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Ep 37: Why Oprah calls her school the best in the country - Class Dismissed-The Podcast for Teachers

Before the Ron Clark Academy was created in 2007, Kim Bearden and Ron Clark already had successful careers. Bearden was a celebrated teacher and administrator in Atlanta and Clark was a rockstar teacher in Harlem. "Everbody kinda thought I was a little insane." -Kim Bearden Founder and Executive Director of the Ron Clark Academy Together, they took a leap of faith and purchased a dilapidated 100-year-old factory in a crime-stricken area of Atlanta. "When we got out of the car the real estate...


Ep 36: Fads or Foundations? Adjusting to the changing landscape of education - Class Dismissed-The Podcast for Teachers

Educators are tied to a fantastic network of creative people. Follow a familiar K-12 hashtag on Twitter or Instagram, and you'll see dozens of new ideas for tweaking your pedagogy. For a teacher, ​it may be tempting to tackle each new idea. Anything that will give you an edge when trying to connect with your students and maybe even impress your administrator. Robert Ward has been teaching in the Los Angeles area for over two decades, and his experience has allowed him to watch hundreds of...


Ep 35: Let the children read - Class Dismissed-The Podcast for Teachers

Lisa Ainsworth spent eight years teaching 3rd and 4th grade at two public schools in Mississippi. She was applauded for being a great teacher because of her infectious love for reading and her students always scored well on state tests. But when she switched to teaching at a private school her world was flipped upside down. Her students didn't seem to enjoy reading, and AR was an incentive for the wrong reasons. Ainsworth needed to discover a new formula for inspiring her students. She began...


Ep. 34: How to talk to students about fake news - Class Dismissed-The Podcast for Teachers

The ability to consume news on our phones and computers is an incredible tool. With a few clicks, we have access to endless information about current events, politics, and pop culture. According to a Pew Research Center survey conducted in August 2017, 43% of Americans report often getting news online, just 7 percentage points lower than the 50% who often get news on television. But the convenience the information age offers is not without consequences. Over the past decade, we've seen an...


Ep. 33: No more grading at home - Class Dismissed-The Podcast for Teachers

A year ago, January 2017, Catlin Tucker made an ambitious New Year's Resolution. She decided to no longer bring grading home. The California English Teacher says she loved her job, but she resented having to grade papers during her personal time. "It really robbed me of the time that my kids want with me. You know, I have a nine and a ten-year-old and they want my attention. And it robbed me of that time and space and ability to relax and be creative that drives a lot of my lesson and...


Ep. 32: Professional Development Gone Rogue - Class Dismissed-The Podcast for Teachers

Rich Czyz knows that some school districts struggle to provide meaningful professional development. "It could be a time thing. It could be that they [administrations] are not up to date on whatever is happening in education." Czyz says that consequently, teachers can find themselves stuck in staff meetings that end up being just a list of directives and policies. This was part of Czyz's motivation to write "The 4 O'clock Faculty: A Rogue Guide to Revolutionizing Professional Development."...


Ep 31: That's a wrap​ - Thanks 2017! - Class Dismissed-The Podcast for Teachers

The Class Dismissed Podcast debuted in the Summer of 2017. In just six months, the weekly podcast has interviewed 29 educators about creatives methods and tools used in the classroom. In Episode 31, Nick and Lissa talk about some of the standout moments of their first 30 episodes.


Ep. 30: Teaching the digital footprint - Class Dismissed-The Podcast for Teachers

With kids having access to smartphones and iPads at a young age it's important to teach them about their digital footprint and the pitfalls of oversharing. Our guest in Episode 30 is the Senior Director of Learning and Engagement at Common Sense Education. Kelly Mendoza shares with us the tools they offer to help guide educators when teaching digital citizenship. Mendoza explains how crucial it is for children to be aware of their digital footprint and she tells us where teachers can find...


Ep. 29: Flipgrid Fever - Class Dismissed-The Podcast for Teachers

Flipgrid is a video discussion tool that educators are integrating into classrooms around the world. The concept is relatively simple. A teacher creates a grid, inserts a topic and then students respond with short videos. Joey Taralson, Flidgrid's Head of Outreach says educators are using it for a wide range of subjects like math, book reviews, and historical reenactments, "It provides an avenue for the more introverted students to have their ideas and their reflections represented, right...


Episode 28: Gamifying the Classroom - Class Dismissed-The Podcast for Teachers

Steve Isaacs motivates his eighth-grade students using video games coupled with a quest-based learning system. The New Jersey teacher works at William Annin Middle School, and his current tool of choice is Classcraft. Classcraft is video game software designed for the classroom. Teachers overlay their content onto interactive maps, and students work their way through the curriculum. "I've had kids write to me and say, can you approve this assignment because I'm really excited about the next...


