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Classic Examples is an early-evening journey across the broad landscape of Western concert music. Authoritatively and entertainingly presented by CKUA veteran Mark Antonelli, the program covers medieval, Renaissance and baroque music, giants of the classical period such as Haydn and Mozart, the Romantic era of Beethoven and Brahms, and the exciting innovations of 20th-century composers. Each first hour of Classic Examples focuses on a specific period: Mondays - early music: medieval, Renaissance and baroque, from the 10th century to the year 1750. Tuesdays - classical music: Haydn, Mozart, Boccherini, Hoffmann et al, from 1750 to 1800. Wednesdays - Romantic music: Brahms, Chopin, Tchaikovsky and more, from 1800 to 1900. Thursdays - 20th- and 21st-century music: Debussy, Vaughan Williams, Ravel, Bartok and others, from 1900 to today. Taking his lead from composers’ birthdays, historical events, new releases or just serendipity, Mark presents a sonic atmosphere akin to a music festival, with a dynamic progression and a big finale.



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