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#154 - Keep It Or Leave It: Not Taxing Churches

Download Sam and Isaac discuss why (or why not) churches and religious institutions should remain tax exempt. They also display their inept abilities to recall the specifics of Bernie Sander's health care campaign proposals and attempt to answer the most pressing question of our time: Is Donald Trump a racist, or simply a big orange bafoon?

Duration: 00:36:16

#153 - The Nook Homebrew and Global Warming is Real

We sit down for a chat with Cameron Brent Carroll about his new store The Nook Homebrew & Tavern in downtown Morganton. We talk about whether or not the city can sustain more bars, the middle ground between free market capitalism and government intervention, and why our country is unable to do anything significant about the most pressing problem of our generation, human-cased global warming.

Duration: 01:35:25

#152 - ELECTION 2017: Wendy Cato, Morganton City Council

After a brief hiatus we're back with our coverage of the 2018 local elections. Sure to excite, thrill, and push your intellectual capacities to the limit, local elections are the most influential vote that you can ever make when it comes to impact on you daily life. This year, two seats on the Morganton City Council are up for election. One seat is that which was left vacant by Ronnie Thompson after he became Mayor. After being considered for the council alongside John Henry is last years...

Duration: 01:18:39

#151 - Conversations With Christians: Planting Churches at Home and Abroad

In high school, we played in emo/prog rock bands with Billy and Drew Glosson. Today they are Church planters! We talk to Drew about his experiences spreading the Gospel in Japan before delving in to an exploration of how we differ in our viewpoints and why.

Duration: 02:06:49

#150 - Luke & Walt Dickinson, Wicked Weed Brewing

Luke and Walt Dickinson, owners and brewers at Wicked Weed, join us for a candid conversation about their recent acquisition by corporate beer giant AB-InBev. In their first podcast interview since then, they open up about the reasons they went with AB and what they think about the intense backlash by the craft beer community. Crack open a brew (craft or otherwise) and join us for this enlightening conversation! Music in this episode provided by Bobbie Snakes - Support the show on Patreon.

Duration: 01:48:53

#149 - The Industrial Commons // Worker-Owned Cooperatives

How does rural Appalachia regain an economic foothold after NAFTA initiated the exodus of the manufacturing industry? How do workers reclaim a sense of ownership, passion, and control over the work they do? We're joined by Molly Hempstreet and Franzi Charen from The Industrial Commons, a local 501c3 committed to helping businesses transition from traditional top-down ownership to a worker-owned cooperative business model. Molly also runs a local cooperative business Opportunity Threads,...

Duration: 01:18:07

#148 - The Mayor Loves America

Download Mayor Ronnie Thompson is live in the studio talking about the skatepark, the new downtown master plan, recycling, and more. Isaac and Sam open it up with patriotic karaoke. This episode is brought to you by High Ridge Graphics.

Duration: 01:36:25

#147 - Conversations with Christians: No Apologies From Apologists

Another mash up of previous Conversations with Christians guests. Adam Tucker joins us again from the Southern Evangelical Seminary in Charlotte, where he serves as the Director of Missions & Evangelism. Marshall Jolly is the rector at Grace Episcopal Church here in Morganton. We talk about God stuff - the existence of God, what is truth, how are biases come in to play, source of morality, and more.

Duration: 02:05:59

#146 - Denying Science: A Case Study

Download Sam and Isaac are joined by friend of the pod Ed Struble to talk about our experiences debating science deniers on social media. Ed takes raw data from NASA satellite imagery and creates Hubble-esque astrophotography. Due to this work, he has garnered the attention of the flat-earth community and has been told that he should accept that outer space doesn't exist and "be adult". For defending the established scientific consensus of anthropogenic global warming, Isaac was recently...

Duration: 02:27:46

#145 - John Clark Solves The Gravity Problem

John Clark is a good friend of ours who is constantly making us think. Today we talk to him about his experience in the air force, his plans to build an ornithopter, his deconversion from Christianity, and his solution for merging General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics, thus achieving faster than light travel.

Duration: 01:34:47

#144 - Wicked Awesome Acquisitions

If you want a deeper, more nuanced understanding of the tension between craft beer and big beer, our interview with John Symankiewicz of the Beer Law Center in Raleigh is invaluable. We probe his brain about the buyout of Wicked Weed by corporate beer conglomerate AB-inBev (Budweiser, Corona, Stella Artois) and try to pinpoint the consequences to craft beer industry. This episode is sponsored by High Ridge Graphics.