Ep 27: High school students soar with aviation curriculum - Class Dismissed-The Podcast for Teachers

For the past seven years, students at McKinney ISD in Texas have had the opportunity to take in-depth aviation courses. The program has strengthened in recent years and now juniors and seniors are meeting at an airplane hanger at the McKinney National Airport to help construct an airplane. Nathan McAfee and Todd Curtis are instructors for the McKinney Aviation Academy and they join us on the Class Dismissed Podcast to talk about the program that enables students to learn about the history of...


Ep 26: Thankful for Educators! - Class Dismissed-The Podcast for Teachers

This week is Thanksgiving week….So we’re taking our short break to spend time with our families. However, we're extremely thankful for all of educating professionals that listen to the Class Dismissed Podcast and we didn’t want to go a week without giving you something to digest so we’ve woven together a couple of our favorite interviews. 3D Printing Andrew Jackson Elementary teacher, Jayda Pugliese raised money for the classroom printer in 2016 and when she finally got the printer she was...


Ep 25: Triumph ​- Teacher of the Year once a high school dropout - Class Dismissed-The Podcast for Teachers

Tara Bordeaux was named 2018 Teacher of the Year by the state of Texas. She built a nationally recognized media arts program at Lanier High School in Austin, and her students' work has been featured in national advertising campaigns. However, Bordeaux's path to Teacher of the Year is unique. Bordeaux says she went through some very hard times during her junior year and dropped out of school. "I couldn't, as a teenager, really deal with it. And I wasn't really getting along with my parents,...


Ep. 24: The case for teaching personal finance in high​ school - Class Dismissed-The Podcast for Teachers

What are we not teaching in K-12 schools that we should be teaching? If you ask a group of educators, personal finance often bubbles to the top of the list. Schools are excellent at teaching math, science, history, and English, but students are often handed a high school diploma without knowing the pitfalls of having a credit card. Or they can't balance a checkbook or fill out a W-4. Ami Amero saw the need for teaching high schoolers these life skills, but she didn't just complain about it....


EP. 23: How To - DonorsChoose.Org - Class Dismissed-The Podcast for Teachers

Many teachers are turning to DonorsChoose.Org to fund classroom projects. Several times during the production of the Class Dismissed Podcast, the organization's name has bubbled up as a vital tool in a successful classroom. DonorsChoose helps teachers raise money for things ranging from 3D printers to robot kits to supplies for a makerspace. In our Bright Idea segment of Episode 23, we speak with Alex Fagundez. Fagundez is a former 2nd and 3rd-grade teacher that now works on the...


Ep. 22: Schools can save millions using open textbooks - Class Dismissed-The Podcast for Teachers

Each year public schools are spending millions on out of date textbooks. Now that we're decades into a digitally dominated world, school districts are starting to explore open education resources. When states deploy open education resources properly, they can experience better educational tools at a lower cost. Our guest is the Director of Open Education with Creative Commons. Cable Green has over 20 years of experience in academic technology and online learning, and he’s a leading...


Ep. 21: Why are some schools getting rid of the class valedictorian? - Class Dismissed-The Podcast for Teachers

Teachers Lounge A new report says that more and more schools are phasing out the tradition of naming a valedictorian and salutatorian because it leads to unhealthy competition. Chicago public schools have drastically cut back on librarians, is this a growing trend? And one university is now allowing payment for college with Bitcoins. We'll tell you what school, and we'll explain what a bitcoin is. Bright Idea This episode's Bright Idea segment is a rebroadcast from Episode 04- We speak...


Ep: 20 - Making a Makerspace - Class Dismissed-The Podcast for Teachers

Having a makerspace in a classroom is a fast growing trend in education. The spaces offer materials and room for students to have hands-on opportunities with design, experimentation, and construction. Cheryl Nelson is a long time teacher out of Northern Virginia and is a believer in a curriculum that involves hands-on activity. Nelson says she had one child that struggled academically but when he had an opportunity to work in the makerspace he flourished. He and some classmates built a car...


Ep 19: Digital Portfolios - How to - Class Dismissed-The Podcast for Teachers

The idea of a student digital portfolio is for the pupil to collect their achievements as digital artifacts and then display those online -- often that's a website. The practice is growing in popularity across the country, so Class Dismissed tracked down a district that's seeing results. "It's the idea of having a showcase place or place where students can curate their work. Their successes, their failures, the things they care about, some of their classwork, things like that," says Daniel...


Ep. 18: Flipping your classroom - Class Dismissed-The Podcast for Teachers

Flipped learning is a pedagogy that’s becoming more common in classrooms around the country. Classes are traditional structured where class time is reserved for the introduction of material, and then educators cut the students loose to wrestle with the higher level stuff at home. With flipped learning, teachers reverse that model. Students are given a […]


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