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American Graffiti Schmamerican Schmraffiti

American Graffiti Schmamerican Schmraffiti by Chris & Owen

Duration: 00:53:26

SOS #7 Solaris Schmolaris

Comrade-in-Charm Ali Pitts joins us again as we endure the second of three movie adaptations of Polish author Stanislaw Lem's philosophical science fiction novel. This version, made in 1972, introduces Soviet legend Andrei Tartovsky into the Classic Schmassic canon. Let us know your rating on twitter: using hashtags #ivoteclassic or #ivoteschmassic Ali's site:

Duration: 01:00:54

SOS #6 The Omen The Schmomen

Unholy Anti-Christ! It's time for a Summer spooktacular! Join us a we juxtapose the seasonal sun with a dark and stormy graveyard. Watching with the curtains drawn while sitting in our deckchairs, we take a look at the 1976 Richard Donner Horror classic starring Gregory Peck, a scary child and a Doctor Who! Let us know your rating on twitter: using hashtags #ivoteclassic or #ivoteschmassic

Duration: 00:52:13

SOS #4 Young Frankenstein Schmoung Schmrankenstein

It's aliiiiivve! The Summer weather is waning a bit in jolly old England, so we thought it apropos to head over to Transylvania for some black-and-white comedy horror from director Mel Brooks. Let us know your rating on twitter: using hashtags #ivoteclassic or #ivoteschmassic Like the Facebook page and join our group:

Duration: 00:48:56

SOS#3 Chinatown Schminatown

The long, hot Summer continues, Schmasochists! Chris & Owen groove into Chinatown this week, to see what shenanigans their old pal, Jake Gittes, is getting himself into. Why not join us as we watch this 1974 neo-noir from Polanski starring Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway. Let us know your rating on twitter: using hashtags #ivoteclassic or #ivoteschmassic Like the Facebook page and join our group:

Duration: 00:50:22

SOS #2 Deliverance Schmeliverance

The Summer of Seventies continues! Join us downriver as we dive into this 1972 survival story starring Burt Reynolds & Jon Voight. We're pretty sure they're up shit creek without a paddle. Let us know your rating on twitter: using hashtags #ivoteclassic or #ivoteschmassic Like the Facebook page and join our group:

Duration: 00:54:03

SOS #1 The French Connection the Schmrench Schmonnection

It's the Summer of Seventies!! We're venturing into uncharted terrain as we spend the summer exploring the funkiest decade in cinema. Join us for the first episode in our new weekly format as we discuss the 1971 William Friedkin directed crime thriller starring Gene Hackman. If you're thinking about picking your feet in Poughkeepsie - don't!

Duration: 00:49:34

Invasion U.S.A. Schminvasion Schmu.S.A.

This episode - Earth-shattering news! After our big announcement, we tackle one of the biggest cold-war fantasy dramas of all time in a bumper edition of Classic Schmassic. Let us know your rating of the film on twitter: using hashtags #ivoteclassic or #ivoteschmassic Join our Facebook group:

Duration: 01:09:14

Bringing up Baby Schmringing up Schmaby

Our new segment this episode features Chris' intricate knowledge of a large felid of the subfamily Felinae and it's not the one you might expect! Also some stuff about a 1938 Howard Hawks helmed screwball comedy with a couple of schlubs called Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn. There's the usual slew of 90s references in there for good measure too and just a dash of tea chat. Also the great cookie debate. Let us know your rating on twitter: using hashtags...

Duration: 00:49:15

The Spy Who Came in from the Cold the Schmy Schmoo Schame in from the Schmold

Part 2 of our Burton double-bill. This time we watch the 1965 cold war spy film, adapted from the novel by John le Carré. Let us know your rating on twitter: using hashtags #ivoteclassic or #ivoteschmassic Like the Facebook page and join our group:

Duration: 00:53:53

Battleship Potemkin Schmattleship Schmotemkin

Russophile and Schmascot Ali Pitts showers us with Russian treats as he joins us for our episode on Sergei Eisentein's film concerning the mutiny of a battleship crew. Batten down the hatches and prepare for a voyage into the silent Soviet silver screen. Let us know what you think on twitter : #ivoteclassic or #ivoteschmassic Like the Facebook page and join our group: Contact us via twitter or via email

Duration: 01:04:36

Dr. Strangelove Schmoctor Schmrangelove

Our mad-for-science friend Lyn Setchell helps us to explore this 1964 black comedy political satire from Stanley Kubrick. It's probably worth noting, if you are not a Briton, that when we talk about 'pants' we are referring to underwear. We talk for far too long about tea. Contact us on Twitter or by email You can support Classic Schmassic by writing an iTunes review and subscribing to the podcast. It really helps us reach a greater...

Duration: 00:45:47

Kind Hearts and Coronets Schmind Schmearts and Schmoronets

Pip, pip! Wordsmith and Oodsmith Chris Fosten joins us to watch and discuss this super-dark Ealing comedy from 1949 starring Dennis Price, the silky feline-voiced Joan Greenwood and Alec Guinness in eight different roles. Toodle-oo!

Duration: 00:50:42

Shane Schmane

Mark Johnson joins our posse as we mosey on over to the Wild West for this 1953 cowboy classic from George Stevens starring Alan Ladd. Like us here: Email us here:

Duration: 00:56:42

Rosemary's Baby Schmosemary's Schmaby

Back from the grave, the podcast that wouldn't die! Chris killed this podcast with his laptop and we thought it was dead and buried, but with the use of a series of Necromantic spells and Victor Frankenstein's laboratory, Owen managed to resurrect it. On our Halloween special we look at Roman Polankski's 1968 psychological horror, joined by laughing whirlwind, Josh Harvey. Perhaps it would have been better if we had let this one die. One thing's for sure, it's truly horriffic. Happy...

Duration: 00:45:23

The Graduate The Schmraduate

And here's to you Schmascots, Chris and Owen love you more than you will know! Paul Foxcroft joins us to talk about the infamous 1967 comedy-drama from Mike Nichols and Owen shares his own sordid tale of seduction.

Duration: 00:52:55

Arsenic and Old Lace Schmarsenic and Schmold Schmace

Let's screw some balls on this farcical epsiode of Classic Schmassic! Cary Grant and Peter Lorre star in Frank Capra's 1944 dark comedy featuring murderous aunts, mad brothers and the son of a sea cook.

Duration: 00:32:06

Citizen Kane Schmitizen Schmane

26! For our one-year anniversary we cover and discover one of the most highly lauded films of all time. Join us as we delve into this mystery drama produced, co-written, starring and directed by a young Orson Welles.

Duration: 00:35:49

Lawrence of Arabia Schmawrence of Schmarabia

"Gentleman. Let's broaden our minds. Lawrence!" It's time we tackled another big one, and it doesn't get much bigger than David Lean's 1962 epic biopic of T.E. Lawrence and his experiences in the Arab peninsula during WWI. Don't desert us now. (C'mon, what were you expecting?)

Duration: 00:48:18

Zulu Schmulu

"Don't throw... bloody spears... at me!" To prepare for this 1964 epic siege war film we called in new recruits in the form of wonder twins, Greg & Jeremy Spong. Expect dodgy Michael Caine impressions from the outset.

Duration: 00:50:22

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