Duration: 01:42:58

#143 - The Whole Truth

Sam, Isaac, Grant, and Marty sit down to go over the explosive news of the week - the firing of FBI Director James Comey amid an active investigation, Trump's undermining of his own communications team, the similarities to Watergate, and a history of FBI investigations in to sitting presidents. SOURCES White House adviser asked FBI to dispute Russia reports - AP Comey sought more resources for Russia probe days before he was fired by President Trump, officials say - WaPo Trump just...

Duration: 01:08:58

#142 - Conversations with Christians: What's Your Authority?

A mash up of previous Christians who have been on the series tackling differences of authority. What's more authoritative to you? The Bible? Your subjective experience? The scientific method? David Doster and Mike Thompson are evangelical Christians who rely on the authority of the Bible and Joshua McDowell describes himself as a Christian "mystic" who questions that authority.

Duration: 02:04:33

#141 - Breaking the Circle of Poverty

Alma Fernanda Yanez-Elvira and Vanessa Pearson join us to talk about their work combating poverty in our county and the issues undocumented immigrants face overcoming stigmas and gaining citizenship. During the intro Sam and Isaac review the new Netflix show "Bill Nye Saves The World" and discuss why they think Bill Nye will not be saving shit with this show. Like the Burke County Circles Initiative FB page Hear Alma's presentation at the MHA monthly meeting this Thursday

Duration: 00:54:49

#140 - Roy Speckhardt, Executive Director of the American Humanist Association

Roy joins us to talk about the Humanism and the AHA. We ask him about his take on Humanism, the legal and legislative work of the organization, growing a small local chapter, and the challenges faced by the religious conservatives Trump is appointing to run the government.

Duration: 00:53:03

#139 - The Most Controversial Subject Ever ft. Alex Nuesse

Download Alex Nuesse joins Sam and Isaac in the studio to tackle a subject close to the hearts of many Americans - abortion. We make an attempt to explore all sides of the issue and appeal to common ground (it is up for debate whether or not we succeeded). The episode also features two tracks from the upcoming Orange Diamonds self-titled LP. During the intro we fawn over the new Star Wars Episode VIII trailer and review Kendrick Lamar's new album "Damn". Orange Diamonds on Soundcloud The...

Duration: 01:56:00

#138 - The Filmmakers of "The Sessions"

"The Sessions" is a feature-length film produced in Morganton by Phillip Lehn (writer, actor - right) and Bobby Pimental (director - left). The film we be released locally sometime later this year or early next year. We talk to them about the filmmaking process, working on a small or nonexistent budget, and collaborating with other filmmakers in the area. During the intro we give updates on the March for Science in Morganton, ReasonCon, and Kendrick Lamar's latest album.

Duration: 01:28:28

CE137 - A Hos-pitiful Situation

The construction of the new Broughton Hospital is 3 years behind schedule with no clear end in sight. According to the Morganton News Herald, the state is threatening to pull the contract from Archer Western Contractors. The CE team checks in with Morganton Mayor Ronnie Thompson and Burke County Commissioner Johnnie Carswell for their take on the situation. We also check in with Ronnie on the status of the new skatepark! "Broughton Hospital: A Costly Mess" - Morganton News Herald

Duration: 00:35:53

#136 - Mark Vitrone, Burke Democratic Party Chair Candidate

Mark Vitrone is running for the chair of the Burke Democratic Party. He joins us to talk about the future of the Democratic party, citizen participation in our political system, the Russian connection to Donald Trump's electoral win, the purpose and importance of taxes, and the tedious relationship between capitalism and healthcare. We also take a look back on the failure and success of Tim Barnsback's campaign for NC house of which Mark was the campaign manager. During the intro we are...

Duration: 02:50:17

#135 - I40 EXIT 113 VALDESE

Download Seth Eckard, town manager of Valdese, and Beth Heile, President of the "Friends of the Valdese Rec.", join us to talk about the exciting stuff going on in Valdese such as the new Lakeside Park, downtown Wi-fi & electric vehicle charging stations, & a potential brewery! THIS EPISODE IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY OUR LISTENERS!

Duration: 01:31:33

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