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#174 - Guns N' Roses

We're joined by the Nook's Cam Carroll and Grant Houston to talk about gun violence, rights vs. privileges, firearm laws, 2016 voting regrets, & the nano-future of the Nook Homebrew & Tavern. This episode is brought to you by Heavy Metal Tattoo and Piercing, check them out for the high quality, highly hygienic, highly professional ink and metal!


#173 - Lower Your Expectations: Red Sparrow

Jennifer Lawrence stars in Red Sparrow, a modern-day story about how Russia is gaining an upper hand on America by forcing teenagers to become prostitutes.


#171 - Conversations with Christians ft. Pastor Jesse Carr

Jesse is back to have a regular conversation (as opposed to his "interview" of us the first time around). This time we get in to the historicity of Jesus, masturbation before marriage, evangelicals and Trump, and whether or not it's more convenient to deny science to fit your biblical worldview or deny the Bible to fit your scientific worldview. Jesse's face says it all.


#171 - Lower Your Expectations: Black Panther

Sam and Isaac share their thoughts on the movie and cultural phenomenon that is The Black Panther, including an update on the locations of the infinity stones in the MCU.


#170 - Heavy Metal Zoning Laws

Spencer and Rusty from Heavy Metal join us to talk about the world of tattoos, the zoning ban of tattoo parlors downtown, and what it was like to be in a Ron Jeremy documentary.


#169 - State of the Mayor Ronnie Thompson

Ronnie's back to give us a state of the city! We talk about skatepark, zoning & tattoo parlors, affordable housing, masterplan, downtown hotels, recycling, 911 county woes, and more!


#169 - Lower Your Expectations: The Post

Isaac and Sam are joined by special guest Abigail Taylor to digest Steven Spielberg's latest Oscar-bait The Post, featuring two main actors we've never heard of!


#167 - Conversations With Agnostic, Cultural Christians

Download We talk with Tyler Sain, an agnostic, libertarian and self proclaimed "cultural Christian", about his personal religious views, the mixture of policy and religion, the absurdity of the abortion debate, libertarianism and the role of government, the lack of humility in the Republican party, and time-dependent morality.


#166 - Hello 2018

Download Sam and Isaac get together to discuss memorable events and lessons learned in 2017. They discuss fake news, bias in the media, and feelings after a year of Donald Trump. They then discuss their highlights, in music, television, and film.


#165 - Lower Your Expectations: The Last Jedi

Sam, Isaac, and resident C:E Star Wars correspondent Elliot Lytle stop by the studio right before going to see Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi on opening night to talk about our grand hopes and expectations, then we come back afterwards to talk about how Master Jedi Rian Johnson crushed and twisted them all into a weird Force blender. We don't really know what to think about the taste.


#164 - Conversations with Christians ft. Jeremiah Blevins

Download Jeremiah Blevins, producer and host of A Place to Talk podcast, comes on the show to talk about his beliefs regarding ultimate reconciliation, the existence of souls, whether or not eternity is a good thing, and the business-oriented hypocrisy of the church. Check out his band JET HOT!


#37 - Ronnie Thompson IS the Mayor

Morganton's new mayor stops by just a few days after being sworn in to office. We talk with him about some of his ideas and plans for the future of Morganton, how local government works, what he thinks about the crisis in the Middle East, and what he likes to do for fun. This Episode is Brought to you by... Wisteria Southern Gastropub Mesh Design Group


#163 - Conversations with Christians ft. Our Dad & A Christian Navy Chaplain

Our dad stops by with his friend Mike Taylor, a former Navy servicemen and Christian chaplain in the military. Mike feels strongly about what it means to be a patriotic American (in terms of Colin Kaepernick's protests & more), the role of Christian faith in society and government, and reconciling sexual impropriety with political party affiliation. This episode is brought to you by High Ridge Graphics!


#162 - Lower Your Expectations: Justice League

Download Sam and Isaac discuss their expectations for the movie, go see it, then react. Episode image is the advertising poster used for the movie in China.


#161 - Ask An Atheist Anything ft. Pastor Jesse Carr (CWC)

In a refreshing change of pace for the Conversations With Christians series, Jesse A. Carr, pastor of Walker Baptist Church in Morganton, interviews us about our religious upbringing & "deconversion", who Jesus is to us, the most compelling argument for the existence of God, morality, science, truth, and the technological singularity. During the intro we voice our extreme disgust at the conservative reaction to the allegations of sexual assault against Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore...


#160 - ELECTION 2017: Artie McKesson-Logan, Morganton City Council

Download Better late than never, District 4 City Council candidate Artie McKesson-estops by to make her pitch for the seat. All the usual topics covered, and more. If you haven't voted yet, GO DO IT after you listen to this! Huge thanks to our patrons who ensured that we were back up and running quickly after our computer's power supply died! Artie's Phone Number: 828-433-6797 CLICK HERE FOR OUR 2017 LOCAL ELECTION PORTAL


#159 - ELECTION 2017: John Henry, Morganton City Council

The grand finale of our 2017 Election series (unfortunately). John is running alongside Wendy Cato and Artie Logan, and has been on the city council scene since the vacancy of the District 4 scene resulting from Mayor Ronnie Thompson's win in 2015. We talk about his background, motivations, Red White & Bluegrass Festival, $20 Vehicle Tax, downtown master plan, the needs of morganton citizens that do not live downtown, brunch bill, and local high school politics. John Henry's FB Page This...


#113 - ELECTION 2016: Hugh Blackwell (R), NC House of Representatives Candidate

We conclude the Election 2016 candidate interviews with our current representative in the NC House! Blackwell has served us in state government for the past eight years, and has fought for cool things like the loop trail around Lake James and the inclusion of the NC School of Science and Math in the latest bond initiative. We cover same topics as we do with the other state candidates - HB2, tax code, cannabis legalization, and gerrymandering, among others. Special thanks to all those who...


#158 - ELECTION 2017: Chris Hawkins, Morganton City Council

Get to know your local candidates! Chris Hawkins, Morganton City Council candidate, stops by to talk about the 2030 downtown master plan, two-way streets, Red White & Bluegrass festival, $20 vehicle tax, penny-pinching, the future of Morganton, restricting freedom based on religion, and why he wants to serve on the council. This episode is brought to you by Sunshine Courage Adventure Fun Run and High Ridge Graphics. Thank you! Chris Hawkins Facebook Page CLICK HERE FOR OUR 2017 LOCAL...


#157 - ELECTION 2017: Phil Hennessee, Morganton City Council

Get to know your local candidates! Phil and Isaac talk about the 2030 downtown master plan, two-way streets, Red White & Bluegrass festival, $20 vehicle tax, penny-pinching, the future of Morganton, generational differences, and restricting freedom based on religion. We're also joined by Michael Lowther of Overmountain Cycles to talk about his new bike shop next to Fonta Flora Brewery downtown! Phil Hennessee's FB page Phil Hennessee's phone #: 828-443-7990 This episode is brought to you...


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