she's taking on Ze Germans in WW1. Tune in.


Episode 35: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

When comic book movies hit you right in the feels, you know that your watching something special. The summer movie line up is finally starting to kick in and one of the first big names to drop is Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. Be warned, this episode is a little spoiler heavy and we jump around a bit, so hopefully you've already seen the movie. But what do i care, ruin it for yourself if you want. I ain't yur daddy!


Episode 34: Beauty and the Beast/Ghost in the shell

The 90's were quite a time. Boy bands were in abundance, Nikelodeon ruled the afternoons, and slap bracelets were outlawed in schools. it was also the time of great animated movies including Beauty and the Beast and Ghost in the Shell. Hopefully nostalgia has kicked in and you have gone and seen the new remakes of these movies cause we did and we are here to talk about em. Enjoy.


Episode 32: Oscar Talk

Another year has past and some people got a statue of a weird naked guy for making a good movie. Did you watch all of them? Did you stay up and watch the awards? If you did, you need to get on a better sleep schedule. If you didn't, you can listen to this weeks episode where we talk about what was won, who should have lost, and that way you are all caught up. Enjoy.


Episode 25: 25th Anniversary Retrospective

Its our 25th episode, so what better way to celebrate then to talk about movies that are turning 25 this year. There were so many to pick from with bad accents and lesbian overtones, but we decided to pick some of our favorites to mull over.


Episode 24: Gene Wilder Tribute & The Light Between Oceans

Ready for this years downer episode? Neither were we but sometimes you have to just accept that there are things in life that suck. Things like Gene Wilder dying or a sad movie based on a book. We can't do sequels and comic book movies every time people! So get your tissues ready (notice i didn't say Kleenex because that is a BRAND PEOPLE!! Educate yo selfs) and hold our hands while we walk your through these hard times.


Episode 18: X-men: Apocalypse

Is it just me or have you lost count of how many X-men/X-men related movies there are? I'm sure only a weird movie savant like Kyle would really know the answer but while we wait for the tabulation to come through, we are going sit down and discuss our likes and dislikes in X-Men: Apocalypse.........and I'm getting word from Kyle that there are 9.


Episode 13 File

Josh and Kyle discuss 10 Cloverfield Lane as well as a breakdown of the 2016 Academy Awards


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